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3. Detailed Description of the Invention Xylophone and Moon lead to the improvement of the
pickup. The generating 4 fence of the MM (moving magnet) carved pickup of the reverse beam
generally makes the magnetic poles of the armature come in contact with and separate from the
yoke, and detects the magnetic flux of the yoke as a change of voltage in the coil. In this case, the
flux generation #ha, the armature, the yoke, and the magnetic flux change nonlinearly with
respect to t 雉. That is, the magnetic flux density is inversely proportional to the square of the
distance. This means that there is a distortion between the change in the imaging motion of the
needle tip and the induced current. The purpose of the invention is to reduce distortion by using
a linear t-junction between the needle's jet and the induced voltage. In order to achieve the above
object, the present invention takes measures to change the opposing area of the armature and
the yoke while keeping the distance between them constant, in direct proportion to the imaging
movement of the needle point of the can EndPage: 1 lever. . The object of the present invention is
also to reduce the short distance between the armature and the yoke, to increase the power
generation efficiency, and as a result, to reduce the impedance from the point of view of the
needle, and to reduce the impedance and equivalent of the wrestling system. @ Quantification of
the texture is to aim at the above purpose 幸 Fi 二 幸 木 木 月 ア ー ア ー ア ー ア ー ア ー ア ー
よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う ア ー. There is. Furthermore, the object of the fan 3 of the present
invention is to provide a pickup that is easy to be manufactured with no distortion, no
tarostoque, and with a reproduction OT capability up to the same frequency as the high
frequency band.
The invention will now be described in detail. Eleven threshold and? Fig. 2 shows the principle of
the present invention. The distance between the yoke 11) and the armature 12) is:-Ude. The
armature (1) is proportional to the amount of displacement of the needle 16) of the cantilever
15) at a position facing the gap 13) of the yoke fil rightward, and the yoke at the gap (3) Change
the opposite i-bond against m. 7) Because of this, the amount of change in drainage of the 4'1 ',
the amount of displacement of the armature (2), the amount of displacement of the armature' f-1;
2), and the amount of change of the magnetic flux of the yoke (1) There is no factor that causes
distortion in the q relation of ρ. If the needle (6) is 4 degrees by an angle of 01 degrees and
changes by i deviation x1 in 2 矛 2 I • 4, the deflection angle of the N 4 and S poles of the
armature 12) is θ 1 The amount of displacement of dust, it, is y, and 44, the distance to the weir!
If it is 2, it can be expressed by the following equation (1). From this, the displacement amount y
of the eyelid is in proportion to the displacement amount X of the needle 6). In addition, the right
turn f 酊 lateral S11 of the yoke (1) and the armature 2) when changing only the N- umbrella, the
south pole -h; each displacement-responsibility y of the armature 12) It seems. , 1S, 〒 TyIA 2------------------f21 The opposing area S is as follows if the A2 + equation is substituted into the
equation (1). You are welcomed. Here, since A1.72 is a constant, the facing area 81 is linearly
proportional to the displacement amount X. In addition, the confrontation between the yoke (1)
and the armature (2) decreases in reverse proportion to the following:-dog slip, 4, yoke fl) and
armature 2). Therefore, the six-bundle density will increase, and thus the electromotive force dφ
(e = N7t) of the coil '41 of the yoke (1) is different from that of the conventional M · V type
pickup @ As the needle tip changes, it will be generated in linear proportion and great grandson.
Next, I will explain the real 7 o'clock. First of all, 3. The figures 1 and 4 illustrate% or a lift as a
stereo pickup. The left and right yokes (IL) (IR) are disposed at 45 ° crossing angles with each
gap (3,) (3R) as a rule of intersection, and each include coils (4L) (4R). The cantilever (5) moves
to the position of the intersection EndPage: 2 of the both yokes (IL) (IR), and the wire 18 from the
support portion (7) and the damper (9) are centered at the intersection Supportive, for example,
a Japanese cedar plate-like carrier at the position of the self-gap (-) (3R) on the tip (having a tip
of @ (6) and a cantilever 5 at the tip) □) 0) can be written.
The carrier 1 supports the permanent cobble armatures (2L) and (2R) on opposite sides of the
two gaps (31) and (3R), respectively. The dominance of the armatures (2L) (2R) is shown That's
right. The needle 6) makes the cantilever 5) start in tracing the groove. Here, L-L on the needle +
677'l NIQ is taken as a hook (with an elevation of 1. For example, since the pair product of yoke
(IL) and armature (2L) changes, coil (4L) u @ t is selected. However, at this time, armature (2R):
(The coil (4R) ld: does not generate power because it is merely rotated in parallel and does not
rotate around R-R as an axis. Of course, in this case, the distance between the armature (2L) and
the yoke (IL) is always constant. At the same time, 5 figures in total and 6 figures in total show
another example. This consideration I? fI! The first ring JJi is supported on the point of
intersection of the yoke (-L) (IR) with the corner X. X <b> 2 +. In the column of the invention of
the fountain of formula 11, +! -The 甫 3 mechanism has described in detail the conventional
distortions, but it has the following characteristics with regard to heat buildup, power generation
efficiency, evaluation of needle quality and cross talk ク ロ ス. Generally, the power generation
efficiency is related to the space 1 (4) between the armature and the yoke. Conventional power
generation, etc. 1 ((According to the interval, change amount of armature is set to 7 or more. This
and the 44 streets of York, Toka and others, were as difficult as they could to approach as much
as possible. Yes, there is a limit to the improvement of power and f'-arm efficiency. On the
contrary, in the present invention, since the armature af and approach S to the yoke become
possible, and the center of the Li armature is on the intersection point, the north pole and the
south pole of the armature operate symmetrically, so i4R ' Ft3 $ will be improved to big and
good. Next, referring to bubbles equivalent to the point of view from the point of the needle, l-, as
described in 1F, because the power generation efficiency is improved, even if the lightning strike
pressure equivalent to the conventional one is the armature small? It will be given. As described
above, according to the present invention, since the heat-effecting electric field is used, it
becomes / 1 · formation of the armature-h = 'Or bear, and the extra mass is excluded from the 4well system, The mass can be reduced, and as a result, the characteristics such as the
reproduction characteristics and trackability of the high region are greatly enhanced. (In the
present invention, L · R is generating electricity because it is arranged at an angle of 45 ° as a
constant angle independently for each of the 10 o'clock of L−R. Since the R side does not
perform power generation operation, the cross circle between L and R is very good ((excellent.
It has a great effect on the improvement of distortion, the improvement of distortion, and the
equalization of the imaging system 1 to 1 It will bring about 1/1 effect.
Brief Description of tA Drawing EndPage: 31 At 7 i is a ruled surface view for clarifying the
operation principle of the pickup of the present invention, o 21 hold r + ri same plan, 13 ¥ 1! 4
The present invention is applied to a stereo pickup, and the front view of mud, and fled flj, the
fang 4 is a side view of a 4 b, and the diagram 5 is also a front of another embodiment! Corner, o
6 is a side view of the same figure. (1) (LL) (IR) · · · Yoke, + 21 (2 L) (2 R) · · · armature, + 31 (3 t,)
(3 R) · 轡 gap, + 41 (4, 1) (4 R) · · [stock] coil. 1− 1-No U 琴 3 J Jl-House) IA, 6 # 0 End Page: 4 目
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duplicate 1 (5) Application examination request 1 agent Other agent mentioned above ★ Kyoto
Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku 4 chome No. 3-22 (Ando Bini) (Wteo) 6276 Patent attorney Atsushi
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