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1. Name of Invention Bi, Kur, Pukattori, Di 3, I ¥ f Patent Application Applicants' Zip Code 1402)
It side 1) ■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application JP 52 53 040 published
Japanese Patent Application 52. (1977) 4.30 Internal office number 1717,), 31, the name of the
invention pickup cartridge 0 published Japanese patent application 52. (1977) 4.30 In-house
serial number 1717,), 31, name of invention pick-up cartridge
-21 inventor
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of the
magnetic circuit in the mechanism of the moving magnet type pickup cartridge, and it is a hick
up cartridge having a good time. FIG. 1 is a view showing a power generation mechanism of a
portable movable magnet type pick-up cartridge, wherein a cantilever 3 having a tow 1 at one
end and a permanent magnet 2 having a magnetic pole axially magnetized at the other end is
fixed. , And on the symmetry axis of both poles of the yoke 4 in which the wire ring 4 is fully
wound. At this time, since the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet 2 is magnetically balanced,
it hardly flows in the yoke 5. When the permanent magnet 2 is tilted to the left or right as shown
by the dotted line in the figure according to the vibration of the tow 10, the magnetic balance is
broken, and the magnetic flux flows as shown by the point * 6 of the yoke 5 in the figure. A
voltage according to the vibration is induced. Although such a conventional movable magnet type
pickup cartridge has various advantages, the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet has a
magnetic path passing through the yoke 5 so that the magnetic loss becomes large, and the
magnetic distortion occurs depending on the yoke @. Had the disadvantages of. This
magnetostriction also has the disadvantage that it is lost even if the position of the permanent
magnet placed on the target axis at both ends of the yoke is biased. It is presented as a means to
eliminate the inherent defects. FIG. 2 is a diagram showing the operation of the first mechanism
according to the present invention EndPage: 11, a permanent magnet 2 having a pull 1 at one
end and an axially magnetized pole at the other end. The cantilever 3 fixed on is elastically held
by a holding rod or the like. The wire 111111 is wound in a solenoid shape, and the winding axis
direction is parallel to the magnetic pole direction of the permanent magnet 2 and provided close
to the permanent magnet 2. Accordingly, although the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet 2
is related to the success report 4 as indicated by the dotted line 6 in FIG. 1A, no induced voltage
is generated in the wheel & wheel 4 where there is no change in the magnetic flux. Next, when
the permanent magnet 2 is tilted as shown by the point 2 'in the figure due to the vibration of the
towing, the magnetic flux is deviated as shown by the dot 6' with respect to the axle 4 and as a
result A corresponding voltage is induced. In this case, since the magnetic flux does not have a
magnetic path especially for the wire @ 4, even if the mounting parallelism of the HA wheel 4
and the permanent magnet 2 is somewhat deviated, the magnetostriction as in the conventional
example does not occur, and the magnetic Since loss and the like do not occur naturally, it is
possible to obtain higher performance reproduction characteristics in the record Niu. The
present invention is characterized in that it is easy to obtain a relatively large X amount, and that
it is easy to miniaturize it, and it is easy to obtain a car for light needle pressure noble car) + Jedge. Similarly, since the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet 2 does not converge but is
related to the filament 4, the induced voltage is extremely low, but this is easily solved by
boosting the transformer with an amplifier or the like. it can.
In the above description, although one forest wheel 4 is described, if two wire rings are disposed
on the target axis at an angle of 90 °, it is conventional to obtain a stereo cartridge. Ruru. 4.
Description of II and 5 rates for 1 and 4 directions FIG. 1 is a diagram of a power generation
mechanism of a movable magnet type pickup car according to the prior art) IJ edge, and FIG. 2 is
a diagram of the same power generation mechanism according to the present invention. 1 sound
draw, 2 permanent-stone, 3 cantilever, 4 mm, 5 yoke, 6.6 'magnetic flux% application to
Shinagawa Radio Co., Ltd.] No-乙 j' upper stars-EndPage: 2