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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the sound generating apparatus of the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ...
Upper plate, 1a ... top plate, 2 ... Lower plate, 3 ... Clock-ring train, 4 ... Printed circuit board, 5 ...
Yoke, 6 ... Magnet, T .. -Tile, 8.9 ... diaphragm, 10 ... iron core, A ... resonance box. −261−
【Detailed description of the invention】-Name of static device Invention of sound generator
practical model registration-Range of Kyoto One hundred thousand parts of the ground plate of
the total number of ground plate as a sound generator . Review of the invention This is a sound
generator W / which is integrated into a single unit. In particular, the sound generation device 1
of this invention 1 sound generation 1-1 generated 1! This is a book characterized by the integral
fishing Kll;) j [噴 injection making the resonance for resonance expansion to be equal to that of a
base plate. The following shows the implementation g shown in the iss generated imitation
drawing of this invention! Explain about @ in detail. A clock train 1 is supported between the
upper and lower main plates 1.2 of the watch. A cylindrical resonance ring mu, which is a
synthetic ML1m fat material such as jNkl, 2 flbo IJ carbonate, etc., and which has a part 1- of the
superior 1 as the base @ 18, is integrally formed j. An acoustic generator like the following IIN is
mounted in the resonance box. A locking projection 26 projects from the upper surface of the
lower plate 2 and is press-fitted and held in a locking through hole 46 drilled in the printed
circuit board 114 to hold the printed substrate at a predetermined position. . An annular magnet
6 and a 111-voice monkey-like coil 7 fitted into the inside of the ring-shaped magnet 6 are
mounted on the printed circuit board 4 and on the yoke 5 of the a column. On the upper surface
of the magnet 60, the projection 11 is integrally projected to the outer peripheral portion thereof
and the projection 11 for the π spacer is fixed. The diaphragm 8 is fixed to the upper surface of
the work plate and further thicker than the diaphragm In addition, another peristaltic plate 9
slightly smaller in diameter than the inner diameter of the magnet is praised for the central pipe
7 pot of g / J seven. In the above, 4m6α is a relatively thin ring-shaped one, and -j- of taha and
the diaphragm 8 is formed roughly. l & え 6 〃 え is another member on the upper surface of the
stone insert an O-ring-like spacer ft 'the above @ 虐 仁 仁 虐 虐 こ の こ の こ の ス ペ ー サ ス ペ
ー サ ス ペ ー サ ス ペ ー サI assume. The diaphragm 8 is of a thin film shape having a suitable
springiness, regardless of whether it is II or nonmagnetic. I! Movable rice 9 forms τ on the
magnetic material and adds this dimension to an appropriate size K) Determine the mass of this
vibration system In this embodiment, 1-IIII plate 8 is made of magnetic stainless steel, Soft iron
such as 8PCC is used for caustic in 1111L8. Another nonmagnetic plastic film may be used as
the lllllII plate 8, but in this case the diaphragm does not adsorb to the ridge 66 so it must be "C"
fixed to another hand 11 and printed at the coil center The iron core 10 of soft iron is penetrated
through the substrate 4 and the yoke 5, and the iron core is screwed into a screw hole formed in
at least one of the printed circuit board and the yoke, and the iron core It is possible to move the
inside of the recoil by f1 L turn to the beta 1 turn.-In this process, the gap between the core for
the iron and the diaphragm 8 is moved 節.
Among them, 1b is opened to the top 1 P. 1 111 1 h, iron core lO in the lower 112 also the right
sword of the lower plate, et al [i? In order to perform + ly operation, 0 scale 2h is drilled. なお
11はゴムバッキングである。 Sound generation II-One stone 6 is fixed and attached to the
inside of the resonance box 3-, and the rubber backing 11 fitted to the outer periphery of the
stone is pressed against the tip horse surface of the resonance axis, The resonance S is
completely KIIIFI. As described above, according to the present invention, the resonance axis of
the sound generating snow making is integrated into one INK, thereby making ** extremely easy,
reducing the number of parts, and simplifying the setting work. Although there is an O effect that
allows easy integration even if the space in the clock mechanism is not so large, it is practically
preferable with economic advantages.