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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a conventional example
of a heart sound pink amplifier device, and FIG. FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of an embodiment
of the present invention, FIG. 4 is an explanatory view of another embodiment, and FIG. 5 is a
spectrum view of a fetal heart sound. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Case main body 2. 2 ...
Converter, 3 ... Diaphragm, 4 ... Diaphragm, 5 ... Air chamber, 6 ... Output terminal, (gamma) .. ・
Adhesive layer, 8 ・ ・ ・ Body front wall. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-221-Japanese Utility Model Application
Publication No. 52-38492 (2) Fig. 3 r-"11 3! 1
12 ♂ d Nyoyo, Yo = i et al.-127 Fig. 4-222Actual opening 52-38492 (3) Fig. 5 (dB) ■ 40302 o 1 mother 枦 内 服 1 免 111 \ \ メ \ \ mei ′
1 \ A river 2050 + 00 (Hz)-223-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Name of the device Heart sound pickup device 2
Practical model registration range In the heart sound pickup device for detecting heart sound of
the heart from the body front wall, providing the adhesive layer to be adhered to the body front
wall on the foremost kh & face Heart sound pick-up device to be a sign. This proposal relates to
the improvement of the heart sound pickup device for detecting heart sounds in the body Q from
body-tribe wall soil. The heart sound pink-up device can be divided into drive type from
displacement 4 ", speed type, acceleration type component, and conversion type can be classified
as electrodynamic type, piezoelectric type, electrostatic type, and sound transmission method It
can be classified into direct method 4 type and air conduction type. The air conduction type is
such that a normal audio microphone can be closely attached to the chest wall through the air
chamber, and the chest wall vibration is transmitted to the diaphragm through the air in the air
chamber. A wide band is not required at all for the frequency band, but rather a filter
characteristic is provided to the preamplifier connected in series in order to improve the B / N
ratio, and high cut and low cut are performed according to +111. This is a 9 d generated by the
heart sound spectrum being limited to a very narrow range of low frequency, 20 to 6 DO Hz for
normal heart sound measurement, and about 2 to 5000 Hz for a very special fetal heart sound. In
this air conduction type, in addition to the one that performs the conversion of V wave →
electricity by the diaphragm of the part −, the diaphragm for the conversion is formed at the last
stage, and several other sheets for sound wave propagation There are many that use the
diaphragm of. This is intended to serve as a blast furnace filter against external noises other than
heart sounds, by fr'1 'setting the lids of those diaphragms and the compliance by the air chamber
therebetween. An example is shown in FIG. (龜) is a case, (b) is a transducer, (C) · (d) is a
diaphragm, and (e) is a body front wall. Then, one imaging plate (ol serves as a rental cost and
the other diaphragm (di serves for sound wave propagation). (R) · (6) is the air chamber mer (7)
body surface. The heart sound pinocua and f are lifted along with the body front wall, but the
vibration at this time is not only in the longitudinal direction but also in the tangential direction
because the component also occurs in the tangential direction. If the sensitivity ratio is not large f
+ 汀, lateral vibration is observed as unnecessary noise, which causes 871 ratio deterioration.
Therefore, in general, there is generally adopted a method in which the moving plate is made to
contact the body front wall and the vibration direction is made to be fixed in one direction.
However, in this structure, the diaphragm just touches the body front wall immediately, so an air
layer is formed on the contact surface, and friction with the diaphragm due to vibration of P #
and body hair occurs, and this friction noise is 8 It adversely affects the 1 / N ratio.
In addition, a signal of several H 2 # degrees is included for infant heart sounds, and in specialpurpose ones for detecting this, there is a risk that the degree of throttling may be reduced due
to air leakage by the air layer of the contact surface. Since this device is a book with a fear of 1J,
it is a heart sound that solves all the problems mentioned above by avoiding the air layer at the
contact surface between the diaphragm and the body front wall of the effort. It is an attempt to
provide a pickup load. v Describe the example by visiting Shii I. In FIG. 2, (I) is a cylindrical main
body case, and the main body case (1 (inside of which a converter (21 such as an electric type, a
piezoelectric type or an electrostatic Attach the converter's diaphragm (3) to the), and attach the
transmission & vibration (41) to the front end of the body case fllO. That is, an air chamber (6) is
provided between the diaphragms (3) and (4). This acts as a high-pass filter for external noise. (6)
is an output terminal 0 (7) is an adhesive layer that is in contact with the front end portion of the
main body case (1) and the vibration M (4), an adhesive layer that sounds hardness such as
double-sided tape, As a result, the peristaltic plate (4) and the case body (1) adhere to the body
front wall (8I) with no intervening air layer. Therefore, not only the friction due to the body front
wall (8: w, 【1) does not occur at all, but the diaphragm (4) 0 追 従 follows the vibration of the
body P 苧 (8) 2 well It is possible to detect the signal of 1 ultra low frequency signal with high
sensitivity in order to move. In addition, the fixed state of the entire device including the main
body case (1) to the main body is also determined. In addition, in FIG. 2, removing the motive
force (3) and directly transmitting the vibration of the diaphragm (4) to the converter (2), that is,
omitting the nitrifying chamber (5) is also possible. It can also be converted into a night traffic
light signal by using a pressure film on the diaphragm (4). In this case, the 3 + 1 converter (2) is
unnecessary. FIG. 3 shows another embodiment in which the case body il + in FIG. 2 is divided so
that the air chamber (6) surrounded by the conversion diaphragm (3) and the transmission
diaphragm (4) can be divided. It can be divided into a converter case (11) and a transmission
case (1,). Of course, at the time of bonding, the respective bonding portions (11a) and (12 &) are
configured such that the air chamber (5) is sealed. With this configuration, the transmission case
7 (12) is detachable from the converter case (l,), so the transmission case (1,) and the diaphragm
(4) configured therefor ), The adhesive layer (7) becomes disposable, so by replacing it every
time it is used, always use the vibrating plate (4), adhesive #f 71, -r '' '' '' 1 '' ' It becomes as 3 "1."
"" "Ff61.
Moreover, even in the case of disposable use, a synthetic resin such as acrylic is used for the H7
transmission case (l), and a diaphragm (4) having suitable vibration characteristics such as a
polyester film is used for these. The cost of materials can be reduced, and the versatility is also
improved. Also, the diameter of the transfer case (l,) needs to be the same as that of the converter
case (11), but the length can be freely selected. Therefore, in addition to changing the
characteristics of the diaphragm (4) and the adhesive layer (7), the volume of the air chamber (6)
can also be changed. The length, the material of the diaphragm (4) and the adhesive layer (7) can
be selected variously. Even in the apparatus shown in FIG. 1, the change of characteristics as
described above can be performed by making the air chamber (f'l possible to be divided. Fig. 4
shows still another embodiment 1. In a general heart sound pickup device, heart sound is
distributed within a band of about 20 to 600 HzX, heart noise, blood flow sound and the upper
limit is about 1000 Hz) Thus, in order to detect signals of relatively high frequency components
faithfully and with high sensitivity, it is preferable that the total weight of the heart sound pickup
device be as light as possible. That is, if the weight of the heart sound pickup device placed on
the body chest wall is large, the muscle is compressed and the mechanical impedance of the
entire chest wall increases, so the sensitivity decreases, but if the heart sound pickup device is
lightweight, such things It does not happen. However, in the special case of heart sound
measurement, weight is intentionally added to the 9 heart sound pickup device, and the vibration
system of both the body front wall and the heart sound pickup device mounted thereon is set to
the resonance system, It is more advantageous to give frequency characteristics to the signal
transfer characteristic during that time. This applies when measuring the heart rate of fetal heart
sounds. As shown in FIG. 5, the spectrum of fetal heart sounds has its components distributed,
and for heart rate measurement, it is distributed independently in the vicinity of 50 to 60 Hs (a
ventricle occurring during contraction of the ventricle) It is advantageous to measure the
contraction sound of the 7N person and the sound of the atrioventricular valve). For this purpose,
as shown in FIG. 4, a screw groove (l'a) and a protrusion for stop (t'b) are formed on the outer
periphery, and the conversion shown in FIG. Weight attachment of different weight to the case
main body (one screw thread (+ 'a) using a heart sound pickup device provided with a container
(2), 0 diaphragm (31 · (4) and adhesive layer (7) (Install 91 or al.
That is, a weight attachment suitable for the heart sound pickup device is added to operate the
entire body including the body front wall as a resonant system for the low frequency. This
rounding makes it possible to obtain quotient sensitivity to the frequency selected by the weight
attachment. In addition, since it is possible to select a heart sound pink-up device of a weight that
matches each person's physique of the heart sound subject, the heart sound subject is
substantially obtrusive regardless of the body weight * jS'1. The same vibration mass (including
body front wall) will be reduced to 1 and data will be less affected by physique.