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1 Name of invention
Vibrating membrane type horn and manufacturing method of gasket used therefor
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a horn with a
vibrating membrane which is subjected to the action of an electromagnetic vibration generator,
mounted in a manner to seal the container on 7 flanges of the periphery of the container. Such
horns are mounted on vehicles, in particular in motor vehicles and are therefore exposed to
extreme pressure weather conditions 0 eg they are used at high altitudes where the ambient
pressure is reduced, so that the housing The outlet of the air contained in the housing is provided
so that the internal pressure is balanced with the ambient pressure, whereby the membrane and
the vibration generator. It is necessary to be able to operate in the deployed conditions. It is also
imperative that this possibility for the passage of "9" air be compensated for changes in external
conditions and (or also Fi) heat engines resulting from differences in the degree of approach l to
the heat engine. However, such horns are damaged if water infiltrates into the container and
remains in contact with the vibration generator, causing a change in the horn sound, so it must
be watertight. In order to solve the water tightness problem, for example, a gasket 2 made of rose
1 fin paper or glass paper may be attached to the 7 rungs. However, it is the non-rotation part 5
that the use of such a gasket simultaneously solves the problems of water tightness and air 4
passage. Accordingly, the connection between the 'C membrane and the container is completely
sealed 1 to both water and air C, and completely watertight with the surrounding air in the 7
housing. It has been proposed to have a communication relationship. 9 This latter solution
should be satisfactory from the technical point of view, but it is complicated to make, and the
production cost is high. 1.! The present invention is 15 completely watertight but 15
attempts to solve this shortcoming by means of a novel gasket 14 which allows air to pass.
Vibrating membrane type horn and manufacturing method of gasket used therefor
The present invention will be described in detail with reference to the attached drawings. For the
purpose of l, the gist of the present invention is a membrane on the seven rims J of the 17 rims
of the container co! Is attached to 18 so as to seal the container 4 and the membrane is good! In
a vibrating membrane horn of the type that contains vibration generating 19 psi acting on the
surface and the gasket j 20 is interposed between the catch 1 and 7 lunge J, the gasket is made
of an absorbent material impregnated with a waterproof product Relating to horns characterized
by The absorbent material advantageously consists of a blotter, a piece of paper or a felt. The
waterproof product can be a waterproof textile product, a siliconized product, and the like. The
invention also includes a method of manufacturing a gasket for a tube. The invention relates to
the waiting test conditions for horns set by car manufacture ': 4! We did a great deal of research.
These conditions basically relate to temperature and pressure changes and performance under
immersion in water, and tests for these properties have not been carried out independently of
one another. As indicated above, this study shows that as any one of the gaskets used to the
point, it can not withstand these tests without the addition of a special device that allows the
inside of the container to communicate with the atmosphere. found. Surprisingly carried out by
the electrolyzed substrate made of an absorbent substrate, preferably 1 is preferably
impregnated with a waterproof product, preferably absorbent paper, 1 paper 2 or an absorbent
substrate made of felt requires special parts for the three passes of air Do not, and 5 showed that
solving the problem 4 is a roundabout. The gasket according to the invention is partially cut from
the above selected 7 substrates into the shape of the gasket, 8 this portion is immersed in the
solution i of the waterproof product or 9 in the suspension, the solution of the product #
Alternatively, it can be produced by removing the 10-containing portion from the suspension
solution and finally drying the impregnated portion. Drying is carried out in open air or by
heating and under pressure (j + 3). The waterproofing product used can be 16 in any
waterproofing agent, eg 5% fabric waterproofing agent or a silicone based product. This
waterproofing agent can be a solution 1 + p suspension in a suitable liquid such as water, Triq 01
full ethylene etc., the concentration of the waterproofing agent is the amount of waterproofing
agent retained in the 19 absorbent substrate Therefore, αEndPage: 2 The degree of permeability
of the nitrogen can be adjusted to precisely match the test conditions described above.
A simple illustration of the disease drawing shows a cross-sectional view of a conventional horn
with a gasket according to the invention, in which: l .. membrane, co .. container, 3 ... spare time, f
.. f. Generators, gaskets. Ε ε 串 曾 曾 曾 照. One drawing of the four books + I "J '+' j 'l no
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