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Patent application (1), (21B) representative of Sony Corporation Sheng 11 "Akio 4 agent #! h16
° address, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku, 1-chome, No.8-1 (Shinjuku Building) [Phase] Japan
Patent Office 0 JPS 52 JP 2 53200 (1977) Serial No. Description of the Invention Name of the
Invention Stereo Microphone Device A pair of wedge shaped main bodies having a paraboloid,
and at least one pair of microphones, each being in juxtaposed state of said wedge shaped main
bodies One microphone is arranged near the inner surface point to enable stereo sound
collection, and the microphones are arranged near each outer surface vertex in the opposing
state of the bowl-like main body to enable pinaural sound collection. Stereo microphone device
with a% mark.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a Toshita stereo
microphone device capable of binaural sound pickup. Conventionally, a so-called pseudo head in
which microphones are attached to both sides of an object formed in the shape of human
condyles, that is, a position in which both ears KN abut is used. The head is a head-sized size
because of its purpose, and it is inconvenient to carry and has a human head shape, which causes
strangeness to others. Therefore, the present invention proposes a stereo microphone device
which can perform parabolic sound collection to # if both sound pickup can be performed
without using a pseudo head. Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. First, referring to FIGS. 1 and 2, the first actual
example of weaving will be described. In FIG. 1, (1) and (1) 'are a pair of bowl-like main bodies
having a paraboloid and both arms thereof The mounting supports (3) (1) (1) (1) 'are positioned
such that the microphones +2) + 21 are brazed on the respective paraboloidal inner surfaces (11)
(l') side of the main (1) (1) ' 3) 'is provided, and on the convexly curved outer surface (rb) (tb)'
side of both arm-like main bodies (1) (1) ', it is positioned slightly behind the vertex of the main
body, (2> ') is formed so that the fitting portion (4) + 4 is formed so that the wall fitted portion
(4) (4 which is close to the rear and the acoustic diffraction piece (5) (5 ) 'Is protrusively
installed. The arms (1) +1) 'are releasably connected via hinge connectors (6) at the rear edge so
as to be opened and closed oppositely. The shaft (6a) K of this connector (6) is integrally
connected to the lower part of the support rod (7), and EndPage: 1 is implanted in the base (8)
and both arm-like main bodies 11) [1) ' I support it. It should be noted that the through hole is
located behind the mounting support (3) (3) 'on the mounting fitting part f41 (41' for the
microphone +2) +2) 'as the arm-like main body (11 (1)' as 41 '). The microphone + 2) (2) 'may be
mounted so as to fit into the through hole from the inside of the main body (1) (1)' and open at
the outside @. The stereo microphone device of this example configured as described above has
both-arm main bodies (IHI's are open on both sides with the connecting portion as a fulcrum, and
the parabolic inner surface (la) (1a) 'is moved forward at an appropriate angle If microphones +2)
+2> 'are attached to mounting supports (3) and (3)', respectively, they can be used as stereo
sound collectors, and the main body (1) m 'can be separated to be in a single state. Then, it can
also be operated as a so-called parabolic sound collector for long distance sound collection.
On the other hand, the arms (1) fl) 'are closed and made to face each other, and the microphones
(2) and (2 f) are attached to the respective mounting and fitting portions (4) When mounted so as
to open to the (lb) (lb) 'side, both arm-like main bodies (1) +1 have pseudocondyles, and the
position of the microphone +2) +2)' is the both arm-like main bodies (IHI) ' Because it is located
somewhat behind the top of the outer surface of the head, it is almost the same as the ear in the
human head, and the acoustic diffraction piece f5 (5) 'at the back becomes a pseudoauricle, The
same stereo sound pickup operation as that of sound) is performed. Next, the second
embodiment will be described with reference to FIGS. 3 and 4. However, parts corresponding to
those of the above-described first embodiment are given the same reference numerals, and
partially repeated explanation will be omitted. In this example, the outer surface (10b) (10b) 'of
the bowl-shaped main body' corresponding to the arm-like main body (IHI) 'having the
paraboloidal inner surface in the first embodiment has both arm-like main bodies (II (When the
10's are joined facing each other, the K11 outlet (Ill (11) 'is formed to make the outer peripheral
surface resemble the human head surface shape, and the microphone +2) +2) on the side of the
expanded portion αυαυ') 'Attachment fitting part (4) +4)' to be attached is formed, and a
support rod (13ay is provided on the lower surface of the bulging part (Ill (11) ') so as to project
on each base (13Q'lf 14 etl and (19 'are hinged on the rear face. (19α9 'is a pair of arm-like
main body αI (II # on the upper # JK of the two arm-like main body (11 舖' is oppositely joined
to be joined and polymerization contact, so that it can be carried easily It is configured. Also in
the configuration of this embodiment, both arms of the main body noQO 'are opened as in the
first embodiment, and microphones +21 +21' are mounted on the mounting supports (3) and (3)
'of the inner surfaces (10a) and (10a)' respectively. When installed, it can be used as a stereo
sound collector, and can be used as a parabolic sound collector when both arms 6 呻 α are each
in an independent state. On the other hand, if one arm-like main body (10 (with II 'facing each
other and an outer surface bulging part (11 + (microphone +2) 12) to mounting fitting part (4)
(4)' of In2) 12) ' It can do both-ear sound pickup. In the case of this example, the pseudo head
effect appears notably by forming the bulged portion 1) I 'in comparison with the first example.
In both of the above embodiments, the microphone +2) (2 is an arm-like main body (1) (1) 'and
[.alpha. Ambiguity] mounting support (3) (3r and mounting fitting portion (4) (4) 'may be fixed to
each <, and both arm-like main bodies (1) (1 and (1 (IH' is formed of a synthetic resin or a light
metal, and the bulging portion of the second embodiment is (11) (111 'may be formed integrally
with the bowl-like main body (11on' or may be formed by another member).
Furthermore, the microphone +2) (2) 'is constructed so as to be able to be directly fitted into the
pinna in the nine states removed from the arms (1) (1)' as a microphone and to collect the sound
inside the pinna If the microphone 121 is used, the use range of the microphone 121 (2f itself is
expanded. As described above, according to the present invention, a parabolic sound collector
can be used by attaching a microphone to the inner surface of the paraboloid in a state in which
a pair of bowl-like main bodies are opened, and the microphones can be used on the outer
surface in the opposite state. Can be used as a stereo sound pickup similar to binaural sound
pickup by a pseudo head, and can be used in two ways with the same equipment, and since the
shape is also a parabolic sound collector, it does not give strange feeling to others, especially
Various types of outdoor sound collection can be easily performed, and the range of use can be
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention
and is a perspective view of a state in which a bowl-like main body is opened, FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view of nine states with the bowl-like main body facing each other, FIG. The other back
example of this invention is shown, and the perspective view of the state which made the bowllike main body oppose. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. In the figure, (IHI) '; buttocks' are
wedge-shaped main bodies, +2) (2)' are microphones EndPage: 2 lohons, (3) (3) 'are attached,
supports, (4) (4)' are The fitting portion (11) (l 'is a bulging portion). Patent applicant Sony
Corporation Figure 1 6 The above-mentioned other inventors EndPage: 3