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(1) Title of the Invention 2 Inventor 311 Applicants Address Address Oji Kadoshin, Kadoma City,
Osaka Pref. Address: F '+ J' + · (582) Representative of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Masashi Matsushita 4 Agent 添 5715 ('J' L! List of Type i [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese
Patent Application Laid-Open No. 52-317260 (1977) 3.10 Japanese Patent Application No. o-〆
o 相 S [phase] filing date p, (197 # ') 7.4 / 2 奮 / 奮 / 名称 1, title 1 of the invention, Name
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker using an
elastic high-i diaphragm having excellent rigidity, and provides a speaker having an excellent
high-frequency 411 property. しようとするものである。 As a conventional loudspeaker with
excellent high-frequency characteristics, a diaphragm made of aluminum or titanium foil in a
dome shape with high elasticity is used. However, the diaphragm made of this metal foil is poor
in rigidity, and its sound pressure frequency characteristic is As shown in FIG. 4, as indicated by
the solid line, the high region did not extend and was distorted. From such a thing, it is
conceivable to form a reinforcement by forming a corgage bran on the dome surface, but it was
still not possible to obtain a sufficiently thickened result. The present invention eliminates the
above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. The present invention will be described below with
reference to aim 1m11 to 8 of one embodiment. First, in the first wA, 1 is a field portion, and this
field portion 1 is an inside am constituted by the flange 2, the columnar magnet 3 and the pole
piece 4, but a plate with a center pole, It may be an external iam which is more than a magnet in
the form of a hook and a top plate. The periphery of the dome-shaped diaphragm 60 is fixed to
the upper surface of the field portion 1 by a backing 6. The dome-shaped diaphragm 6 is made of
aluminum or titanium foil, and corrugations v, s are formed at the dome-shaped rising portion,
the middle portion of the dome surface, and the O pull gauges 7 and 8 have elasticity. A
reinforcing material 9 such as a ceramic, glass or the like with a binder having a high rigidity and
an excellent binder is bonded to EndPage: 1 in a high temperature atmosphere of aOO to 1000
"C. Although this Tsurugeta 1 Fucho, Toro Company 1 with $ is applied, it is a place where
relatively abnormal resonance occurs in the rising part and the middle part, but it is also possible
if the entire area is covered In the evening, it is possible to fix only the reinforcing material 9 by
l1iK, without setting up the corrugation caon 7.8. However, in view of mass, it is more
advantageous in efficiency to reinforce the weak portion as the diaphragm most. The voice coil
10 is threatened at the rising portion of the O dome shaped vibration 1 [60], and a daughter t9 is
accommodated in the magnetic gap 11 of the lower field portion 1 of the voice coil 1o. A dome
cover 12 is placed on the dome-shaped diaphragm 6, and a sound absorbing material 1a such as
rattan glass wool is disposed between the pole piece 4 and the dome-shaped diaphragm 6. Next,
se? The physical properties of Mick and glass and the characteristics of aluminum and titanium
are as shown below. 0 Thus, aluminum and titanium foils have low rigidity. By reinforcing them
with a ceramic or glass reinforcement as described above As shown by the broken line of the 4th
WA, the high range is extended, and the distortion can be reduced to one blue pressure and one
frequency 1IIi.
The vibration 1 [6 may not be a dome shape but may be a learn shape. As above, this book J! A
bright speaker has high elasticity and excellent rigidity. By using a diaphragm with a reinforcing
material fused together, the high region is extended as the sound pressure-peripheral fluid
number characteristic, and distortion is caused by split resonance or abnormal resonance. It is
small, and it is large 1 &% of industrial value. 4.5 uiio Brief description The first cabinet is a
speaker of this embodiment-a half sectional view showing an example of the embodiment, Fig. 2
a half of the diaphragm between the lines * W of the diaphragm, Fig. S @ W figure and FIG. 4 are
the sound pressure-frequency characteristic comparison figures of the speaker of this invention,
and the conventional speaker. 1 ..... field portion, 6 ----- vibration plate, 9 ..... reinforcement, 1o ·····
voice coil, 11 ... self-11HIL gap 0 attorney Mr. Winter Patent attorney Toshio Nakao 1 person
Figure 1 End Page: 2 Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoma 1006 End Page: 3