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1. A method of forming a metal cone for a speaker and an apparatus therefor
2, the scope of claims
The present invention relates to a method of forming a metal cone for a speaker and an
apparatus therefor. At present, cones for speakers are generally made of paper cones or paper
composite cones made of carbon fiber or the like. A good speaker can be manufactured even with
a combined cone or metal single plate cone. Generally, the metal cone having a shape like a
speaker cone is manufactured by drawing using a press die or plastic processing such as spatula
drawing. Since the drawing process using a press die uses hard metal m in both male and female
molds, the product is easily scratched and scratched, and the die surface finishing man-hour
becomes very large. In addition, the equipment cost is also large because the product is large.
The spatula drawing process has a disadvantage that it lacks mass productivity because of the
number of process steps. The object of the present invention is to form a beautiful product with a
surface defect of a speaker metal cone free from defects of press mold processing and drawing of
a spiral with respect to the above-described forming of the metal cover for a speaker EndPage: 1n In addition, the present invention provides a highly productive cold gas pressure or hydraulic
forming method and its apparatus. Here, normal temperature refers to 10-45 ° C at a
temperature that does not apply a special thermal load in winter and summer, and to achieve the
above purpose, only the female die of a conventional press die drawing device is used. A molding
chamber 16 is provided on the inner surface of the overhang mold 5 to obtain a desired formed
shape, and a mold having a structure in which an air vent 10 and a spacer 9 are provided in the
center part A mold having a structure in which a tubular pipe portion 13 penetrating in the
thickness direction of the mold is provided at the center, and a pressure chamber 15 for
uniformly applying pressure to the overhang mold 5 and the molding chamber 16 is provided.
Using a mold having a structure in which a backing groove 7 for air tightness is provided around
the core layer and the backing is inserted, and a metallic thin plate is provided between the
above-mentioned overhang mold 5 and the front six-piercing table 6 Attach and cover the thin
plate with the overhang 5 and the overhang 6 The pressure is applied to the loin's ram 1 to make
it adhere closely, and then, the inert gas or the oil of fluorine temperature is pumped from the
outside from the piping section 13 from the outside to make the metallic thin plate into the @Kr
forming chamber Process in 16 Then take out the metal cone for the speaker of the metallic
measuring plate, which has been worked on, and post-process it to make a product. That is, only
the female part of the press die is used in the present invention (a P-C of 200 m or less in the
forming chamber 16 is formed at a pressure of 10 to 13 Kg / ai of inert waste or oils in the
forming chamber 16 It is possible.
The present invention below? The description will be made according to the embodiment. Fig. 1
shows an embodiment of the acid apparatus for forming a metal cone for a speaker according to
the present invention. Fig. 1 in the figure, there is a press ram having a cylindrical shape in the
center, 3 is the upper die set of the press There is a kite hole. The four pillars 2 are also
assembled, which are fixed to the Guicent 8 at a later stage through the kite holes. A one-to-one
rule die set 3 and KIJii one-piece die set 3 are always kept at a predetermined interval by a 41oriented spring 4 having a mlit pillar 2 as a core. Further, an overhanging die 5 is attached to the
upper 1H; 1 die set 6 and an overhanging base 6 is attached to the lower jiget 8, and a
predetermined air gap is generated between the overhanging 7 type 5 and the overhanging base
6. The overhang mold 5 is processed with a concave molding chamber 16 so that a speaker metal
cone having an outer diameter 160 and a thickness of 80 μ can be obtained after molding, and
the center of the mold is the top of the spacer 9 seven overhang mold 5 A gap of about 1111I11
is provided between the parts, and a negative pressure at the time of molding is discharged from
the gap. A speaker metal cone formed on a ridge in contact with the overhang die 5 on the Mri
overhang platform 6 Shallow circular (approximately 2g or more in depth) pl approximately
equal to the outer diameter of 160! , Form a partial pressure chamber 15. Further, a banking 7 is
provided outside the preload end 15 so that the airtightness of the forming chamber 16 can be
maintained even at a press pressure of 10 tons. Next, a tubular pipe portion 13 penetrating in the
thickness direction of the mold and communicating with the forming chamber 16 is provided at
the central portion of the overhanging rod 6 through the lower gwi set 8 and the press table 12
from outside temperature It is structured to pump gas at 45 ° C). In order to form a metal cone
for a speaker, the processed surface of the mold 5 is completely removed by silk cloth, nylon
cloth, compressed air, etc. Next, a thin plate 11 of aluminum having a thickness 200 is inserted
into the gap between the die 5 and the die 6. Next, a pressure of 10 tons is applied to the ram 1
of the press, and the overhang die 5 and the overhang platform 6 are worn. Next, nitrogen gas is
pressure-fed from the outside at a speed of 1 to 1 / ml from the piping unit 13. This residue is
not particularly limited to nitrogen gas, and may be an inert gas "C" such as compressed air, high
pressure helium gas, high pressure argon gas or the like. When the gas pressure of the forming
mold 16 is increased to 10 to 3 h / al and held for 1 second or more, the aluminum thin plate 11
exhibits plastic deformation and finally becomes the same shape as the inner surface of the
overhang mold 5.
In this case, since the spacer 9 or the air vent hole 10 is provided, the pressure in the molding
chamber 16 is alla! To the pressure optimum for molding. される。 Next, the gas in the forming
chamber 16 is pumped out in reverse to the case where the gas is pumped) "IKQ / crj, see or
more", and then the load applied to the end page 2 of the press is removed. Then, since the
extension die 5 is moved upward by the spring 4, the formed aluminum thin plate 11 is taken out
from the forming chamber 1o. The aluminum speaker cone molded in this manner exhibited a
beautiful appearance without any scratches, scratches, etc. on the surface, and a quotient
appearance of commercial value. In addition, since the gas at the time of shaping ¦ molding used
inert gas, the safety ¦ security degree of work is very high. Next, another embodiment of the
present invention is shown. As a molding apparatus for a speaker metal cone, the one used in the
above embodiment is used. The only difference is that the inert gas is pressure-fed 7 from the
piping section 13 into the molding chamber 16, but in the present embodiment the silicone oil is
silently inserted by the hydraulic pump. A mill for operating a press die for forming a metal cone
is completely the same as in the above embodiment, but a silicone oil or the like oil is used, and it
is used by being filtered with a fine mixture in oil. In addition, silicon oil etc. are removed in the
post-washing step of M. 11. 1 Narusugi to finish 樅 11i ′] beautifully. The aluminum speaker
cone formed in this manner was a good product with no flaws, no sea blemishes, etc. in the
crucible a1. As described above, using the method and apparatus for forming a metal cone for a
speaker according to the present invention, J1 produces the following advantageous effects. ■
There are no scratches and scratches on the surface of the metal coating for speakers 7 at the
time of processing, and products with a commercial price of 11 ilL can be obtained. ■ The mold
cost is low because only the overhang type is required. ■ There is no occurrence of wrinkles for
overhang processing. ■ The safety of work is high because inert gas is used.
4. Brief description of the drawings is a side view of a metal cone for a speaker according to the
present invention, a mold for a conventional gas pressure or hydraulic forming method. 5:
overhanging type 6: 6: overhanging base, 7; backing 8: lower die set, 9 = spacer, 10: air venting
hole, ア ル ミ ニ ウ ム 1 di-aluminium plate (in the process of forming), 15: eye glaring g 114:
waste spout or Oil discharge port, 15: Precompression chamber. 8 · EndPage: 31 Stone 1 ': y: l' l
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Method of forming metal cone for speaker and its apparatus Yamamasa's agent! 4I11 :, the
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metal cone for a speaker by using a plunger 1. Either VC or liquid pressure at room temperature
(y to 7 months of forming is awaited; forming method of a speaker 111 metal cone).
(2)QhW if? iX range w1 J lei (& ヒ ー used for molding method of Metalco-7 for ヒ ー;
h! At θ: 1; ・ 11 ′ ′ (˜) J'j5 has a desired 1y-shaped shape on the inner surface of / 16) ^
forming chamber provided with this central part VC air hole p 7 hole 10 and spacer 9 and the
whole structure The mold 1 and the center 1f of the overhanging base 6 which is the phase 11 of
the above-mentioned mold J, the above-mentioned burr J, the pipe l'L, j (16. 11'zl χ Bl / c: MiThe pressure is allowed to go to work 11 hours on the side of the forming rod 16 of this table.
Consisting of a mold of a construction and a mold of a structure in which a groove 7 of a bearing
1 for holding a ring 1 for holding a ring is inserted around the spring and the structure of a
structure having a Q flexible / deep insertion rq'tta Shaped surface of cast iron '-puno month 1
metalco-7. "Ri, on EndPage: 4