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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a different
embodiment of the color image adjusting plate according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a
perspective view showing an example of the sales form of the adjusting plate, and FIG. The use
condition of the plate is f-color, the color receiver is CT, A is the subject, B, B ', F' ..... is color. (A)
Fig. 51 (mouth) 52 '3443 Fig. 2B "B ,, B1 No, / CAql one] One-, one-' to 1 / '-, 7-, / one- ( One, one
to one, one, and one, 戟 @ レ 1B-1 ′ ′) <−, '% to one and one ‒: 7' 4 '11> \\ 71' ゝ˜. , 1 '-go It It
"end-sucking 11 l' / 7" / C-1 \ 1-=-r-1/1; 1 to 1 k 1/7 \ \, \ ,,, \, 2, 2 j 7 1 2 2 〜 ・ ・,,, 亙, 実 −
〃 − − − 47 〃 47-24 929 (2) 58-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a full drive
electrodynamic speaker. A conventional full-drive electrodynamic speaker has opposing magnets
ill (11 'and (! +(! 7 is the same polarity, adjacent to each other magnet + 11 (ml is alternately
arranged so as to be the opposite polarity, forming a magnetic circuit circle. Non-magnetic
diaphragm (3) K provided perpendicular to the magnetic flux (magnetic flux density B) as shown
by the broken line (ml) (1),〉 and broken line perpendicular to the magnetic field, and the
diaphragm (3) Is printed so that it vibrates in the same direction, and a coil (4) K current of 9
length l flows and the diaphragm (3) vibrates under the force of F = BjL to obtain voice. In such a
conventional speaker, due to the structure of the magnetic circuit, in order to increase the
magnetic flux density and increase the efficiency, K has to use a high-performance, high-priced
magnet of rare earth cobalt. When the amplitude of the diaphragm (3) further increases, the coils
(4) are respectively located in the sparse and dense portions of the magnetic flux, and the
difference in the magnetic flux ** B is large even if the current is the same. It is a friend who has
arose. The present invention has been made to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, and the
details of the present invention will be described below according to the illustrated embodiment.
That is, in FIG. 2, (1) (I + '(il + (2)') is a conventional permanent magnet of alnico type or ferrite
type, and these are disposed in the same manner as the conventional permanent magnet. (3) is a
diaphragm made of a nonmagnetic material (the same as in the prior art. (4y is the main point of
this invention and is conventional aluminum. Using an electric conductor of permalloy high
permeability magnetic material instead of copper or the like and printed on the diaphragm (8) so
that the vibration plate (3) vibrates in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field and in the
same direction Coil. In the speaker configured as described above, since the coil (4) K is made of
a high permeability magnetic material and made of a conductive material, the magnetic flux can
be uniformly passed through the entire coil (4), As a result, even in the case of ordinary magnets
(alnico type, ferrite type), high efficiency can be easily obtained and distortion can be further