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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are circuit diagrams for explaining the
prior art, FIG. 3 is a circuit diagram of the present invention, and FIG. 4 ayb is the same circuit
part diagram for explanation. FIG. 5 is an experimental circuit diagram, and FIG. 6 is an actual
measurement curve diagram of FIG. 乎 1 図 図 3 ((α 司 4 一 1 1 昭 4724904 (2) 竿 1 鱒 資 資 資
一 一 一 一 / / / / / / −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 1 カ a1 (l / TcC & Milk = 216-; 1 1 1 1 1/1
(gL, a 150t.:. A) 7-11/0 · 91, 01 · 11 · 2 1 囚 1 · 5 41 1 · 41 · 55 "> 52 冫 24171 · 6 l, 7y-c (f no-8-
The present invention relates to a record player with a pick-up tester. When the user of the
record player or the like replaces the cartridge at the equipment assembly plant of the record
player or the like, it is necessary to confirm the propriety of the signal connection in the record
player and in the cartridge. Conventionally, the confirmation of the signal system wiring state
was performed by playing a test record-but the needle tip of the cartridge is worn out by the
record 5 and five countries and seven are excellent, and the test record has a scratch Therefore,
there is a problem that the durability of the test record and the signal system connection m1 due
to the damage of the test record (such as poor reliability in D confirmation). In view of the above
problems, the present invention has a pick-up tester attached to the record player so that the
signal connection inside the record player and the cartridge inside can be confirmed accurately
and surely in a short time. I will explain. In FIG. 1, l is a record player, 冨 is a pickup, and 3 is a
head shell. A cartridge 4 is attached to the head shell 3 and a connector 2 of the head / well 3
and a terminal of the cartridge 4 are connected. The connection tester 1 is attached to the pickup
player body 11i on the record player main body 8 to connect the cartridge 4 and the record
player output terminals 6 and II. The pick-up tester 7 is provided with the first figure, IIJ figure
&, S; Ma, 曾, 曾 2), ヤ 7 terminals 21 letters 11 and 11 protruding, for left channel (1 terminal
Audio signals / θθH11 to / θK11ll of about lθ volts can be applied from the CR oscillator 12
accommodated in the record player shown in the mS diagram to the terminals 10.10 and 11.11
for the light channel. To the left and right channel terminals, one ends of left and right channel
vibrators 13.14 that vibrate by application of audio signals are connected respectively. Each of
the vibrators 13.14 is respectively supported in the case 9 by a damper material 15.15 provided
close to one end where the respective terminals are connected. In addition, vibration of the
vibrator 13.14 to the vibrator 13 ° 14! The transfer material 11 is provided so as to be able to
transfer IIJ to the needle tip which is provided on the cantilever 16 of the cartridge 4. The
transfer member 17 is a fixed portion 18 which is formed by the other end t-surrounding of each
of the transducers 13.14. In order to efficiently transmit the vibration of the vibrator 13.14 to
the tip of the cantilever 16, the ridge of the case 9 is formed by extending is 'and the fixing
portions la, xr and forming friend transmitting portions ts, ts' respectively.厘 @ VK vs! Each
transmission unit IO, U / is formed to have an angle of 9 j degrees, and each transmission unit 饅
on the vertical line V.
IF is connected. Also, each of the transducers 13114t "? The waste (3) is also arranged at an
angle of 95 degrees with the extension line perpendicular to the plane and the straight line V
respectively, and each of the top surfaces of the connected wires a11 ml and tsr A needle tip
placement port sm for transmitting the vibration of the vibrator 13.14 to the needle tip of the
cantilever 16 is formed. As described above, according to the present invention, a pick-up tester
including a vibrator that vibrates when an audio signal is applied and a transmission material
provided to the vibrator is attached to a record player, and the upper distribution transmission
material is formed busy. By placing the needle point of the cartridge in the recess, it is possible to
recognize the inside of the cartridge as well as the inside of the record player as a gii, and the
user of the record player or the record player can use the auto ridge When replacing, it is easy to
check the connection status or the degree of crosstalk between the left channel and the right
channel accurately and accurately, and it is shorter than the connection status confirmation by
the conventional test record. The wear of the needle point of the cartridge due to the recording
habit and the recording tip is also a useful invention. Brief explanation 1 of 嘱 a + oii! / INR: A
perspective view of a record player with a pickup tester, s [2 is an XP-view of the pickup tester,
FIG. 3 is an end view in the first view, and FIG. 9 is a sectional view taken along line II in FIG. FIG.
11 is a block diagram in which the pickup tester is connected to the CR oscillator. l · Record
player 7 · · · Pick-up tester 13.14 · · Vibrator 17 · · Transmission material beauty · · Needle point
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