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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1A and 1B are explanatory views of an
acceleration type heart sound microphone used conventionally, and FIG. 1A shows an internal
configuration by cutting a part of a casing, and FIG. It is a top view. FIGS. 2A and 2B show an
acceleration type heart sound microphone according to the present invention, FIG. 2A shows an
internal configuration by cutting a part of a housing, and FIG. 2B is a plan view. 3A and 3B show
the unit 1 part separated from the weight and the braking part as one unit, FIG. 3A is a sectional
view, and FIG. 3B is a plan view. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Housing, 1 o, ii · · · · · lower lid and upper lid, 12 · · · · · oil
inlet lid cover 13. ······ Oil filling space, 14 ······ Weight outer frame. O / 1 昂 I3) -219-Japanese
Utility Model Application No. 52-11994 (2) o J / B3β) -220-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, the weight 14111 H11
portion of an acceleration f-type microphone for heart sound is constituted as a single body with
respect to the microphone main body portion, and the simplification of the weight mechanism
portion is intended. An acceleration type microphone for heart sound uses its casing against the
chest of the human body and covers it with the one to which the vibration is transmitted to the
casing, and inside the microphone and crophone, a free vibro-rigid system by the elasticity and
weight of the piezoelectric element When vibration is transmitted to the housing, the
displacement generated between the housing and the weight is converted into a potential by the
piezoelectric element and is taken out (1). The characteristics of this microphone are controlled
by damping the natural frequency of the internal thread and the transients occurring around
seven. FIG. 11 shows a conventional piezoelectric-element-type acceleration microphone, in
which l indicates an element of FE, co-,-indicates a base for fixing a pressure, 3 indicates a
movable piece, and a wedge connects a heavy pro and the movable piece 3 For the weight axis 7,
7 r is the position and center of the weight, the support plate 9 is the case 10, 10 is the lower lid
and upper lid, 12 is the oil inlet lid, 13 is the oil filled Space. In the conventional microphone
shown in FIG. 1, silicone oil is injected into the space inside the case from the hole in the center
of the upper cover after assembling the microphone 2. According to the conventional method, oil
is also injected into unnecessary space, and it is possible to obtain a flat characteristic because a
fluid dynamic 1illI structure can not be obtained either in terms of braking effect or not. It was
difficult, the structure was complicated, the number of parts increased, the workability was less
than II </, the oil was injected, and readjustment and reassembly were nearly impossible. The
present invention solves the above-mentioned drawbacks, and FIG. 12 shows an acceleration
microphone for heart sounds according to the present invention. In FIG. 12, the weight 6 and the
oil chamber 13 are structured such that they can be removed from the other parts of the
microphone integrally with the weight external office which also serves as a part of the case / da.
The 3rd figure shows the structure of the integral part of the weight and the braking part, and
the outer frame of the weight which doubles as the microphone housing, 6 is a weight, l 'is a
weight with an outer frame 4 A flexible resin joining 6 and sealing oil of 13 oil chambers
together with weight support is injected from a hole in the outer frame / <7. L (If configured as in
the present invention, only the weight unit can be adjusted separately freely, and the other parts
are not affected. Even after the father, the Micron has been assembled, it is easy to disassemble
and adjust. Furthermore, it can be damped with extremely small amounts of oil and other viscous
substances, and the viscosity acts only on both the outer surface of the outer frame / II and the
outer peripheral surface of the weight, so it is ideal that the hydrodynamics also do not involve
double phenomena. It is possible to downsize the braking characteristics, reduce the number of
parts, and simplify the structure, so that the microphone can be miniaturized, and other excellent
effects can be included.