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(2, ooo yen) 'patent application (32), February 19, 1975 Secretary General of Patent Office
Representative Representative Matsushita Shoji 4 agent 〒 Address 501 Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma City Oza Kad 真 1005 List of attached documents [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■
Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-958050 Japanese Patent Application No. 51.
(1976) 8.23 Japanese Patent Application Publication / −- n // 71 Internal reference number
72/7 Nonomei-Sword 1, Title of the invention 2, 'Wf request-Hold record needle in part m In a
phonograph pickup in which a vibrating piece made of an elastic body is provided in a part of a
cantilever, and the photographing moving piece is pressed so that the recording needle vc is
pulsated and the vibration is transmitted to a mechanical electric gear yl superposition, FIl above
(l! M piece 'knIT 46 punch V bar for i eta use as a semi-solid form to make it project like 1 ゐ! Set
up in 4 parts, I! 12 machine 1 air conversion element gold 7 code f groove modulation No.
arranged in the same direction, the length of the surface of the image pickup piece, the image
pickup surface of the electromechanical transducer and the full opening-1 000 [fl, 17 g , And this
8! There is no need to connect the original four sides of the single element conversion element
with the projecting face of the vibrating reed. 3. Inventive-ia 'xa12 light-x 111 light 2 In the
growth of phonographic pickup. オ Conventionally, 7 pressure drop elements using pressure
element are pressured by taking action of cantilever 2 directly having needle base 1 & 1 at one
end in 1 step 1 in FIG. The IA + IE leaker 4a and the indenter 4a are momentarily formed via the
vibrating reed 3a made of an elastic body which has been connected in series. In FIG. 1, 5a is a
10,000 elastic member made of an elastic material, 61 is an IeIJ rear brake, 7a is a gear for
driving a gear-11 f is a fulcrum support, and 131 is a screw. By the way, the pressure-sensitive
pressure sensor which has been tboded in FIG. 1 is as an @ 4 material, and the pick-up is another
method 1 such as @! ! 11 pressure is a big 1 & (R, even if L is 4 cars is a feature of the car that is
rich, but the present purpose is for the purpose of the high-traditional life student-almost a
friend's purpose) Seventy burial fields that are not used for convenience, there are two in the
Noto car, and then four in length are drawn out at length four in four, but they are not included
in A, and they are shown in Figure 11 in The representative of rice is effective as soil, and in the
case of pick-up of iEndPage: 1 for heavy stools, the pickup impedance is relatively poor at
relatively high pigeon wave number area, and is also crosstalk Has a structure to remove It is an
object of the present invention to realize high productivity and the use of a piezoelectric element
immediately after the use of a Nisho sword to realize a Bicupoke.
The following will explain one proposed embodiment of the T and X inventions with reference to
the drawings. Wl, 2 in FIG. 1 of the embodiment of the present invention [,-jlcti original 1 minute
to the other end of the lever can 2 lever 2 at the other end of the cantilever of this cantilever 11
The vibrator 3 is provided, and the protrusion of the vibrator at the angular direction V is
extended with respect to the cantilever 2 and opened at the original end thereof in the form of an
inverted c-shaped wedge 1c 45 ° so as to correspond to the sound groove of the record. If two
magnetic half-elements 4 are arranged, and that IE silicon + 4 and the base end of the radial axis
IL of the transducer 3 3 are not in contact with each other. The child 6 is required by the rear ij,
the child d, 7 + the IJ-wire for output. For a long time, about the magnetizing mechanism of the
pickup 纂 3, Figure 4,-6 C ˜, (b)! Figure 0 to be described with reference to (Fig. 9 is the output
terminal, 10 is the previous issue? 、 ボ ス ボ ス ボ ス ボ ス ボ ス ボ ス ボ ス 現在 現在 X ス テ
ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ. Now, when only
one channel is fl; II signal is present, the outer direction of the groove is in the direction of arrow
A, the f groove surface is at 46 ° with respect to the horizontal plane VC as indicated by the
dotted line. Kanchippa-2 vs @ generated due to the change of the tone groove of 0, which
represents the same change, the left side of the ac arrow of the aiC pressure 1 element 4 is
swung to the left It becomes supplication in the thickness direction, and the sedency becomes
nine and one-half rotary operation as the center IYsvrm center of the thought of the piezoelectric
element 4 which does not contribute to the first generation. Therefore, as shown by bVC, as
shown, the forceps 3 vibrate as shown by the arrows in the figure, and the E: force element 4
receives the same thickness and full swing, and tL * is generated on both shoulders of the output
lead. X @ Ming's pickup is very single 9 so its knee-man productivity has many advantages over
the conventional one, if you give 1 + 11 of 2.3, it will go to @ 3 A <81: 鑞Only by inserting the
element 4 into the groove of the i body 8 by means of the damper 5.61C, the power generation
unit can be configured. The assembly charge depends entirely on the groove finishing accuracy
of the mount 8. The M East can maintain high accuracy without the need for special
consideration. By the way, in the conventional example, in most of the piezoelectric type beak
aggs such as the one shown in the figure, a supporting point holder 11m is provided like a boss
at the base end of the cantilever @ 1 and is screwed by a screw 13a. Therefore, shooting + 3a is
about Eim element + 4a. Due to the form of needle exchange, it is difficult to secure relative
dimensions of the cantilever 2a and the vibrator 3a, which are necessary in the pickup, making it
easy to generate crosstalk, etc. There is.
On the other hand, in the case of a structure like X @ light shown in Fig. 84, the cantilever 2 and
the vibrator 3 are integrated to form a needle assembly, and a separate body 12 is provided for
the pick-up holder 6 Because the liaison can take a form depending on both chassis 8.12, the
tank (but higher, besides that. ll E i element 11 has a structure in which the vibrator 30 has a
circular shape i 11 [fl is in pressure contact with the end face of the element 4] 1) ff! (If it is
corrected at the same time as inserting the needle assembly, and if there is a needle pressure, Eli
1 or w Lily hat is completely established? る。 That @ rice. The vibration m of the cantilever 2 is
increased, and can be transmitted to the piezoelectric element 4 so that generation of crosstalk
and distortion can be suppressed. f If you use 弾 性 elastic 會 t 邊 mover 3 、, since the shooting
and recommending direction is perpendicular to the direction of needle pile application VC!
There is no relation between t ±, and the elastic uR cedar of the oscillator 3 has a small amount
of reduction in crosstalk and reduction of the lord of the enterprise. As described above, in the
above description, 1 本 樋 明 was relatively less likely to fall behind in the past ± (not only did it
enable t high 足 丹 足 足 足 薇 薇 薇 薇 レ コ ー ド 薇 − − − − There are seven industrial
publications useful from the fact that high-contrast refusal comes out in particular without the
need to stir the whistle of the room on the other hand. 4, the plan of the drawing a @ @ Figure 1
shows a conventional pressure pickup ↑ 型 perspective view, 謳 2 is one embodiment of the
present invention Phonograph EndPage: 21 · · · · · · · · 2 -· · · Punch lever, 3 · · · vibration piece, 4 · ·
· · pressure-sensitive element. Name of agent Attorney Koo et al. 1 person (α '(b) 6 other than the
above inventor and agent name 1 name name a-kyo-address same place name 2 name Saito RyoAddress same place EndPage: 3