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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a central longitudinal sectional view showing
one embodiment of a speaker diaphragm according to the present invention. 1 ··· Diaphragm base
body, 2.2 ′ ··· Alumina layer. One 89 one
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an improvement 1
of an aim plate for a speaker, particularly a JilD plate using beryllium □ or beryllium alloy. In the
past, aluminum, titanium, paper, etc., which are easy to use in weight and rolling, were often used
as materials for speaker vibration II plates, but a Young's modulus of 1 is further added to realize
high performance skiers. A large, low-smallness material, in other words, a material having a
large l / p, is required9. For this reason, a diaphragm using beryllium or a beryllium alloy has
come to be manufactured. Is this beryllium or beryllium alloy active metal 1? , As with aluminum,
because the oxide film is formed on the surface, do not use in a special atmosphere, a9 that the
surface is corroded and can not stand use. However, as the air pollution by exhaust gases and
exhaust emissions from factories in automobiles etc. becomes worse as in recent years, harmful
gas such as zinc oxide gas will be contained in the atmosphere in large amounts, so the above
mentioned diaphragm surface is corroded There is a possibility of being SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION The first object of the present invention is to provide a speaker weir plate which is
not corroded even when exposed to a corrosive gas. The second object of the present invention is
to provide a speaker diaphragm K with almost no deterioration of the performance as a
diaphragm, since the characteristics of beryllium or Beryllium or five alloys are not lost.
Furthermore, the purpose of the crucible 5 of the present invention is to provide a speaker
diaphragm which can be fabricated relatively inexpensive Kll and processed with S crystal. Next,
it will be described together with an embodiment ram of the present invention. (The illusion is
beryllium-from the Periliu 5 alloy to a solid aims substrate, and to the surface Al built-up layer +1
(! ') Is coated by a spermelinda means during electron beam evaporation. Alumina layer t! 11 (2 ')
a chemically stable, and E / p is about 4 times larger than aluminum and titanium, and is about 1
the size of B / p of beryllium; It has good adhesion to rainbow periliu five alloys and has a coating
that is a good bird. Also, the thickness of alumina l @ l wound (2 ') is about 0.5 to 1 μ, which is
sufficiently effective, so that the fabrication time can be shortened and the thickness of the layer
may be thin. The large size and the adverse effect on the diaphragm performance can be totally
ignored. The above 1! In the examples, the case where an electric charge layer is coated on a
diaphragm substrate made of beryllium or beryllium five alloy is described, and a friend coats
beryllium or beryllium alloy on a diaphragm substrate made of another material, If an alumina
layer is further coated on the table, it is t.
As mentioned above, since the surface of the diaphragm substrate coated with the beryllium 6 at
least one surface is made of beryllium 6 beryllium alloy and coated with an aluminum layer, the
diaphragm is corroded even if it is exposed to streaky gas. Even if the tn and te alumina layers
are thin, sufficient effects can be obtained, so the performance as a diaphragm does not
deteriorate in combination with the size of E / p of alumina and is relatively easy. And, it has an
effect such as being able to be manufactured safely. In the drawing, a central longitudinal crosssectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker diaphragm according to the present
invention is shown. (1)...... Hideo Ogino in the 95340s: p,> '0-f6. The above-mentioned inventor
outside the market or utility model registration applicant (1) inventor □, Tokorozawa city
Tochiozawa city flower garden 4 chome address 2610 Pioneer Corporation Tokorozawa factory
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