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February 15, 1959 · Secretary General of Patent Office r: Goma 1, title of invention E: +; HI · 1 Tlj,
1 ward-1 Hi Shinagawa 6 chome 7 M 35 (213) Sony 4 1 1 式Meeting Nae 1 Representative Akio
Morita [Fa] Japan Patent Office Open Patent Gazette ■ JP-A-51-942200 Published Japanese
Patent Application No. 51. (1976) 8.18 ■ 昭 4 /-/ 1t 41! [Phase] Filing date Akiyoshi, (1973) 、,
/ 'in the agency serial number 73 λ / evening! Specification 1, title of the invention 1, title of the
invention electrical signal-vibration converter
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a front view of a headphone, and FIG. 1IJ2 is a
cross-sectional front view showing an embodiment of the present invention. In the reference
numerals used in the drawings, (5) is a diaphragm, (6) is a ball, (71 (131 is a magnet, (8), (14 is
an IQ, (IQ is a coil, .alpha. Drive device, (II is a vibrator, (11 is a bobbin, and 翰 is a drive device.
Agent Tsuchiya Katsu Iisaka Yasuo Tsutomu Ito I I Matsuda EndPage: 2 Figure 1 141 Patent
Office President Oto Saito II & Hall 1, the display of the incident Showa 50 years Showa No. 193!
i4 · 2, title of the invention Relation to the case of the electric signal-vibration conversion car
weight 3 correction 411'Fflill 1 person Yasuo Iisaka I Osamu Osamu I Matsuda EndPage: 2
Figure 1 141 Patent Office President Oto Saito II & Hall 1, the display of the case Showa 50 years
old No. 193! i4 · 2, the name of the invention relationship with the electrical signal-vibration
conversion car weight correction case 411'Fflill 1 person 4, proxy address 〒 1606, the number
7 correction target of the invention to increase by correction "3. Brief description of the invention
"column (1), @M, page 1, line 14" 150H! Correct J and 6 as "5G-". (2) On the same page, 19th
line, correct the "bass portion" to be "super bass portion". (3) Correct the low frequency oscillator
J to be an "ultra-low frequency oscillator" in line 113 to the 19th line. (4), same page 4, line 20
[number 10 HJ toru tr number 10 & less correct. (5), page 6, lines 9 to 10 i! [This is a thing ...
and 6] "This is a middle-low j! Correct for iI # L number characteristic control. -More than one
EndPage: 3