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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the present invention,
FIG. 2 is a partially enlarged view, and FIG. 3 is a front view. 1 is a needle tip portion, 2 is a
cantilever, 3 is a two-layer wound coil, 4 is a damper rubber, 5 is a magnet, 6 is a lead wire, 7
and 8 is an N pole IS pole. -3
[Detailed description of the invention] \ This is a cart with a novel shape of cantilever% f7: Ritz,
oh ,. Fall, needles and parts, F, * number. By the clear operation of split cantilevers and
cantilevers whose ends are independent of each other and the power generation unit provided
for each of them, it is possible to achieve good separation of left and right signals of stereo. is
there. The conventional cartridge now boasts of the excellent **, and it has reached the point
where it can be said that it has been completed, and there is no room for improvement, but here,
Get a new perspective. The sound groove of the stereo record V has two left and right tracks. The
cartridge also has two left and right blows tll (1). The needle tip is one. カンチレバーが1@であ
る。 In the present reproduction method, one needle tip is considered to remain permanently
one, so we considered only that there should be a plurality of wedge cantilevers as the remaining
part. The model of the draft I, which divides all into Il numbers except for one needle tip, is
considered to conform to the original left and right signal separation origins of the stereo, and
prototyped and tried listening. is there. The results are clear: there is no separation, no sound
turbidity. In the conventional type, since there is only one cantilever connecting the needle tip
and the power generation unit, it seems that the coexistence of the left and right sounds in this
part is also a problem of various types. IIII! In the case of the type, it seems that there is a great
advantage in terms of signal separation, with the sound separated from the beginning. Explaining
each part, (Al2 Piso of L4t or outer diameter is bent at one point, it is branched to W number,
and the bent portion is pressed, and the needle tip is planted on Mt type needle tip s1, and it is
made visible The cantilever 2 divided into one. (黛) In each of them, it is sii-ized with paints such
as lacquer, 5 I! Two separate layers of 105 mm diameter enameled ports and a DC coil with a DC
resistance of about 2 to 5 ohms are attached 1 The power is generated, and the attached angle of
the coil is attached to yofK and adhered, and it is made to coincide with the reciprocity of the
recycled liquor issue of the record. \! j-) 'The edge 6 is 1) attached to the cantilever so that
there is no unnecessary vibration, and is brought into contact with the damper WK to reach the
connection portion. The damper gym 4 is mostly independent of multiple blocks and supports
the end of the cantilever. Magnet 5 of this cartridge is used for ferrite magnet t, N, 8-pole 7.8, etc.
The agent which speaks the magnetic gL portion is a metal of high magnetic conductivity,
considering the direction of magnetic force a7i to the coil, FIG. And so on.
Due to the increase in the burden of the cantilever, there was a concern that the frequency
characteristics would be degraded, but the mutual strength of the cantilevers would increase the
strength, so a thin, thin pipe suitable for use (S) could be used for feces Because you can, the
result is good six and nine. In addition to the eight wave number characteristics and other ifII
values, plus alpha is present for sound reproduction, and it exhibits the individuality of the
sound, and it is hoped to separate out the left and right sounds and remove the sound turbidity
etc. It is a friend to develop a draft in search of Plus Alpha. This mechanism is considered to be
applicable to a 4-channel type cartridge.