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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a general
speaker, and FIG. 2 is a conventional adhesive supply state. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the
main part of a conventional skier assembled with an adhesive applied by the same method, and
FIG. 4 is a perspective view showing the state of supply of adhesive according to the present
invention, FIG. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part showing an embodiment of a
speaker according to the present invention. Reference 5: field part, 6: frame, 8: diaphragm, 9:
voice coil, 10: magnetic gap, 13: adhesive. 1-69-Japanese Utility Model Laid-Open No. 51-78733
(2) FIG. 2 FIG. 3 FIG. 4 FIG. 5 FIG.
【Description of the invention】 1 +-2 '· · specification 1, the name of 1 # 4 Speaker 2, IIJ IIlr
draft claim claim 5 field field WE @ given meandering to the peripheral portion of 7 lay five ***
Fix the peripheral edge of the plate with the agent. A speaker formed by sheathing the central
111c voice coil of this I1wI board and positioning the voice coil of the kernel in the magnetic gap
of field ma +. 1m、jll! Pancreatic alktll @ 1 book i # feast is seen at the rim W of the
frame liM-櫃 一 藝 藝 異常 異常 異常 − よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う ス ス ス-iIKm 10? &. "'"
Generally, as shown in Fig. 111, the speaker is K111 divided by 1' 'fi. That is, the 7 no-poles 1 are
placed on the plate 2 erected at the upper center, the magnet y of the magnet y, the magnet 3 of
the magnet y At 11 m, etc., both fields meet each other, and the field of 6: 9 is 1111 IE, and this
frame 8 is placed on the frame · 01 ·) protection L evening j · "2 · no one shoulder Ill @ With the
gaskets 7 and 4 co-existing with the vibration of -418, and with the 111K voice coil 9 at the
center lower side of the diaphragm 8, the voice coil 90 below the IE d tube l! The magnetic gap
10KEL of the porcelain magnet 6 is <VC, in order to be positioned, supported by the inner coil t
of the voice coil 9, and a dust gear lag -2 is attached on the center of the vibration plate. In the
speaker configured in this process, a diaphragm 8 Fi snow snow 1 s tube is used for the frame 6
to squeeze it. 41 Khvh こ 6 ′ WII @ 1 s * K * m K indication f As shown in the figure, the
magnetic flux tin 6 is combined with a frame of 1%, and the% O is set to 11 and then placed near
the frame O peripheral edge 11. Nose to 1 · W か ら discharge 111st, フ ー 五 60 60 edge-Km
snow paint 13 and vht. In this way, the heat storage fLQ amount reserving agent 1s is formed
into 啼 y 吠, 喝 aiiit-placement t of Ce [II @ 、 j, ガ ス O with a gas barrier V to which a lower
layer layer is applied to the lower Lli. Placed on top, with some pressing force, 41111 m, (111),
and after -7 °, as shown in Fig. 3, the edge II of the shaker S is on top of the pile of the agent 1s.
It gets close to a single point bond on board. Thus, in the case of tii arrival, when the shed plate S
is operated, the vibration @ m 0 N 4 edge t た 4 J as a tucking point t- node with the presiding
agent 13. An unusual sound was generated 9 by causing an abnormal noise, and there was a
defect that the superior habit was destroyed by the shooting motion to promote the true age O1i
The X consideration eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks gold. That is, the
present invention makes the frame 60 scraps-wrinkles the superior agent to be serpented, and
the confusing agent 1s is applied over the entire width of the frame and the horseshoe fLj fLj KL.
Vibration @ @ 014 轍 W10 wide basin ■ ■ I will be the one to consider. In this way, as shown in
a, go 4- as a means for applying the 1k III layer agent 1st, 7 lays 50 that are resistant to rise-6
are IC 14! Then, it is put on the rim of the frame ・ ・ ・ and is placed on the left and right of
411I agent supply water 1159, and the tatami mat agent supply @ IBO nozzle · 4 at -7 ° 1 ・ is
the frame 60 periphery The track S of the fLJ + adhesive 13 is formed in a meandering circular
shape so as to swing inward and outward ltl within the width of the part. In this way, the
peripheral part of the shooting fI 8 in the process shown in Fig. 5 is a full range of 18 熾 to fll
within a certain range. Air bonding taken with Ube layer 13-Plate B was subjected to a wide
range of tests, and this peripheral edge was subjected to deflection and vibration along with its
zero vibration. Is completely zero. Therefore, ^ ^ 常 常 毒 7 ・, 7 ・ 振 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 c c
c c c c c c c な く な っ な く な っ. 41% can be reduced to 70%, and can be reduced to 1%, but
can be reduced to fL *% t). In addition, it is possible to extend the life as a speaker from the above
40. As mentioned above, the speaker of the KX device is advantageous in terms of vxsnh *, time-,
& quality-1 life. Great% t of practical i 甑? 64e4, Figure-Easy & 1! @、シ6。 ・ IEI is a crosssectional view of a typical speaker tube, and 蓼 2 is a perspective view showing the condition of
conventional 1l IN agent! a and l [Fig. 31 is a cutaway view of the main part of the conventional
speaker assembled by the adhesive applied by the same method. It is sectional drawing of the
principal part which shows one Example of the speaker of a body armor. 6 @ - 1 ... zelkova m
section, 6 ..... frame, 8 · Φ ·· 9 vibration 11141.9, 011-voice coil 5101I ···· St gap, 13111Il + 11 ·
adhesive. The name of the agent Attorneys in the middle 4 or 2 people 1 Mi ') Emperor () 1
Figure 1287! / I 64 holds 1 7 7 1 · 7 3.5 t 0 19-* 2 [m 153 166-) 4 1 48 complete 33 Z-name of
the attorney Patent attorney Toshio Nakao 1 '' '6 Figure 3 7 呵 呵 13 d Fig. 4/5 3-16 f · u [7μ
Fig. 7 7 → 13, .73 ', three' y's agent's name Q patent attorney Toshio Nakao 1 life or 1 person 1
success 6 Other inventor And agents (1) inventor address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oda
Kadoshin address Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. within the name of Dana k o 碇 1)
Asahiko (2) agent address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ojado Kadoshin address 1006
Matsushita Electric Industrial Nikki Co., Ltd., C Name (5152) Attorney Minoru Kanno