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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a prior art example of such a pressuresensitive pickup, FIG. 2 is an embodiment of the pressure-sensitive pickup of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 shows the state of the material during the main part manufacturing process.
FIG. Explanation of main drawing numbers 1 ..... Diamond stylus, Jinch lever, 5 ..... Gold wire, 11
..... Hot melt nylon. Fig.1 Fig.2 -5 -5.
Detailed description of the invention: -5 * "" I "i" "" "traxlosaii? "Y17 'related to the improvement
of the knob. A typical bookcase of such a pickup, as shown in FIG. 1, is a diamond sheet (1) which
slides on a video disc along a ridge about 6 p wide and is subjected to a longitudinal pressure
change, as shown in the figure. The piezoelectric element (2) and conductive rubber are used as
materials to turn the stylus into a front pole surface K [il] and convert its longitudinal vibration
into electrical output, and it acts as a damper for the piezoelectric element, and at the same time
other electrodes A conductive rubber damper (4) is fixed to a cantilever (3) whose surface is
conductively grounded to a ground potential point, and an electrical signal is bonded to theelectrode l of the piezoelectric element (2) iiK conductive Gold IN (derived through 51). By the
way, the gold wire (5) is made of an insulating adhesive (6) having elasticity for the purpose of
preventing the noise mixed due to the unnecessary vibration of the gold wire, the dropout due to
the tracking failure or the disconnection of the whole document itself. Attempts have been made
to integrate it into a pickup. However, such a method is not suitable for operation due to the
small structure of the pickup, and the amount of adhesive used in addition to the cause of equal
mechanical failure in the upper part of the adhesive exceeding the height of the tension. These
variations are linked to the variations in the Kuump effect of the stylus, which inevitably leads to
non-uniform characteristics. The present invention proposes an improved pickup in view of the
above. The description will be made with reference to the second surface representing an
example of the pressure-sensitive pickup of the video disc according to the present invention and
JIII 5s schematically representing the material in the main part 5ii11. In FIG. 2, the same
functional elements as in FIG. In the third W5, the book (2) represents the conductive rubber
damper material in the process, Ii! The material has the same width as the completed damper,
and is divided at an appropriate interval in the longitudinal direction as shown in FIG. 3 to
complete the damper. The book (b) represents a film piece of hot melt nylon, which is a feature of
the present invention, said film piece should have attached the pressure sensitive element (2) on
the material (b) in the first step -7, It is heated at a temperature of To C. on
which snow is placed at a position avoiding the part, and is melted and hardened on the damper
as shown in FIG. After that, hold the above gold wire temporarily, and if necessary, divide the
stone according to the dumping size of the damper, if necessary, and divide it to obtain the
individual dumper (= 1 藺 藺 damper body 0) Is fixed by means of a cantilever (3) upper door
insertion electrode 14 and at the same time, a piezoelectric element (a conductive Ii surface of an
eaves 11 is electrically conductively attached to the upper part thereof.
The first piezoelectric element (the other electrode surface of the crucible # 'i already has a
diamond 4 indus I iridium (l fixed). Next ff1llf! A gold wire which is conductively attached on the
electric wire W is temporarily held in the above hot spot-on the toniman (b)-I! [If heated at 100
to 150 ° C., it can be insulated and fixed only to the first generation damper with firm and
appropriate elasticity as shown in FIG. Since the present invention has such a configuration,
microscopic work is simplified and stopped. Since the amount of melt melt nylon required for the
fixation of the gold wire is uniformed, the electrical properties of the pick-album are uniformed
as well as the electrical characteristics of the pick-album are eliminated, and the cause of the
defect is also eliminated. Can provide a good pickup).