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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing an electrostatic type
hood according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view
showing a speaker unit of the head type shown in FIG. A is a sectional view, b is a plan view
showing the aperture control plate of a in the figure, and FIG. 3 is a frequency characteristic
curve diagram of the head phone shown in FIGS. 1 and 2. 11 · · · Head band, 121, 122 · · ·
Support body, 131, 132 · · · Connecting rod, 141, 142 · · · Spy force portion, 151 · 152 ° · · · ear
pad pad, 16 · · · , 171, 172 ... opening surface, 18 ... housing, 19 ... unit support, 201, 202 ... fixed
pole, 21 ... movable rod, 22 ... sound absorbing material, 23 ... Aperture adjustment plate, 24 ...
knob, 25 ... adjustment hole. Fig. 1-71-Fig. 1-51-50532 (2) Fig. 2 (a) (b) Fig. 3 1, IL-72
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention provides sound quality control and
relates to a nine electrostatic head 7-on. As a head phone to be used for stereo reproduction and
the like, a ward zone type head hood having a particularly high sound quality has been put to
practical use. By the way, since Henodothon faithfully reproduces even subtle changes in the
reproduced sound and small signals and directly transmits them to the ear, it is necessary to
obtain a reproduced sound that is as easy to hear as possible. Therefore, the sound quality
adjustment is performed on the amplifier side. However, when using the head-on, there are many
things that can not be done from the amplifier, and it is troublesome to operate the knob of the
amplifier each time. Therefore, it is conceivable and practical to provide a headband body Km
knob. However, the conventional sound quality or volume knob is a variable resistance .DELTA.-5
electrical part, and in particular, it is necessary to incorporate all the other electrical circuits,
which has the disadvantage of increasing the internal complexity and cost. Is a book that
ameliorates these drawbacks and provides a sound quality-conductable electrostatic headphone
without the addition of electrical circuits. One embodiment of the invention will be described
with reference to the following discussion. As shown in FIG. M1, supports 121. 112 are attached
to both ends of the arc-shaped head band 11 as a whole, and the supports izi, ixx are connected
through the connecting rods 131. 132 which can be moved therethrough. The speaker unit
141.142 is attached. The speaker parts J4J, 142 are attached to the inner periphery at their
inner periphery, and an electrostatic electroacoustic conversion unit as shown in FIG. . That is, for
example, in an enclosure 18 having a short cylindrical shape and an opening direction 171, 172
having a large number of holes 16 drilled at both ends thereof, for example, supported by an
annular unit support 19 and a pair of fixed poles 201, 202. And the movable portion 21 are
provided. The movable portion 21 is located at the center of the fixed poles 201 and 202 at a
constant distance. Then, the sound absorbing material 22 is disposed between the one fixed pole
202 and the outer open surface 172. Further, the hole adjusting means such as the hole
adjusting plate 23 is rotatably disposed in contact with the outer surface of the outer hole
surface 172. The aperture adjustment plate 23 is circular and has a knob 24 at its center to be
rotatable, and a plurality of adjustment holes 25 are bored so as to radially spread outside the
knob 24. In the electrostatic henopod with the above-described configuration, when a signal is
introduced, the movable portion 21 vibrates by the electrostatic force to generate a lively sound.
The reproduced sound reaches the user's ear through the hole 16 of the inner opening 1171.
Thus, the reproduced sound travels through the inner opening Bfi 771 to the outside
simultaneously with going to the opposite direction, The portion is absorbed by the sound
absorbing material 22 and the rest is emitted to the outside from the outer opening direction
172. By the way, the radiation of the reproduced sound from the opening direction 172 gives a
thick influence to the reproduced sound reaching the direct ear of the opposite eyebrow. That is,
when all the holes 16 of the hole opening surface 172 are closed by the hole adjustment plate
23, the rise of the low region is loose as shown by the dashed line in FIG. When the adjusting
hole 25 of the opening adjusting plate 23 is aligned with the hole 16 of the opening face 172,
the opening ratio is 100%, and as shown by the solid line in FIG. I speak to you. And since this
aperture ratio can be arbitrarily changed according to the operation state of the knob 24, any
rise characteristic can be obtained between the dashed line and the solid line shown in FIG. 8; By
operating the knob 24 according to the preference of the user, the level of the bass range can be
greatly increased or decreased, and as a result, the sound quality adjustment is performed. In this
way, this electrostatic type head / can make sound quality-warp, in particular, by arbitrarily
changing low-pass characteristics, and this adjustment merely adds the hole-joint plate 23 and
only rotates it. Therefore, as in the prior art, the electric configuration is very simple without
requiring any electric circuit as in the prior art, and since the circuit element such as the variable
resistor is not required, the miniaturization can be promoted and the cost can be reduced.
Incidentally, the aperture adjusting plate 23 as the aperture means of the aperture 16 of the
aperture face 172 is not limited to the structure of the embodiment but may be another shapefor example, it is opened at the edge of the casing provided with the aperture. By forming a
portion requiring adjustment of the porosity with an elastic material and providing suppression
and pressure-relieving means for compressing both in the direction of the straight passage of the
hole provided in the elastic member, the shape of the hole is deformed, etc. However, the
porosity can be adjusted. As described above, according to this invention, a simple electrostatic
type in which the sound quality adjustment can be performed by changing the low frequency
characteristics, in particular, without requiring any electric circuit element. Z 'head 7 can be