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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an essential part according
to an embodiment of the electrostatic electroacoustic transducer of the present invention. 11 · · · ·
· · · · · Fixed electrode, 12 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · diaphragm (moving electric @, 131 · · · · ·
polymer film, 132 · · · · · · Vibration damping alloy. −143−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrostatic
electroacoustic transducer, and to an improvement of a IIIIK 10001 wh plate (movable electrode)
portion. As is well known, an electrostatic electroacoustic transducer basically comprises a pair
of fixed electrodes and a movable electrode (moving plate 1a) arranged at a predetermined
interval, and applies an electric signal between both electrodes. Then, an electrostatic motor
force is applied between the two electrodes, and the diaphragm (movable electrode) is fixed by
this K! , And vibrate so as to be attracted or repelled to convert an electrical signal into a sound I
#. By the way, it should be noted that 峙 jk should be noted in this kind of electrical 10 converter.
One can say that it is a structure that can avoid the resonance phenomenon as much as possible.
It is unsurprising that it is advantageous for this rounding to have a structure with as few factors
as possible of the resonance phenomenon. Here, comparing the factors of the above-mentioned
electrostatic-type electric child transducer and the electrodynamic-type electroacoustic
transducer that is often used by Yoto and the O-resonance phenomenon, the electrostatic type of
both is mainly The structure of the case, the standing wave village of the diaphragm, the latter of
the electrodynamic type mainly has air stiffness, the divided vibration of the standing wave cone
paper by the dimensions of the case, the resonance plate of the buckle plate . Therefore,
compared with the electrodynamic type, the electrostatic type has less causes of the resonance
phenomenon and also has an amplitude-small operation, a small output and a flat plate motion,
so it is advantageous for the resonance phenomenon. I understand that there is. In such an
electrostatic electroacoustic transducer, if the standing waves of the diaphragm which is StS in
the frequency domain can be removed as much as possible, it is possible to further avoid
resonance filling. At low speeds, frequency characteristics and harmonic distortion
characteristics can be improved. Therefore, the present invention is focused on the above points,
and in particular, removes as much as possible the standing waves of the diaphragm in the high
frequency part, and thus contributes to the good frequency characteristics and good ^ W 4 wave
characteristics. Its purpose is to provide a very good electrostatic-type electrical sound ◆ that
can be Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. That is, as shown in the figure, a diaphragm is formed by depositing a
thin film of an alloy 132 as will be described later on the opposite side of the polymer film 13
with a predetermined gap on one surface of the fixed electrode 11 via the spacer 12. Electrode)
13 is provided in a pair. Here, the alloy for forming the peristaltic plate (mouth) moving electrode
13 (which is large in the peristaltic damping ability t-Nu which is large even at high temperature
(about room temperature to about 800 C) and mechanical strong summer is large and normal
processing Vibration reducing alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance,
its composition is aluminum A7.
クロムCr、シリコン81. It is composed of manganese fin iron F'e and j 1j incidental
impurities, and the component content ratio (weight ratio) is A11-8% Cr2-8016. It is an alloy that
produces the above-mentioned performance which is most hardened when SiO, 5%, Mnlnl,
remaining e and incidental impurities. It will be as follows if each component is explained in full
detail. AjFi is an element necessary to improve the vibration damping ability, and if it is less than
l-, the vibration damping ability which is practically necessary is obtained, and if the amount is
more than 8 years [the vibration damping ability is lowered and plasticity is exceeded] The
content in the above range is good because the processability is deteriorated. Cr is an element
necessary to improve vibration damping ability and corrosion resistance in combination with AJ.
If its amount or less than sgb, the effect of improving vibration damping ability is small, and if it
exceeds 980%, corrosion resistance is further enhanced Although it improves, the abovementioned content is good because the vibration damping ability decreases. Sl and Mn are added
as deoxidizers and desulfurizers, respectively, Si is desirably less than or equal to 05-desirably
005-or greater, LV ln is desirably less than or equal to l l and l <0.11 or greater is required. .
When the amount of Si, Mn and-exceeds the above-mentioned south-containing content, the
toughness, that is, Wk-related gi 劣化 deteriorates. In addition to the above component elements,
it is desirable that C1P or other element zero be additionally included as an impurity, or that the
content thereof is not more than 05-. Among the elements of A, A, Cr, Fe and incidental
impurities are holo 's missing components or other S +. The kin force is one of the components of
the component depending on the purpose of use of the alloy. The following table shows specific
content examples of each component and its vibration damping capacity. In the same six cases,
the imaging damping ability is the relative 甑 of the logarithmic attenuation factor value for each
sample Vc of ipHl to Example 12 when the logarithmic attenuation factor value of the carbon
steel S-40C cold rolled material of JIS standard is 10 It shows. ] 糺 two F? 纏 □: 0.0 remaining 11
DO ° C × 11! -Forbidden W 藁 0 · 2 竺 -4- 竺 1 門-1, 1, #-8i 8.01.8. lrO, 210, 1 klO, 018 ml #
5581 "I 4 i 8.0 fi 1 ?, 910. 180. B1 '0.011, remaining, z, 568 jil 6.08. , 7. Two towns to zero gate
*, I-1571 '# 4.9815. 仝 0021 · 0.210.0111 'remaining l "1111-08 B8. S10.21i0. BO、
o、olB! According to the present invention as described above, the vibration destruction
w1. In other words, the vibration absorption property is extremely excellent, and a high vibration
ineffective alloy is vapor-deposited on a polymer film to form a vibration upper plate (movable%
Ii). It is possible to remove as much as possible by absorbing constant waves of plates (movable
electrodes) and fir i and 蒐 在 3 standing waves, and depositing gold steel on a polymer film on
the weir b. The present invention provides and obtains a very good quiet type electric sound tox
converter which is suitable for high frequency (tweeter) type and contributes to improvement of
linear frequency characteristic and harmonic distortion characteristic.
The present invention can be applied to other than the above-described embodiment of the
present invention. 4、! Vmf) II An important explanation factor is the configuration of the
main part according to one embodiment of the electrostatic type electric grader converter of the
present invention. Tsuno: fixed, 12: spacer, 13: diaphragm (movable side 1, IJl-polymer film, 132,
vibration damping alloy). Outgoing agent attorney Takehiko Suzue 1213 '31132 1 5924 end
applicant Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. "": 1% F <11 12 sounds,-'□-薩 □ 1 1 ψ 5 of the
attached document 1 dossier 1 · 11.71 ""-21) (1) 1 letter of attorney 1 j-)-saving ml ■ (2)
Specification (3) Drawing 1 (4) Supplementary Note 1 2 6 Inventors other than the above, utility
model registration applicants or agents (1) Inventors, Yokohama Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture
Yokohama City Shishiko-ku Shinjyukocho 8811 Tokyo Shibaura Electric Sound factory Uchimizu
Takiura Co., Ltd. (2) Agent tEi: [[8 ::! i!! 1A41JllBIT2 @ Mm17 & a, 7, 11 3 t1e Kijima name
(5743) Patent attorney Takeo Miki (: PQfipiC, fa (6694) fPFt '···-見 address same place address
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