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(2000 yen) November 19, 1974 Patent Office Secretary 3 Patent applicant address Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kamon 1006 Named (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Masaharu Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 571 ° Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City
O-ji Kamon Shin 1006 5 List of Attached Four Classes [Fa] Japanese Patent Office 0 JP-A 51589420 Published Japan. (1976) 5.22 Japanese Patent Application No. QA / NONOR f '7 Office
Serial Number / Gu- 1 Specification 1, Title of the Invention
Speaker device
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is intended to warn of an allowable
amplitude over which causes a failure, and to provide a speaker device free from non-linearity in
amplitude due to amplitude limitation. As a general speaker in a conventional manner, as shown
in FIG. □ Place the ring-shaped magnet 3 on the plate 2 with the center pole 1 erected on the
center of the upper surface, and the upper grate 4 on the magnet a, and bond them with an
adhesive. A frame is connected to the field ILLS, a frame is coupled to the field ILLS, a peripheral
portion of the diaphragm 80 is fixed to the peripheral portion of the frame 60 together with the
gasket 7, a voice coil e is coupled to a central portion of the diaphragm 8, The intermediate
portion of the coil 9 is supported by a damper 10, and a dust cap 11 is attached to the upper
surface of the central portion of the swinger / plate 8 to form a speaker. In the speaker having
such a configuration, the yarn metering width is determined by the amount of amplitude
distortion of the speaker, the mechanical strength and contact depending on the amplitude of the
voice coil 9 and the damper 10, but in particular, the voice coil 9 or The mechanical vibration of
the speaker is a severe mechanical collision of the speaker vibration part that requires high
density, so if it causes a shock even once it exceeds the allowable amplitude, 1f! In the case of the
bottom of the iK voice coil 9, the voice coil 9 will be deformed immediately and it will not break
down, and even in the case of the damper 10 and other such cases, it will be 81 mVC I'm sorry.
Therefore, in the prior art, the edge portion of the diaphragm in the damper is stretched, and the
installation range is reduced to prevent the oscillation from exceeding a certain threshold even if
any large input is inserted. d After all, EndPage Vibration: Impresses the linearity of the entering
car 1- in Tokyo, especially increases in odd harmonics (symmetrical distortion), which is a major
cause of high-talking reproduction t-block. The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned
disadvantages of the related art. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with
reference to FIG. 12 is a 1 l La house, and this field section 12 is a plate 14 ° ring shaped
magnet 16. It is also constituted by a ring-shaped upper plate 1 evc. A through hole 17 is formed
at the center of the inner ball 13 and the plate 14, and an electrode plate 19 made of a metal
plate is disposed on the center ball 13 with the insulating plate 18 interposed therebetween.
Further, a frame 20 is connected to the field portion 12, and a rim of a moving plate 220 is fixed
to a peripheral portion of the frame 20 together with the gasket 21.
The voice coil 23 is coupled to the central portion of the diaphragm 22. The voice coil 23 is
formed by winding a coil 26 around the lower outer periphery of the coil bobbin 24. This coil 26
is positioned in the magnetic gap 26 of the field 12 and the middle portion of the coil bobbin 2-4
is Is supported by a damper 27 fixed to the bottom of the frame 20. Further, an electrode plate
28 made of an elephant is attached to the upper portion of the coil bobbin 24 so as to face the
upper self-polarizing electrode plate 19. Further, a dust cap 29 is attached to the center of the
upper surface of the diaphragm 22. A lead wire 30.31 is drawn out from the above-mentioned @
diaphragm 19 or 28, that is, from the detection portion, and this lead wire 30 is drawn out
through the through hole 17. And a series circuit of the power supply 32 and the resistor 33 is
connected to the lead wire 30.31 question, and both ends of the resistor 33 are connected to the
amplifier S4: 1 &. And the indicator lamp 36 is connected to the amplifier 34 of C. In this
configuration, when a signal is applied to the voice coil 23, piston movement occurs, and the
diaphragm ′ '2 vibrates to emit a sound corresponding to the signal. In this case, the electrode
plate 19.28 approaches or moves away from the piston movement of the voice coil 23, and the
capacitance held between them fluctuates depending on the amplitude amount. When a large
input is applied to the voice coil 23, the electrode plates 19. 28 will be extremely close to each
other, and the capacity becomes extremely large. When the capacitance value reaches a certain
value or more, a voltage for driving the amplifier 34 is generated at both ends of the resistor 33,
and the indicator lamp 36 is lit by the voltage. When this indicator lamp 36 is lit, it means that a
warning has been issued if it is set to mean that the allowable amplitude of the speaker has
occurred. Therefore, in the case of a speaker box, by mounting the display lamp 36 on the
surface of the speaker box, an acceptable image width is generated for the user. You will be
warned that you may damage the speakers. In addition, the configuration of the detection unit
and our company can be used next to each other as used for the mos-eye null feedback. As
described above, since the speaker device of the present invention is configured to detect
reaching the allowable amplitude and display it as a warning, it is possible to prevent the
excessive amplitude of the speaker and to prevent failure or breakage. Since the detection unit
can be configured not to affect the production of the speaker IE11 at all, the input-amplitude
linearity of the vibration unit is degraded, and in particular, the odd harmonics are increased to
achieve high fidelity reproduction. It is a book that becomes a dog of industrial value without
making it impossible and without deterioration in characteristics.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings Fig. 1 is a half sectional view showing a general conventional
speaker, and Fig. WIJ2 is a schematic configuration view showing one embodiment of a speaker
apparatus of the present invention. 12 ····················································································· Display lamp . Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio other 1 EndPage: 26 1 Agent other than the above 1 place
in Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma address 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,
Ltd. Name (6152) Patent attorney Shigetaka Ogino ++ 1-AA- -EndPage: 3