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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a conventional vibrator, and FIG.
2 is a plan view of an embodiment of the present invention. 10 ... pipe, 11 ... record needle, 12 ...
damper. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-5
[Detailed description of the invention]-= · 1 clear-book! Name of Invention Vibrating body in
moving magnet type cartridge A practical model to return to the scope of the model-seeking
range-1-((lr-Go-system O magnet or Ha, platinum cobalt based magnet J (e The recording needle
tI11 is attached to one end of the recording medium, and a moving madanet echo cartridge #C
that is formed with the t4 I mark is formed (Ii rod). Jij 襦 f) Explain $-thin,-", untrivially put on the
tone arm (, ン) 演奏) before playing a record and use xH for cartier fF) ms body f) break 1 ¥;
7 j Mubinda magnet characterized in that it is formed by attaching 1 mc-record needle of a pipe
molded with a magnet of 膵 よ し く -0 r-Go-system or a platinum cobalt system magnet. The
present invention relates to a vibrator that can be used in a mold cartridge. The cartridge used
for conventional competition music is a crystal type, ^-ping magnet W1 Movinda coil type
Sanshin Shingo, and a moat of l in · l) 0 tongue magnet W! However, the conventional five-big
magnet 瀝 cartridge is the most widely used alum alloy with a bright (, record needle /, i-d)
attached to the tip shown at 1 / The magnet 3t Al electric alloy rod @ d 緒 緒 賃 賃 客 1 customer
カ slf L also used as a vibrating body that the magnet Jlrli worn on the cantilever. In this
structure, the shape of the magnet JDm alga algae complex complex 1 to 1 if the processing into
the magnet J is extremely difficult-not bhIS, the number of parts constituting the vibrator 嚇
many, each Parts are required to have a high-performance tank Wl, and a cantilever, magnet 3
and shaft joint 棋 O assembly
作 作 作 作 − − 本 番 本 番 愼 0 production combination. Or 71
は, Alnico V system etc. which was conventionally used in e *-) Toji, and Alaco V system, etc. Ola
stony-it is not possible to process pharyngum which puts the hardness too hard, therefore, thin
ridge midline etc. It was based on the fact that it was extremely hot and that the vibrator was as
massive as possible and that the Il moving body had sufficient strength to lose 4b. Therefore, the
main body J solves the inconvenience that the above-mentioned passing * # ・ · · · · λ from the
problem also O O 6, in the illustrated implementation @-)-for explaining, 10 is platinum A pipe
formed by a cobalt-based magnet or a 1 ·· 0r-01-based magnet, which is used as a vibrator with a
tip (record needle / l 會). I is supported by a vibratory tube with a rubber / dan / mo. Therefore,
if it is not invented, the vibrator 1m can be formed to a maximum displacement of j) by pressure
grinding, and furthermore, since the magnet itself substitutes the force y chileper tube, the
assembly work like the conventional vibrator It can also be expected to be military, inexpensive,
and able to produce Sa # c.
Thing-簡 単 Simple Il! 1811 従 来 Conventional O 一体 平 ims, 、 2 2 木 実 施 実 施 実 施 l l l l.
IQ------------------------------------Pipe--------------Record needle / Ko------ , 3 mercenaries = 薔 2 Figure 2
work j-one quantity 1i ° "'° ° ★ 帛 令 production-Nakamoto-(27 o べ 〃 ˜ 〃 (1! l ˜ embedded
f 市 city 1E Denji, 5