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Name of the invention stereo microphone Representative Akio Morita 4 · Agent Fool 160 Address
Tokyo, ward, Nishi-Shinjuku 1-chome, 8-1 No. 1 (new building) [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JPA 51-519230 published Japanese Journal 51. (1976) 5.7 Japanese Patent Application No. Sho-/
26311 [Phase] Application Japanese Patent Application Publication No. 4 '), (1974) //// Request
for examination not yet filed (total 3 pages) 732655732655 specification. Title of the Invention
Stereo Microphone Title of the Invention Stereo Microphone
3. Patent applicant
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo
microphone for binaural sound pickup. Conventional this kind of stereo microphone f1. A
microphone unit is attached to each end of an arc-shaped elastic pipe, and a pair of microphones
and an ear canal insertion projection are attached to the pair of microphones, and a cord is
derived from the central portion of the elastic pipe. It was a thing. Since the conventional stereo
microphones use one human ear, the sound collection characteristics differ depending on their
ears, and when it takes a long time to collect sound, the stereo microphones are attached to the
head However, if you move one head too much, there is a problem such as unnatural sound
collection. The present invention is intended to propose a stereo microphone free of such
drawbacks. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The invention will be explained in more
detail by means of an embodiment example with reference to the drawing. First, the first
embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. In the figure, M denotes a stereo
microphone as a whole. fi +, + 11 U pseudo-auricle (41, (a pair of cup-like windscreens with a
predetermined shape and size to be stored in one flat cylindrical shape (others may be elliptical
cylinder shape, polygonal cylinder shape, etc.)) I have a habit. This ˜ indoscreen fil, fi + is formed
by a wire mesh (in addition to-!: plastic mesh, plastic porous molded body, etc.) in this example.
And this wind screen (1) and the case are respectively a metal annular ring frame (other plastic
frames are also acceptable) +21 in this example. It is attached to f2 +. It is desirable that the
artificial pinnacle (41, +41 U, for example, made of plastic and have a shape and acoustic
characteristics close to human ears). Open EndPage of cup-like windscreens ill, ill: A disc made of,
for example, plastic (Ill, closed at Ill, this sunplate OI), having an aperture for monitoring αa, aZ
In the above-mentioned artificial pinnacle (41, +41 iron on-on unit, artificial pinus +41. It is
attached to the discs a (and αυ via shock absorbers (not shown) so as to be located at the
entrance to the ear canal +41. (131, (1, 3) is a frame + 21. Al with an annular ear cushion made
of foam plastic mounted around +21. Also, +51. +51はマイクロフォンユニット(3)。 (3) It
is a code derived from n.
(6) is a head mounting tool, which is an elastic band of metal, plastic, etc. + 71. (71 and a block of
metal, plastic, etc. attached at each end thereof (81, (81 and its block (81, (81 is slidably attached
to the frame (2). Metal ball attached to be planted in (2) + 91. It consists of +91. The stereo
microphone of FIG. 1 may be worn on a human head, or may be worn on a pseudo head. Next,
the second embodiment will be described with reference to FIGS. 2 and 3. However, the same
reference numerals are given to parts corresponding to those in FIG. In this example, the portion
corresponding to the cup-like windscreen tl +, +1.1 in FIG. 1 is divided into two in the back and
forth direction, and the front half is a half cup-like windscreen (1 ′), (I as the rear side The half
of the cup is a cup-shaped artificial pinna (41, + 41 and f 'cm combination). マイクロフォンユニ
ツ)+31. +31 is buried in the middle plate of the circle plate of the disk, αυ. In the stereo
microphone as shown in FIG. The frame (2) is used as a head mounting tool without the head
mounting tool (6) as shown in the figure, while the dummy head 50 (19 on both sides as shown
in FIG. 4). In the faces (15a) and (15a), the above frame 21. It is possible to provide a holding
projection (161 ° ae) to which +21 can be fitted and attach it to the 7 n and so on. According to
the stereo microphone of the present invention to be described above, the microphone unit is
attached to each of the pair of artificial pinnacles, and the head mounting tool is provided to the
pair of artificial pinnae, The characteristics can be freely set, and since it can be worn on a
dummy head, sound can be collected over a long period of time and natural sound can be
collected. Also, wind noise because it has a wind screen. It is difficult to pick up the contact noise
of the cord. Furthermore, since the head mounting device is provided, the stability is high when
mounted on the head.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a partially cutaway head
showing one embodiment of the present invention. 111, 111; (one, (one is a windscreen, + 21 °
+ 21 is a frame (or head-to-head mount), (3), +31 is a microphone unit, +41.141 is an artificial
pinna, (6) Is a head mounted device. Patent applicant Sony Corporation Figure 1 Figure 4
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