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1. Name of Invention Address: Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kamon Shin 1006 3.4 'Y Yo
applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kamon Shin 1006' tt '4, Agent' 'Go, B,
Address 〒 550 Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward Awaza Nanto 1 fjt 1 Amano Building
Telephone Osaka 06 (522) 4025 (C) (1) Description 1 (4) Application Form Sap 1 [Phase]
Japan Patent Office 0 JPA 51-490030 Published by Nikkei 51. (1976) 427 Office serial number /
number 72 ン 49-123 209 specification 1 · title 1 · name of invention acceptable-excitation stone
type lockup 2 · special lff-scope A 2d flat magnet, which is broken into 1 yen per 10,000 yen, is
attached to the cantilever at a distance of 1 ml in the sub-axial rotation so that the
circumferential polarities of the two magnets become different from each other, ring-shaped A
town moving magnet type pick-up characterized in that a gap portion of a magnetic core is
inserted between the both magnets in a shape positioned at a right angle to the cantilever axis.
2 Inventor
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a novel structure of the
inventive magnet magnetic pickup device. The details of the present invention will be described
with reference to the drawings Vci & 1. FIG. 1 shows the post of the vibration part used for the
stereo pickup according to the present invention, and a thread-like magnet fixing frame (21 is
concentrically fixed to the cantilever 111; ring shaped outward from both ends of the fixing
frame (2) The inside of the magnet (3) is fixed. (1) Others on the circumference of two magnets
1B + 141 of the magnetism magnet fil 141 are made different from each other, so that magnetic
flux in the axial direction coaxial with the axial direction of the cantilever fll is generated between
the magnets fs + 141. ing. A fixed frame (the needle tip of 21 and the rubber rubber shaped
damper 15 on the opposite side to the sleeve 16) is inserted into the sleeve 16 and its width
value is fc, and its end is fixed to the cantilever 7 + llO 1 In a state in which the inside of the hole
of the tamper (5) and the sleeve (6) is completely passed, it is drawn in the opposite direction by
a constant pressure and the other end is fixed to the sleeve 16). Therefore, the damper 61ffEt =
94. And, the point of intersection of the vibrating portion (81) is determined in the vicinity of the
end portion of the fixed frame (2) opposite to the tip of the needle and the burr. Incidentally, it is
desirable that the fixed frame (the lightest one is as small as 2111), for example, where the
company ownership such as plastic is used next, the principle of power generation of a pickup
using an EA mobile unit configuration according to the first embodiment of the present invention
It demonstrates using FIG. 2 shown. A needle (91 ° cantilever, with a fulcrum (8) as the fulcrum
(8), a cantilever of (1), and a vibration of the fixed frame 21 and the magnet +11). Ru. By the way,
in the case of the reproduction of the stereo signal -V, the stereo signal is in two planes different
from 45 ° in the plane orthogonal to the cantilever axis and in the plane of the reflex -1 'board
with a pair r9 "1EndPage: 45 °. -"(A)-(B), T (at B) are modulated at one time, so we have to make
it possible to take out the scissors etc separately, where the ring-shaped core (the gap portion of
101 Place the body of the fixed frame (2) on the gear sleeve and place it on the gear sleeve ...
direction e (A)-(A ') inlaid, and place it between magnets + 31 + 41 ! Position the end of the gap at
iI contact. Now, assuming that there is a displacement from (A) to (.A '), the S pole of magnet (3)
is close to the magnet (B) part of DiIQ +, and the magnet (N pole of 41 is the core (10) (Because it
approaches the cut part, the magnetic flux flows to the magnetic core UO +. Also, from (A ')
(when displacement in the local direction occurs, the S pole of magnet 13) is close to the (b)
portion of the core and close to the N pole (b) portion of the magnet (4). Therefore, (a)-(A ')
clouding of direction (i) causes the formation of magnetic flux in the core 001 by
recommendation, and is taken out as a spiral by the winding C1o.
In addition, for the vibration in the direction of (B)-(B ') 7y, the company omits it in FIG. 4 and the
gap portion is the same as that of the upper magnet II> 110i. If arranged so as to be on the CB ")
line, vibrations in the% (B)-(E") direction can also be generated as an electrical signal. As for cross
talk, (B)-(B ') direction ITjl +3) magnetic + [> 1101 (a) and middle point 1) point 1 magnetic
difference occurs and 7i:' 1A. There is no output. FIGS. 3 and 4 lamps Another embodiment of the
present invention is shown in FIG. into the magnetic field between the d magnets (3) (4). A
magnetic core (+2) (with a gap portion orthogonal to the magnetic flux direction (the gap portion
of 131 is located and a 45 ° direction of a wire with a right channel p and a left channel core)) It
is cast symmetrically with respect to (A)-(A ') and (B)-(B'). As described above, the present
invention can provide a pickup device having a novel configuration for stereo + j reproduction
and capable of performing reliable reproduction.
4. Brief description of the drawings. 1st IJ (a) (b) u The stereo pick-up panel of the present
invention is a configuration diagram showing another example 1J. (1) ... cantilever, +21 ... magnet
fixed frame, 1alf 41 ... magnet, (5) ... damper, i [li · · sleeve, (71 ... wire. (4) (81 ... intersection
point, t101 + 121 Q 31 ... magnetism, D, flit ... Chunsuke agent 禮 本 禮 g (g) l l ((il il (b) Fig. 2 ((ri
Cb) EndPage: 2