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Patent Office Director 1ir Hideo Saito Hall Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. J0% Permit Applicant
Address in Kobe Factory Ikuta-ku, Kobe City Toyoshizaki-cho Nochome / Gussa-ji Name (O-2)
Kawasaki Muto Koto Co., Ltd. Representative Four Ida 4 agent address Ikuto-shi Ikuta-ku Aioicho
Gu chome-Ko address 49-r1-. 1+): fine t. 1 ('J ". .. [phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A-51-409590
published. (1976) 4.6 Office internal reference number 7334-7 specification / 9 title of invention
Deep sea directional transducer
J Detailed Description of the Invention Inventive, as applicable to deep sea R survey. The object
of the present invention is to provide a transducer in which a sound insulating material
containing independent bubble groups rich in pressure resistance is bonded to the unnecessary
human radiation surface of a disk-shaped plate-like vibrator and the like. In the past, a single
bubble or corkgo 5 t-was attached to the main mourning radiation direction of a plate-like
vibrator or the like, and this (moulded, filled, or filled with castor oil like rubber). Many of the
craftsmen are used. Such t's, i, i! ! The sensitivity is excellent in non-'7 #; in the sea area, but as
the deep tIL increases, the closed cells in the sponge and rubber collapse and the sensitivity
gradually worsens, and at most several hundred US is the usable limit. If so, it would be nice to
have 19 lotus sound effects to cover up the back direction which is the unnecessary radiation of
the vibrator in the air room and to make this 9 air room pressure resistant construction, but As
the conversion increases in weight and completeness, there is a defect that is not suitable for
deep sea exploration. In the case of non-invention, in view of the above, pressure resisting
material neutralized fine particles l · · · next made a sound insulating material t containing fine
independent air bubbles, this sound insulating material t united to the back of the vibrator and so
onゐ · The sound insulation material suitable for the present invention is made as follows:
atomizing gas is blown into the solution glass 1 slam, hardened as it is, and innumerable balloon
tubes are inserted inside, 徽A glass-glass balloon is rolled into a pressure-resistant epoxy 'IIF
resin and the like, and then mixed. In this case, air bubbles are generated in the crow's body at a
fine glass particle threshold. For example, the glass fiber EndPage: 1 body or 'Butterfly glass tube
fiber body 1 may be mixed with El1 in the cured material. In the figure, an aS vibrator made of /
# i barium titanate, lead zirconate, and a sound insulation material in which a sound insulation
material layer formed as described above is attached to the back face 1iIK. According to the
present invention, since the water pressure acts equally through the% sound insulating material
in the back direction of the vibrator and both water pressures are balanced, they can be used
regardless of the deep sea level. Even if #f, the maximum safety stress 200 V layer of the
Porcelain Resonator is converted to the depth, it can be used up to the danger zooom. Since it
withstands the water pressure of tf / 10,000 US of the sound insulation material of the above
embodiment, the gap between the glass balloons can not be broken (the fine gap can not be
crushed, and the inside of the square can not be crushed -1 and 2 separate bubbles of the
dazzling are distributed from To & in a disorderly pyramid arrangement, and some waves
propagating in the sound insulation material are diffusely reflected-s # i air pond [a will be
collected, a bell ring noise The effect is large i, so there is a sense of one 尭.
FIG. 9 is a schematic view of the present invention / embodiment OWR. /-, @ L) Oscillator, 00.
Sound insulation material such as resin including high pressure resistant air reservoir St.
Applicant Kawai Heavy Industries Ltd. g, other than the above-mentioned departure town
Ministry? f4)-Name Fumio YamamotoEndPage: 2