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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a conventional electrodynamic
flat drive speaker, FIG. 2 is a plan view of a diaphragm, FIG. 3 is a speaker of the present
invention, and FIG. 4 is a frequency characteristic. E voice coil 5, 6 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
sound through holes, 8 · · · · · · · braking material.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is based on an
electrodynamic plane comprising an eye diaphragm made of a nonmagnetic material having a
series of conductors, and a plurality of magnetic poles disposed with slight gaps on both sides of
the diaphragm. Section [at the dynamic speaker @. FIG. 1 shows a conventional flat [[[[i # m
dynamic speaker of this type, (1) is a diaphragm made of a thin film of nonmagnetic material,
121, t31 # i) It is a plurality of permanent magnets arranged with a slight gap, and the magnetic
poles aiFi facing each other in the pair (1) to the diaphragm have alternating polarities different
from each other, and further, the diaphragm (poles opposed to each other across the diaphragm
(11) The face has the Oka-polarity. (4) is a voice coil consisting of at least one conductor
disposed between sanding poles, the coil (4) having parallel conductive parts as shown in FIG. It
is a form of shear. (51, (6) is a 1-ring, and an acoustic hole (7) is provided between the magnets
of the 1- (5). The broken line shows the distribution of magnetic flux. The gap between the pole
face and the diaphragm requires at least the maximum amplitude of the diaphragm, and the
sound wave realized by Jl [kK of the diaphragm is Since K also requires a gap of #i uniformity
between adjacent permanent magnets in order to lead out without damping, the reluctance in
this magnetic space increases. In order to improve the magnetic flux tmf between the magnetic
poles, a Ka, a large volume permanent magnet is required, which is also disadvantageous. The
present scheme solves the above-mentioned drawbacks and reduces the magnetic resistance in
the magnetic space to improve the efficiency, as well as an electrodynamic planar drive speaker
having a flat frequency response and a resonance suitable [K damping (2) of the diaphragm].
There are K to offer. Next, the draft will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 3
shows a cross-sectional view of the dynamic drive flat drive speaker according to the present
invention, in which fi + represents a diaphragm, +21, (3) a permanent magnet, (4) a voice coil,
(5), +61 a yoke , (7) is an acoustic through hole, and differs from the loudspeaker of FIG. 1 in that
the damping material (8) is interposed between each magnetic pole surface and the diaphragm
fil. The material is made of an elastic material of rubber or synthetic resin ring mixed with
powder or wool-like ferromagnetic material. In the present invention, since a damping material
(8) of an elastic material mixed with powdery or wool-like ferromagnetic material is interposed as
in the case of K, the relationship between the pole face and the diaphragm, the gap in the
magnetic space is reduced. As a result, the magnetic flux fi degree crossing with the voice coil (4)
increases, and the conversion efficiency can be increased in proportion to the square of the
increase in magnetic flux density, while the resonance of the door diaphragm is moderate. It is
possible to damp and flatten the frequency characteristic 2 by braking.
FIG. 4 shows the frequency characteristics (3), (a) shows the conventional product, and-) shows
the product of the present invention. Furthermore, since the damping material containing a
ferromagnetic substance is disposed in close proximity to the winding coil (4), the heat generated
in the voice coil is released via the permanent magnet to the outside 1IIK to increase the input
power of the speaker. be able to.