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■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-318950 Published Japanese Patent Application
No. 51. (1976) 3.18-1 fil'm III · 1, Title of the Invention The present invention eliminates such
disadvantages of the conventional inorganic piezoelectric materials and organic piezoelectric
ceramics, as well as forming and processing into thin plates with pressure and pressure. -In order
to obtain an electroconductive O large tI /% novel pressure EndPage: 1 current collector, various
examinations are made on the material composition and the method of manufacturing the same,
and the present invention is completed. That is, in the present invention, a piezoelectric body is
constructed using a polyvinylidene fluoride resin as the organic substance and a porcelain
powder of zinc oxide and zinc oxide as the inorganic material. There is. That is, a polyvinylidene
fluoride resin is dissolved in a solvent, to form a car solution, to this @ t @ @, add a powder of
lead calcium oxide titanate oxide particles with a particle diameter of 1 to 106 μ field degree
and In this case, it is necessary to select the optimum conditions for thin film formation
according to the particle size distribution and particles of powder powder or powder powder. The
effect of 'on the time of the obtained piezoelectric material is significantly affected. In this way,
the dangerous film thus obtained is provided with a pair of electrodes by means of a method
such as coating of a molded body Klid or coating, and both electrodes are heated while being
heated to a predetermined temperature in silicone oil. Direct current-Apply a voltage of 6 to 42
kVlwa for a predetermined time, apply an electric field, and cool it from Ik in a short time.
Because it is electrically conductive, an organic one-piece piezoelectric material can be obtained,
and it can be "To". In other words, the present invention is a thin plate-like To form a thin film
etc. and is molded into a polyvinylidene fluoride resin. Danesium powder opium lead acid and
lead acid porcelain powder and 1 to make composite moldings, containing groups of mineral
porcelain powder at a weight percentage of $ O ˜ s Is 暢 O double molding at a temperature of
1os-19 'C The present invention relates to a piezoelectric body characterized by applying a firstorder voltage to write polarization and a method of manufacturing the same. A complex sound
molding consisting of 0 ** at least polyfluorinated vinilyo ylll fat and magnesium moupic acid
thiocyanate powder powder is not oriented and polarized 11 is almost piezoelectric, but it is
practically usable. However, after providing an electrode to this molded product and applying a
DC voltage of 6 to 12 kVlwa for 24 to 1 hour at a temperature of 10B-4 酩 Cf1, the temperature
to which the voltage is applied is within 11 minutes!
The voltage is reduced by cooling below IO'C), 1 ks @ tk or ma dane V um JL f pyonic acid-leaded
porcelain powder to show excellent t piezoelectricity only by terminating polarization The
content of the total weight of Q-, 1 ul, 1 wt-%, and the large amount of piezoelectricity and
flexibility of eai & container powder is very large. Is small and practical 1kK, and conversely, the
amount of O at the end of the porcelain room is larger than the range of 05 and the forming
process of mat and the possibility of double housing may be difficult. Cao ・ ik% A at.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described by way of examples. [Example 1]-IO
Polyvinylidene fluoride resin o 1 m Weight gauze N-N Di ° methylforma charge II II Madaneumium lead oxide lead acid porcelain powder The weight ratio of both components is that (Re:
111: 8m And uniformly eat in Km-le-den-le, and after eating, spread it in sheet form and dry it,
apply silver paste to the double-layered film of 15 '45 mt of double-layer film and fear of being
mixed 11f, let it dry, and generate electrodes, and heat the oil-in-the-oil-in-one-in-one oil to 1 ° C
at 90 ° C. DC voltage of @ kV / 繻 between the upper and lower electrodes at 214 ° C. After
eating, the voltage was reduced by 11 minutes of light and the oil eia * was slowly cooled by 3
minutes of low-m1m1Of / l-y oil O conversion to complete the polarization. Obtained by this
method The piezoelectric constant of the double-metal piezoelectric genus in the longitudinal
direction is 錦, · X1o′′1! The weight ratio of both components of magnesium niobium niobium
oxide lead porcelain powder to 1111 weight 11 N-N dimethylphor pentahyde solution of polyfluorinated bisulfite lyso 741 t * which had 90 value After uniforming by KA so that each
becomes qs: sa, make a sheet shape and make it dry and write to make a composite film with a
thickness of 1 μ. The paste is applied and dried to form an electrode. Next, while heating to 166
° C with a sample award in silicone oil, apply a DC voltage of K10 kVlwa between the upper and
lower electrodes for 1 hour, and apply the actual machine voltage while keeping the temperature
of the silicone oil at room temperature. It was cooled to s10 ° C in 6 minutes by Kana
substitution. Then, the voltage was cut and polarization was terminated 〇 The piezoelectric
constant in the folding direction of nine composite piezoelectrics obtained by this method is 錦, ·
× 'O-" 'IMIV () value' eh *. Example K original document ···· 1111 1 EndPage: 2Be thing M% f &
large but in the present case the thickness 1 of the film can not be fixed in this IIW thing, but
plate-like 1,-It may not be said that it may be rod-like 0. Some Examples 1, 20 Polarized chicken
oats Oi s. It was found that the piezoelectric constant decreases by about l1 lII for the high
temperature · O1 taken out km @ next to 111!
Polarization temperature 114 D 運 に に に 説明 嬉 嬉 嬉 嬉 嬉 閣 閣 ニ v v * m and 10! Change
the polarization once for the complex that is made of danesium eponic acid and the acid end of
the porcelain powder. It shows the change of the piezoelectric constant in the direction of the
minister when the temperature conversion is performed. The ratio by weight of this component
is monovinyl fluoride lyso / It-shield: Madanesium eopiate lead zirconate powder. 2. The
polarization voltage is · kV / sz, and the polarization time is 1 hour. It is apparent from heII 11 I
that the temperature of 10g to 188 ° C * W shows a degree of piezoelectric travel of
approximately が °範 範 外 外 O @ @ @ @ 圧 電 圧 電 圧 電 圧 電 圧 電 圧 電 圧 電 圧 電 圧 電 圧
電 圧 電 圧 電 圧 電. Similarly, the polarization temperature, the polarization temperature, and the
polarization temperature of the composite 111 prepared in the same manner as in Example 2 are
as follows: The polarization time is fixed at 1 hour and the polarization voltage is changed to
show the change of the piezoelectric constant in the longitudinal direction of the edge of the field
a $ 12 as shown in the figure. The effect on the above is small, t7t14kv /-)) At high polarization
voltage, the sample loses dust upon polarization and becomes piezoelectric. It is impossible to
obtain a provision element. This luminous, zero polarization single polarization voltage is limited
to the range of 6-1 * kV / amo 1 〔[-纏 114] 1 Is III is made by 11 identical trials and the
polarization temperature is 1 oss ° C for the double membrane. The piezoelectric constant
changes when the polarization voltage is fixed at 6 kV / wa and the polarization time is changed.
The piezoelectric constant changes when the polarization time is shorter than 519 minutes, as
seen from @ 8 WJ. Even if it is small, even if it takes a long time exceeding t * ss, the piezoelectric
incorporation is not given, and it is time consuming and time consuming to reduce the working
efficiency from the scope of the present invention.瞼, 0 0 0, [Example of storage 6] 18 weight of
polyvinylidene fluoride resin 憾 N-N di methyl formamide * l [K ダ ネ 駿 · lead lead acid porcelain
cost extra charge To change the weight percentage of side 1 porcelain powder in different ways
to make double metal. After polarization of this sample at a polarization temperature of C. and a polarization voltage of 1 okV /-for 1 hour, a voltage of 10 was applied for 6
minutes, and cooling was performed from the crucible. As shown in Fig.9, the results are as
shown in lI 411. As shown in Fig. 994, the piezoelectric constant and 1 藁 are piezoelectric
constants when the content of lead s-saponate lead powder a powder is in the range of sO ˜ 86
weight 憾And the improvement of the dielectric constant.
The effect of releasing piezoelectric constant and dielectric constant is small at 3 Q weight * Xtl
less 1 kvh, and am weight ratio is more than 1 and more than 1 is mixed with resin and porcelain
powder to resin. Since molding of the molding is difficult and * n, and a piezoelectric tube can not
be obtained due to the presence of a negative pressure pipe, the actual value of −0 II ° is llk. *
As well as the conventional organic piezoelectric material by controlling the component ratio of
the complex substance consisting of Mada- nesium eopate f and lead thallate magnet S powder
and the conditions at the time of the polarization, as in the conventional organic piezoelectric
material 牟 〃; As a thin film, flexible piezoelectric material that could not be obtained with
conventional quartz, burr r1 titanate, ram porcelain, etc., which is excellent for one train, can be
made as an acoustic-use i 'electric element. It is a great material of application value of 4. A
simple sharp 11111 in the drawing is a view showing the relationship between the piezoelectric
constant and the polarization degree of one complex metal of a polyvinylidene fluoride resin and
a lead-free lead titanate ceramic powder. 281 is a diagram showing the relationship between the
piezoelectric travel number of a double metal consisting of a polyfluorinated fluoride wing soot
11 shield and a mada nesium etamic acid chi y @ lead porcelain and the polarization voltage and
the OII. Piezoelectricity of Il metal is composed of vinylidene fluoride resin and powder of steric
acid lead y saponified lead powder with polyvinylidene fluoride resin and polyvinylidene fluoride
resin! Danesium Eop 駿 Chita "yeses" powder of mixed metal consisting of powder EndPage: 3 sll
at the end of the car showing the end of the car and the relationship between a piezoelectric
constant and a train. Attorney Nakano Atsushi Nakao-man and one other person End Page: 4 cf 3
wa-9-decoration-Gear Inventors and agents other than those mentioned above (1) inventor's
name Nishima's Mitsu Nishi 1) Masamitsu Address Office (2) ) Agent EndPage: 5