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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional vibration
detector, FIG. 2 is an isometric view, FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view of the vibration
detector in one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view of the
same, and FIGS. 5 to 7 are cross-sectional views of other embodiments. ^ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Epoxy resin, 9 · 板 plate. Fig. 1 3-169 一 51-27176 (2) Fig. 2 l "3685z" 2
2 1 884 Fig. 3 1091 · 第 Fig. 4-170-actual opening 51-27176 (3) Fig. 5 6 Fig. 7-171-
【Detailed description of the invention】 1 first document 1, first name 11111 detector snow of
the invention, practical needle plan tatami-place request OII ■ Corta plate, rubber plate etc 0IIII
1 absorption mar intervenes, both @駿 is a large piezoelectric −-llll l detector which is installed
in a case in a case. $ $, 彎 諷 諷 本 考 案 考 案 機械 秦 秦 秦 秦 機械 一 get get I 腋 徽 腋 徽 腋 徽
腋 徽 腋 徽 I I I I I I I I I eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg 振動 振動I will carry 111 items. ★ ず 11
11 検 出 検 出 11 11 11 11 I11 ■. To explain to II 2 and 4. Stripe 1 garden, II nitrogen-K color,
1. 瀧 is a piezoelectric device plate, 1 ', 11% s *', 諺 '61 H electricity-s1. A photoelectrode, l is a
case, 4 is a coaxial cable, 4 'is a ground,-V-141 is a core,-16 is epoxy, or a gelaste such as phenol!
I @, · Case 3 and Piezoelectric-Excellent 1 [1, 黛, 1-) '114' Completed by ζ) ζ) Check · Large
Epoxy Resin, は is Piezoelectric Porcelain 1 [1, m 4l-)-1an ^ ytx, which is used to connect the
electrode of 1.11'lll, for 1 h with a conductive adhesive. This 検 出 -detector detects the state of
the object e @@ e by pasting the piezo-all @ 11 m of the wire 11 and hand of 1 kW on an object
such as an axis or an electric device. Because of the hh, ie, the lIWM of the object] piezoelectric
1m 111 [1, 11 Km I 1 l motion is given, the piezoelectric 1 l 111 l [O charge @ 1 ', il' KIIIl is 41-v4 ', 8 Hh 41-almost without electrical signal. In the conventional example O meeting shown in the
six cabinets, in the snow in phenol snow in the epoch, epoch epoxy 1llI is low compared to Wlihk,
it is relatively low-mmtea-1 low. Also, the resonance of the experimental high layer maKm
generator is present, and for this resonance, as the vibration detector for the electric appliance,
the layer-field sensor, "detector → increase @ → → Svy → → → → Like the detection actor J 纏
Wk # 餐 a 、 A lyf of the original − 碌 叉 碌 叉 叉 、, 仁, for the source of the − sound quality is
black (Na-S 壷, 轡 eft! I stressed 1 defect for fault 68,-O · · · main shock IK examines the defect
coming from the upper melt, and the frequency 歇 轡 is flat, feeling of low-horse fatigue region Il!
There is a longing light-detection-to get t times-to be what to &. In the following, according to
one embodiment of the present proposal, the same place as the first place II and the second place
II is attached with the first place # 4 Oka, and with the gs 2, the second place! ImKTh · · ·
'1QktHkI plate 9 stone at 會 in resin rubber plate, like a rubber 1 1kl1 wkVtwk 釈 釈 材質 材質
材質 材質 謙 謙 謙 謙 謙 謙 謙.
Put this in the direction of the arrow K11) in the case of 菅 and complete the sl @ detector that
you will receive in 4th 〇. As shown on the cover of the case easy, · · · small case with glue
adhesive · · · small case with an adhesive, as shown in the umbrella or 114-in the case SO inner
case is in the tip end, because the peripheral portion is attacking ,---動 station board · · · ', around
100 contact with the pot, piezoelectric ceramic plate 1. It's Ktk's thing to squeeze in snow. Next,
they will be happy with the implementation of the main earthquake plan O 倫 ■, ll · cabinet, and
town 7 ■ K11-together. The embodiment shown l1m1llIIK is a plate with 鋤 甑, 10 with a
piezoelectric device s! In order to hold 1 with r,-moving plate 10 ° 11 4 · · 'seal to the cabinet y
M 6 metal 1 [11 through ** let * 40 by Toh. In the embodiment shown in 菖 ··, a U-shaped metal
plate 1 嘗 is piezoelectric 11 優 I [1, 嘗 and m 歇 station plate 10 intervened in 1 接着 ■ bonded
to 接着 ■ 食 for food. In the embodiment shown in FIG. 5, a zero-shaped metal plate 1st II Wh, a
slope plate, and a piezoelectric ceramic plate 10, and one IEI 110 and * 1 IIK are interposed. The
actual aSS detection actor Tom has the above-mentioned structure. According to the present
observer, the effect Jll is obtained below. ! 19! Bond the E-electrical board or the piezoelectric
ceramic board to the metal 4 and the detection element is 擺 1ll Ik station board! It is difficult to
transmit 1A and cai, so it is difficult to transmit high-dust waves 0IIWII, and it can be rounded to
obtain sound quality of jlh 9-1 as a motion detector for east equipment, and the negative of the
detection element is high. Even at the time of the shoulder case, the resonance O output is-and
the small 1 (Kameki. For example, the high frequency wave 1 magic is low (motorized, the
housing is ginseng ((kame. a5lkll * 1 [The bond is an indebtedness because it is not 威: 井 ・ ゐ
井 ・ ・ 暮 ゐ ゐ ゐ ゐ ゐ ゐ l l l l l l 重点 # # # # # # # # # # # # # l Because the vibration
detector with excellent characteristics is obtained. Qs! He is well-meaning.