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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view showing a conventional speaker,
FIG. 2A is a side view showing a speaker housing of the present invention speaker, and FIG. FIG.
3 is a cross-sectional view taken along the X-ray, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing a state
where a terminal is attached to the same speaker housing. 4 ······· Speaker housing, 4a
························································································ 7 at [child plate, 10 ··· ... eyelet, 11a, 11b ..... 1-9-2 5
1-1982 2 (2) 1 Figure 2 (B) Figure 3-50
[Detailed description of the invention] This application is a speaker Kml 4 so hr, it is OII like and
Niro 1 terminal! , IK, I can learn to provide a speaker that can be attached to S * SC *. In order to
attach the terminal to the conventional speaker, as shown in 纂 11, there is provided a mounting
hole for the sby force hakuzinda nlK terminal, and a fiber for this Ksl edge (word, via (meaning))
3 I have set up a job for each god. しかしながらこOようにそれでれファイバー−)。 Attaching
the terminal to the corner via (2b), there is no O fault such as hh in no case is always time
consuming or 1111. □□, □ -2 Body base line The above-mentioned defects are eliminated, and
1 or less will be described with reference to one real m * directed to the figure. FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view taken along the line X-XIaK in FIG. 2) is a view of the speaker hakujinda O) and
FIG. As shown in these figures, the sloped side m1ll of the speaker housing 14) is provided with a
recess @ at $ 1 and the O recess 15+ is cut into the opposite upper and lower sides 11
respectively. 1 ml, (@b) is included. これは11! RIAK to form one part four, howin! O is also
provided to stop casting O. Furthermore, the bottom 11 Ka of the ast 0 asts, a pair of relief holes
(71 L 1. (711) g, tsv holes I are provided. The escape (Th), (nl) 紘 terminals are in the housing
and L− よ う 為 為 為 為 も も も 壜 壜 壜 カ シ カ シ 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 40 40 端子 端子 端
子 端子. Thus, the speaker housing 141 is provided with tL! As shown in II K3−, the quantum
plate 1 is folded on the IS 4 and caulked by the eyelet − and caulking hole −, and the terminal
plate +91 is electrically connected to the housing 14KIi. My daughter, my probation terminal (11
& l. These terminals (116) are ordered +11 111. The housing 1 匍 OaS is installed at the bottom
of the housing 1 by a clearance (Th1. (7b) K) in the housing 14 as L41 / 1. The friend O terminal
board ts + ON type is! ! When fitting to ll I + 51, l ling occurs, and as shown by 1 ki, the shape is
made similar to the shape of the recess 11 s I. As described above, according to the present
invention, the sci-ka-ha-ku-jinda-O has skewers. Set up Qll, this 01! A terminal plate having an
outer shape similar to that of the IIIK O O is fitted and attached, and the terminal plate Kjll is
mounted with ninety, as in the conventional O, the terminal 1 ′ ′:) 1 ′ ′) is troublesome to
position There is no distortion at all, since the terminal can be securely attached to the slide
holder housing with absolutely no AK, and the IK cut to form 141 parts in the spring housing /
da. Also terminal IIO xerogel! !
Since it is similar to lll0 glue]% #, it is advantageous that the terminal plate is attached to the
speaker hakujinda and that the rattle is produced at "9" @ has a practical advantage such as a