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1) Title of the Invention: Japan Patent Office 0: Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51185260 (1976) 2.14 internal reference number 2g (, t-, 7 ', /' specification 1, name of the
invention 1, name of the invention speaker
Speaker Name V 氏 名 1 Amami Name (582 ') Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Masashi Matsushita
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention has an object to obtain a speaker
having a small mass of the vibrating portion and easy for customers to assemble. Conventionally,
a voice current is supplied to the voice coil joined to the diaphragm, and the change in the field is
regarded as the vibration of the diaphragm. However, with this, the mass of the vibrating portion
becomes large, or the voice coil resistance is reduced when assembling the speaker. It was
difficult to pull out the rest. The present invention, which overcomes these conventional
drawbacks, is also O ′ ′, one embodiment of the present invention will now be described in
detail with reference to the drawings. 1 is a magnet, and has an outer cover 2; Usually, it is called
internal am + field part. In this #l L magnetic part, 1 gne, to 1 of the #: t mace coil 3 is wound, a
voice; a magnetic gear between the il 3 and the bray 2; a cylinder made of lightweight highpermeability material Metal? I4 is placed and joined to the cylindrical metal foil 4 strike plate 60
Kyoh. In the speaker of the present invention configured as described above, if the voice coil si
<flows in the audio current, the If field of the magne, mound 1 and brow 2 changes. An eddy
current is generated in the cylindrical metal foil 4 due to the change of the iIi field, and the eddy
current and the magnetic field cause the metal foil 4 to move up and down, and ec>-'speaker is a
speaker. The sound is transmitted from the diaphragm 6 to the diaphragm 6. The weight of the
voice coil sB steel is increased, but the weight is increased, but the weight of a cylindrical metal
foil, such as aluminum, can be reduced. In addition, since the voice coil sO leader line can be used
as an end page: 1 for which the voice coil vibrates, it is possible to use an ugly line, which makes
the drawing operation easy. In addition, as a field section, a plate having one center pole outside
the above-described 811 and a ring shape! It is good if it is an external magnet type such as Gnet
and upper plate. As clearly shown in the above embodiments, the SVIGA of the present invention
is provided with a voice coil on the magnetic gear of the field section, the i-gnet or the center ball
which composes the b It is possible to reduce the mass of the rounding vibration part, which is
connected to the light weight and has a cylindrical metal foil made of high-permeability magnetic
material, making it very easy to carry out the lead of the voice coil. It can make it easy to answer,
but it is very useful industrially. 4, Fig. L11i0 Brief description The drawing is a cross-sectional
view showing one embodiment of the speaker of the present invention. 10 · 0 magnet, 2 ······· 11% s @ l · 0 · voice coil, 4 seasons · · · cylindrical metal foil, 6 · O · · φ diaphragm.
Name of the agent fP buried in the middle J8 # kJA is missed 1 inventor and agent other than the
above (2) agent address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1006 Address EndPage: 2