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(2,-yen) '· · · · heart 1' patent application (36) 3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma address 1006 Name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. °
type company [phase] Japan Patent Office ■ Shinkai 51-. 121,290 published Nissho 51. (1976)
1.30 In-house serial number 6 biased ":"-a small letter. Working 04 name dome shaped speaker
眉 diaphragm · m, 聰 聰 ド ー ム ド ー ム ド ー ム エ ド ー ム エ エ 部 部 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
形 形 嵌 嵌 嵌 嵌 嵌 嵌 嵌 嵌 嵌 嵌A vibratory bowl for a domed scubaca, which has an inner ring
and an inclined outer peripheral stomach brazed to the rising portion of the above dome.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended to provide a
dome 屡 speaker vibration # [that can extend the high range 限界-limit without reducing the
diameter of the diaphragm. As shown in FIG. 1, in a loudspeaker using a diaphragm 15 shaped
like a dome, the stiffness of the diaphragm at the rising t ° portion a (the edge portion 211 of
the dome portion 1) is high. -The field is often determined, and it is necessary to further extend
the high range limit to the Ki 4 range, and the diameter of the arms and the diameter of the arms
must be maintained, but there is a defect because it is reduced. The present invention is to make
the vibration of a small size 1 ms. 愈 愈 長 編 編 編 編 編 高 域))))))))))) 実 施 実 施 実 施About an
example 2111. For the purpose of explaining along with the stripe $ figure. In the second
cabinet, first 111, 1 is the dome of the diaphragm. 2 is the end of the m moving plate, $ is the
dome 1! Part 1 of 1, a ridge portion, that is, a rising edge portion of the dome 1, 4 is a crosssectionally triangularly shaped jig fixed to the outer periphery IIIK of this rising edge i. t * This
Linda 4 is preferably made of di, 9) w (Be, beryllium) light and rigid material. Next, the operation
of the diaphragm of the present invention-dome shape speaker will be described in comparison
with the prior art. 4A and 4B show the vibration * @ of the conventional example, the sixth plan,
and the vibration mode of the B # i main working plate, and the sixth WA shows the vibration
system equivalent circuit of the diaphragm for the dome ★ soby *. Is shown. Also, in 118elii, Mv
is the mass of one chair coil. Dove do not vibrate 1% of the mass of the diaphragm radiation
resistance, C rise of the llll plate] コ ン Consensus of the 郁, 1 驕 y, -et daughter driven? EndPage:
1 [, showing El power. '· Conventional diaphragm ore JI 4111. As shown in the IK, the% rise of
the diaphragm $ is lll! In the second place, the ring G will be a hot summer (5 nm), while the ring
81 will be attached to the actual case @IklIkl [as shown in the 81st IIA, IK. Because rounding up,
rising MS ° 3 does not deform. ・ IIK cost = グ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ C C C C C C〕〕 7 7 7 7 員 員
員 周波 数 周波 数 為 為 為 為 ゐThe new 10 ° VSS shape of 199 y da 4 is a triangle Kl &, and h
rounds, and this 4 ° r inda is a thing that does not decorate the movement of di 112.
In addition, FIG. 7 shows the actual case-vibration I [a and the conventional diaphragm be
acoustic power circumference maw か, and as is apparent from the 7 th cabinet, the present mm
mm plate 従 is more compliant. Compare and play with 14 歇 壜 − 自 自 自. In the above
embodiment, it is preferable to use a WR double-triangular shaped grinder 4 and this thin 14 has
wI 爾 triangular shape with a limit-circumferential outer circumference, so it is sufficient to refer
to it with a soft, It is The real-dome diaphragm for the dome is as described above. According to
the real 9IiK, the high frequency limit frequency can be achieved without reducing the size of the
electric machine of the diaphragm and preventing the movement of the machine and the diver
Can be high. 4, I1M description of the drawing-Figure 1 is a cross-sectional view of a
conventional diaphragm for a dome-shaped speaker 'WWJ% Figure 2 is an embodiment of the
present invention & a dome ° -shaped diaphragm for force force Figure 35g is an enlarged
cross-sectional view of the main part of the same diaphragm III, FIG. 4A, II show the vibration
mode of the conventional diaphragm ° g% 5llA, l shows the vibration mode of the diaphragm of
the present invention Fig., Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 are dome-shaped Subi's equal rotating gardens of the
vibrator for force, and Fig. 5 and Fig. 4 are the real powers of the real power and scrapping
characteristics of the conventional example. 1 ······ Dome part, wing
············································································ Rings. 1 agent Toshio among others Mr. 堪 14 14i ξ + @@
111EndPage: 2116 7 Mv 第 7 13 iced ice (6 発 明 6 other inventor and agent name? '5 Ministry)
1 r address same place Kawahara chill name river [bright address same place EndPage: 3