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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view taken along line AA 'of
FIG. 2, and FIG. 2 is a front view. FIG. 3 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view showing an example
of use of the speaker, and FIG. 1 ...... composite loudspeaker, 2 ...... low predicate speaker, E · ·
bass passage holes, 6 ...... in treble passage holes, gamma · · song air chamber, 8 Sideways
passage. -87-Japanese Utility Model Application No. 50-96442 (2) 冫 冫 poverty A-41-8
[Detailed description of the invention] Improving the directivity of the invention-funded speaker
in a fund-type speaker One is a combination of multiple speakers that are busy with the
frequency of the Sbicaro diameter and the shared frequency of the speakers in order to achieve
high fidelity reproduction (1) of the speaker conference company, high fidelity reproduction.
Such a composite speaker has features such as easy to flatten dust distribution characteristics
over a wide frequency band, uniform directivity and reduced intermodulation distortion. doing.
By the way, in general, in this type of composite type speaker, both speakers are often placed on
the same plane in order to reduce the distortion due to mutual interference between the middle
and high-tone and low-tone speakers. However, there are differences in directivity due to
structural differences such as speakers for low noise and speakers for low frequency and the
propagation characteristics of reproduced sound, or speaker arrangement type, and horn type
and cone type. This directional characteristic (2) also causes an undesirable phenomenon that the
sound pressure of the front position of the speaker differs from that of the side position during
the operation of the speaker. Here, while the present invention controls the propagation of the
low-pitched sound to the front position position of the composite speaker, it partially diffuses a
part of the middle high-pitched sound to the side, thereby enhancing the mediumness of the
sound. The purpose is to prevent mutual interference and #kS directivity. Therefore, the
composite type speaker according to the present invention has an opening position of the lowpitched speaker [The middle and high-pitched speaker is arranged, and low-pitched and mediumhigh and low-pitched sound is allowed to pass forward to the opening of both speakers. The part
is characterized by its side (also leading point). Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present
invention will be described in detail based on FIG. For example, as a cone-type low-pitch speaker
(Square at the front opening position of 21 as a tweeter, for example, a horn-type middle-to-hightone speaker (3) is used as a speaker). While arranging so as to be oriented, a side sound board
(4) of, for example, a two-sheet configuration is attached to the front opening face of both
speakers (2) and (3). At the top of the frame (9), the drive section Q11. In addition to mounting
the diaphragm, the vibrator 7 is attached to the inside of the 7th ray ^ (9) in a freely vibrating
manner, and this l0 for the bass speaker (21F) 7th frame (9)! Fix the I11 side panel (4: directly in
contact or with 1 for a small amount, for example, small net + 41 mm; The side plate 14+ has its
center position (for example, an exponential-shaped medium-high-pitched passing water (6)
directed toward the center small outer layer edge, for example, four bass passing large
(approximately isosceles triangular) 5) are respectively provided, and the inner layer of the
middle high-pitched water passing water (6) passes through the inside of the side soundboard 14
and forms the side sound passage (8) in the form of a wave.
As the side sound passage (8) extends from the center to the outer peripheral portion of the side
sound board (4), the cross-sectional area is flat in an exponential form if it is clear. Furthermore,
in line with the position of the above-mentioned side panel (40 behind the back, the middle highpitched sound passage), the neck part of this medium-high-pitched water passing water (6) Drill
and attach the middle and high-pitched louver (5)-force (3 + drive unit 03) in this position. The
drive of the show us Gi, 11! As shown in FIG. 4, the equalizers 1-l 1 h are provided, and the
middle and high sound through holes 16) located at the top of the equalizer α1 function as a
horn. In addition, the middle high and low sound passing hole (6), the side sound passage (8) and
the mounting hole C1, the side sound board (opens at the inner center of 41 and forms the air
chamber (7) of the middle high and low sound speaker (3) doing. The composite speaker (1) is
mounted, for example, above the baffle plate (d) in the front opening position of the speaker box
(d) as shown in FIG. In the front of the speaker box, attach a cosmetic frame 17+ such as saran
nets that can be used as appropriate. In this case, the decorative frame (2) has a box shape so
that sound can be emitted also in the up and down, left and right directions. Now, the composite
speaker (1) operates as (6) ° nailer as follows. A sound wave is induced based on the sound
signal of the shoulder wave number band shared by the low frequency speaker (2) and the
speaker for solid sound (31 襠, reproduction band division system. The sound wave induced by
the diaphragm l of the bass speaker (2) almost passes out through the bass passage hole (5) of
the side plate 41 (41). Bass sound, by its nature directional directivity, diffuses and propagates
evenly in front of the bass speaker (2). On the other hand, a sound wave section not induced by
the middle high 1 speaker (3) K, a part thereof passes from the air chamber (7) through the
middle high-pitched sound passage hole (6) to the front, and the other part is a side sound
passage (8 Proceed to the left, right, upper and lower sides respectively). + S, mid-high range
sound shows daunting directionality or directivity during its propagation process, but it is
diffused to the joy constraint by the middle high and low sound passing hole (6) and the side
tone IIt 81 K (7 I) 2) As it is equalized in the forward direction of the speaker, it shows nine
directivity characteristics and gives up the fidelity of reproduction. Thus, the side plate (4) allows
the passage of sound waves in a low frequency band due to its bass passage large (5) k, and in
other words, controls the passage of the sound waves in a restricted manner. The holes (6) and
the sideways (8) K force the acoustic waves in the high frequency band to be dispersed, that is, to
make the directivity at the front of the speaker uniform and eliminate the drastic directivity.
In addition, the middle high-pitched sound passing hole + 61 and the side sound passage (8) and
the area, both open inside the air chamber (7) and let 1 mtel air pass through high-low sound
passing holes, for preventing internal interference. It is also possible to omit the equalizer 1141.
To effectively exert the above-mentioned action (8)-: Name! For t, the shape and size of the side
plate (4) and the effective length of the side passage (8) with respect to the aperture of the bass
speaker (2) are appropriately set, Take care not to interfere. By the way, the type of the lowpitched or medium-high-pitched speaker is not limited to the above embodiment. In addition, the
middle to high-pitched speaker may have four eccentric positions at the bass speaker. As a
matter of fact, the side plate may be integrally formed instead of two, or may be attached as a
part of the opening surface of the low frequency speaker, for example, a semicircular plate. In
addition, the side-tone passage is formed outside the wave form, not necessarily in the form of
waves around the middle and high in the previous week, taking into consideration the formation
space of the sound field and the presence of a certain break, etc. Sometimes. (9)-As described
above, according to the present invention, the localization of the reproduced sound of the
composite speaker is enhanced and the directivity is dulled to diffuse the sound wave, and the
reduction of the sound output due to the mutual interference of the sound wave can be
prevented. Bring