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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the entire leak test apparatus,
FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of a conventional apparatus, and FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of an
apparatus according to the present invention. In the figure, 2 is a vacuum chamber, 3 is a test
object, 4 is a vacuum pump, 5 is a leak detector, 6 is an introduction valve, 9 is an introduction
system, 11 is a small volume chamber, 12.13 is a valve, 14 bypass It is a road. -205-for the real
opening so-93186 (2) for Fig. 2-2-
[Detailed description of the invention] This consideration is to put an object gas such as helium
gas into the sample to be tested, put this into a vacuum cell, and add it to the vacuum cell. The
present invention is directed to the improvement of a leak test apparatus which detects by the
leak detector and determines whether or not there is a leak point in a test object. If a
conventional leak test device is 1RII in 2111, but this leak test is to be performed. The specimen
to which the helium is enclosed is placed in the vacuum cylinder 2 and the vacuum pulp 7 is
turned to-, the vacuum cylinder 4 is evacuated and the pressure is reduced. When it reaches 10"Torr, it is made to check that the helium of the test west body leaks out from the pressure
difference J ζ by the leak detector 5 through the introduction path 9 with the introduction valve
6 at a time. ing. In the device C where a large amount of heat exchange aS and cosspressor leak
test is performed in about 1 unit / 20 seconds, the leak judgment standard is about l × 10 ′ ′
atmcc / sec & i (under the leak detector 5). , 1) Leak test s a large amount of helium into the leak
test s, this will be no j 9 ク ク ウ ン ド 5 、 W す 元 ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁
Forced (excluded 9 workability (only. For this reason, a cross leak (large amount of leak) test is
carried out, and a test object having a cross leak is judged as a rejection without being subjected
to application. 12+ However, although this Guo Screechist evacuates a certain container for a
fixed time and the one whose pressure is higher than the specified pressure of the vacuum
needle 8 is a cross leak judgment, the pressure is 10-"TOrr. In order to make a judgment of zero
slip, it is not possible to judge only u10 atrncc / 5eclli degree +) h * 伽 leak as a cross leak and
when connected with a leak protector, a large amount of -10 ′ ′ '& 1 * rncc / S @ C) Muka! Jquad detector 5 (introduced, whose test object 3 can be judged to be a failure, but the back-track
will increase at the next test, which will interrupt the work. The present invention provides an
apparatus in which the workability is remarkably improved by preventing the occurrence of such
wrinkles. Below is a description of Jin's idea about 11N. lll1 麿 is an example of the entire Ii1
reverse table type leak test device (flat 11; l is an interturn table, 2 is a vacuum chil-siva, 3 is a
WK specimen in which a helium gas such as helium is enclosed). One-turn table l rotates, for
example, to a watch square ■ If it is your own position, take out and introduce the test object 3
from the vacuum chamber 2 at the position 8; Is the vacuum pressure at the position of stage
roughing vacuum exhaust pressure C?
A leak test is performed at the O position of the pi stage rough evacuation of Shiba 2 and the
steep leak check. The figure 3 shows the device according to this consideration. In the figure, 11
is a small capacity chamber, and both sides #C valve 12.13 are provided, and this t-バ イ パ ス t4
bypass 14 is introduced into the introduction system 9 It is attached. This point is the gist of this
invention. The volume of this spring amount 11 is about 100 cc, for example. In the leak test,
first place the test object 3 in the vacuum vacuum chamber 2 and apply vacuum pulp 7 and 1z to
the vacuum manifold 4 through J # + exhaust 5ilo for vacuum? ? Roughly evacuate the sheet Az.
Then, according to the indicated pressure of the vacuum gauge 8 after a certain amount of time,
it is determined that the 10-'atmcc / see @ degree 0th leak is caused as in the prior art. Helium in
the DUT 3 is in pressure during vacuum evacuation of vacuum delsiva! By vacuum del Shiva 2
and small! ! When it leaks into 111, the valve 12 is closed and the wholesale 134I1. If the
amount of helium leaked by detecting the amount of helium in a small amount of leakage in the
leak detector 5 can be determined if there is leakage and the amount of leakage can be
determined, the amount of helium to be leaked is small because the amount from the small
amount of wealth There is nothing to interrupt the And if it is necessary to know the exact
amount of leakage after judging from leakage from small-volume wealth 11 and it is necessary to
know the exact amount of leakage, introductory valve 6 is set to-to connect vacuum detector 2
and detector 5 for inspection. Just do it. That is, it can also be used as a +10 -'- 10-'atmcc / sec 9
degree resistance 0 streak machine. The valve IL13 is desired to be a vacuum pulp! しい、I! It
is not charged only to automated devices such as @ 11 ij (this device reds in multiple layers for
other devices).