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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
the apparatus of the present invention. 2, 5, 8, 10, 13 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · common
microphone input terminal. lf27−i−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo
reproduction apparatus, which is provided with a common microphone input terminal, and a
signal is supplied to the miter ay on skin and the signal is simultaneously supplied to an amplifier
system at time t. It is something like that. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described below with reference to the drawings. 1 is one microphone input terminal, 2 Fi this
microphone input terminal to amplify the signal from microphone input terminal 1; = Direction t>
m Power selection Selection @ I I conversion Input switching format, 藝 is input switching Sui,
signal tube amplification from T 3 amplification · · · □ is its increase-! The output of I8 is one
speaker 1a speaker, one single, one single one, one mitarophone input terminal, aphia to amplify
an eyebrow from O input ladder 7 to amplify a mitarf, a fist is this mitarophone amplification・
・ ・ The input signal switch which switches the other output signal etc. of the above-mentioned
te, 4 to the heat 1 input switch with the input switching switch l ? Amplify -111 to increase the
amount of @ -amplitude from a fist, because it is an output [71-duty 11 W h λ peek] that is an
increase of 111 l. 12 common O my! Four phon input forceps, told ya, ase "6 '°' · '1" @ fsaipbelle
マ イ my to increase! ツ ソ 増 幅 で で CO CO CO, CO amplification I 11 魯 output is given to key
work amplification 伽 @ 伽 OO OO input 介 through resistance 14 examination and 1 ■ ■ 1
and% @ 1 @ You are here 1 □) tk 【, 【This Kls ス テ レ オ stereo regenerator has or has a
function as a brush, it is an aerator-0% O t) m entry card, F3, 儒 Kll 絖 t bell ring amplifier僅 、 1i
1 ° 2 Q to Nin on receiving the output of 1 、, 1 魯 and 106 sound amplification 11N7.1 · ゐ. It
has the above configuration, and the input selector switch 8. 呻 in the state shown in the figure,
microphone input ladder 1. If you connect Mito Roaon to it, O each Mitofu On signal is increased'! 'A, s, can be amplified by 8.10 and can be independently 1' KIIb from Spy * 6, 1t and stereo
reproduction is performed with Ll. On the other hand, if a microphone is applied to a common
microphone 冨 phone human power four child 12 in this 04 live state, the microphone paradox is
amplified by amplification and 18 and added to the amplification echo 6, 10 via resistance 1 m, 1
gl Therefore, it is possible to take office as a monaural speaker from the speaker 6.11. Therefore,
this common O miter quadruple input terminal 12KII 絖 1 miter lower on is divided into the
input terminal 1 ° γ, and the central position 0 中央 1 in the center of the miter pole is by 参
ste l l The medium wave is also prevented one i) 1.74, O.
If the lfK human power selector switch 8.9 is switched to the switch す, the stereo 1 signal from
this duner 4 is reproduced by the speaker 6.11. In this case, the microphone signal to the
common microphone input terminal 12 If you supply both speakers 6.11 to 111 at that time the
microphone signal will be played back b1 Kl & this, tlFil one microphone-7 on signal will be
accused of producing 411I simultaneously from both stereo speakers 6.11, listener
Unnaturalness is not felt at all for hh. On the other hand, 藺 冬 藺 再生 ド で き る テ ー プ で で
1 '1' 1 '1' 1 '1' 1 '1' 1 '1' 1 '1' 1 '1' チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー
チ ー チ ー チ ー チ ー し て も 1 In the same way as the series, it is stereo sound blowout or
mono-full decotion defect! I is based on what I is missing, 1 to 2. In the above embodiment, the
bell sound 11t as a reproduction device & mentioning what to grow, this Fi-plastering machine is
the fLe type 41III machine. -As described above O, the device under consideration is simple 1
@@@) 6) Telephony hollows and mixing of monaural 41I to stereo remarks can be easily done in
h seconds, its practicality d large It will be.