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1) Patent Office Director 1) Title of the invention 3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma city 1006. Name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Representative Masaharu
Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 517 Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oza Kadoma 1006 Address ■
Japan Patent Office 0 JPA 50-67638g 46s! 1; 5 specification 1, title 1 of the invention, title
sound 41 of the invention diaphragm O manufacturing method
Onki, キ ウ シ ブ セ イ ホ ホ 機器 機器 機器 進 進 進 進 コ ラ サ 1) cultivation (h or 1 person)
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is low v! This invention provides a
method of manufacturing a diaphragm for a sound III-like device, which can easily make a
vibrating plate for a high elastic modulus sound I # I root for i degree at i degree. Conventionally,
a large amount of a paper-like material is used for an acoustic device and one plate, and a plastic
film or a gold IIA film is used for a speaker for a loud sound or a small-acid-acid diaphragm at%.
However, in the case of paper-like substances, 5! The modulus of elasticity is small or moisture
resistance-there is a defect, but in the case of 7 raster films, iA elastic modulus material is
obtained <<, while in the case of gold scale, high elastic material is obtained, but the density is
generally large. It has the drawback that the efficiency becomes stupid if it is not very thin. 本
υt14 eliminates the above-mentioned conventional defects, but also υτ シ. Heat treatment is
performed by molding the particles into a predetermined shape and molding it in the same% as
covered with an organic polymer fist that is made of inorganic foam particles and has a fit of 1
tvr and thermal decomposition without melting. It is also a pleasure to carbonize or graphitize
the glass substrate in a row. According to the present invention, the vibration rate is increased as
well as the strength factor is enhanced. You can get 'c. The following is a detailed explanation of
the non-fired # 4 embodiment. . 〔′l! Example: Using a particle size of 2011-100 p, an
apparent ratio of 10.25 f / m 2 and a single particle, separately prepare a solution of 10 l-% 2)
bath solution in Horiakuri o = silyl o dimethylformamide, D Add bubbling soap into the solution
and thin it into a paste. Then, the paste is poured into gold & heated at 16σ C to form a domeshaped slip form by scattering the bath agent. Next, cast the cough molding into a heat & * 撫
type dryer and make 1 so 'L 2 End Page: 1 1 1 slj, i 00' (, 1011 fl + 1 III k treatment me line!
After -1 *, heat treatment is performed at a temperature rising rate of 20σ G to 490 '(, 迄 2 o (/
minute, then 11 瀧 迄 cooling) in a nitrogen atmosphere. The film thickness of the molded
product according to the present example Kk was 0, 3 fights, and the ratio 1 was 0, 42 f /-. In
addition, this D 腓 υ → ・ グ book showed about 8000 V-, and 0 fIL before heat treatment
showed about twice or more. It was found that the internal loss (Waml) was 0.022 and the paper
etc. had a small $ 1 / 'm larger than the gold h film. In the present method, for the heat treatment
of Z-zuke 尭 會 更 に 更 に 高温 高温 麩 麩 麩 麩 可能 可能 u u I I 方法 方法 最高 最高 最高 最高
m1hxt-1zoo '(1; light' l5 to ratio) l > Zo, ass't / edi The image could be relaxed and the elastic
modulus could be increased to esoOV-.
As the binder, polyacrylonitrile is the best, and polyvinyl alcohol and 伽 m411 conductor can also
be used, but the outsourcing rate does not improve. 7 still Waml, 2nd kKkvs, diaphragm for 1 dx
bee, 2 is an inorganic foam particle, 3 mineral adhesion formed on this inorganic / quartz
particle 2D @ ikl There are 54 in the air. As in the case of the above, it is also possible to make
the apparatus diaphragm into valleys & to the sound 4 having a high degree of elasticity and a
low viscosity according to the method of the present invention. 4, @ hD letter 111 & * aA # 11
Figure 4 For the dome type speaker & bustle obtained by the method of production 餉, board e
beast it 1 figure, x 2 Figure is the same vibration my part enlarged cut face- It is. III finished
layer, 4 ..... air layer. Name of the agent Attorneys in the middle k ほ か Other 1 person III
intestine \ 12116 Inventors and agents other than the above (2) agent EndPage: 2