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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
diaphragm, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a diaphragm according to the present invention,
FIG. 3 is a production process diagram of the diaphragm according to the present invention, The
figures are various sectional views of the edge portion of the diaphragm according to the present
invention. Substrate. 1 1 0 1 ˜-, 7 'Fig. 2; 13-79-real open 50-61834 (2) p. Ω 0--0. Ro-(Su) 1 0 Lu
Me 1 I 1. . . (b) ヘ C r C 一 (A 1 k Fig. 4-81-実 50-61 834 (3) 1 e 1 ≧--d-1-1-1-1 1 /
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a
speaker, more specifically to a film of a thermoplastic resin and a foam rod 1 vibration substrate,
or to a 1ILs1 thermal type speaker diaphragm for vibration. Most of the #R moving plates
conventionally used are made of animal-derived fibers of the physical properties of the material,
which are beaten with L% bednet and used as a guide. In this part of the slope, the fiber No.'s ride
(竪 嘔) is good or bad, and the divided vibration area is k · · degradation of the frequency
characteristics (hereinafter abbreviated as F f characteristics) p generation of abnormal noise
There is. In the case of J., the minimum co-motion frequency fi (hereinafter abbreviated as fo) is
higher in the case of J, and the case of 4 is There is a defect in the temple where valleys occur in
the f characteristic due to the decrease in sensitivity due to air firmness, abnormal coplanarity of
the edge, and phase shift between the slope and the edge. FIG. 1 + a + is a conventional peristaltic
plate with a top surface α, where the slope part and the edge part are of the same material and
of the fixed type made at one seat. No. 11A1bl is also a conventional vibrating plate, which is a
free edged plate, but is processed with a material of a material different from that of the portion
t-slope of the edge, and is reduced by 1 cfo mainly, by reduction of strain. It is the whole plan.
However, this 7L4 can not only be expected to be sufficiently effective, but also has the
disadvantage that the process becomes complicated. This proposal was made focusing on these
points, and the purpose of the crucible 1 is to provide the entire speaker diaphragm capable of
stabilizing the fQf characteristic. The second object is to provide a speaker diaphragm which
freely changes the thickness of each portion at the time of production. @ 30 purpose and location
is for the slider and steel plate tfM that can be drawn as soon as possible, and the purpose of K is
0 纂 4 where the object of the braking agent is for unpleasant speakers # R1m board To provide.
The fifth object is to provide a speaker diaphragm without m'ILIR conversion due to
paternization of external conditions such as temperature and mixed acid. A sixth object is to
provide a diaphragm for a concentric speaker with oT function to save labor in the M
manufacturing process. One embodiment of this consideration will be described first with
reference to the twenty-first. (1) indicates a film, and the material of the thermoplastic resin, such
as vinyl chloride or polyethylene, is used for the row. (2) is a material of the thermoplastic resin
similar to the absorptive substance indication 1-1, for example, a foamed polyester, a foamed
polyether temple is used hn ゐ. (31 shows an fkR sliding plate, which is made of a material that is
stiff and rigid, for example, synthetic resin such as foam polystyrene).
Then, the sandwich structure part with 0 length which is laminated of the sandwich * a
sandwiching the foam (2) in the middle by the ripe forming is only the radiation part of the
sound, and the edge part is a film (1 ) And rII body (2) only, with corrugation attached. Next, the
production of this diaphragm will be described with reference to FIG. Emuldi snow type adhesive
(4) is sprayed onto the flat portion of the vibrating substrate (3 as shown in (a +, (bl) of FIG. 3 i
11) and the film (ll is welded f (foam (2) Is adhered to the upper part thereof, leaving a neck
forming part (xl-edge forming part (y). [Fig. 3 (The (s, tbl, LCl) after the band heater 15) is heated
and pressed by the press mold (6), (7) attached, and the foam corresponding to the edge forming
portion (ylri (2) is pressed to form a thin film integrally with the film 11) to form an edge portion,
to obtain a finished product as depicted at the center of the press dies 161 and i71 [Third factor
(company (2)), tb +] o In this case, the press molds (6), (7) all suitably have a hair loss d% m14 (al
˜ (fl like shaped edge can be obtained) . The lamination of the film, the foam and the vibrating
substrate does not necessarily have to be in the order described above, and may be laminated so
as to hold the vibrating substrate. 7) J: Uncle this increase J! No. 8 uses a thermoformed oJ
material, so that the thickness of each part of the diaphragm can be adjusted, and the fo-f
characteristics can be stabilized. Compulsory compliance can also be obtained without using
other members. In addition, since the laminated plate 1 increases the mechanical strength of the
diaphragm, the diaphragm can be formed close to a flat surface, and hence can be used for a thin
speaker box or the like, so that space can be effectively used. It will be as well. In addition, since
the foaming ratio of the foam can be adjusted at the time of the diaphragm bottom shape, the
compliance of the diaphragm can be freely selected. In addition, since the film t- is used, there is
no weight change due to changes in external conditions such as flooding and humidity. As the
color tone of the film can be selected freely, it is also a good idea to obtain a speaker having a
favorite diaphragm. In addition, since it is possible to shorten the manufacturing process, it is
possible to produce with less equipment, and thus, it is possible to reduce the cost.