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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view with a partially cutaway
cross section of a conventional pipe-like cantilever, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view with a
partially cut away cross section of the cantilever of the present invention. 1 ······· pie 4 cantilever,
2 ······· Hollow part, E damper material. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 5
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention supports Vitter's 2y car) 998) 'j 虻 誹
-9 in record players etc. Naughty 4 / N / ',: ˜ in the bar), in a pie 1-shaped camp lever to the
coffin! One IIK damper material! To effectively prevent the resonance phenomenon due to the
number of pinning pins and the number of am-sponsors possessed by the cantilever itself (by
lying)-fishing-fishing. As shown in this kind of cantilever 11) u light 1lll, the inside is hollow 1there is also a large amount of pie y like O, its-Ia K and a needle-is attached to the mounting area
3 It is held by a train station IIK, which is placed in the middle of the carte. When playing a
record by a record needle using an interview with a record, the record: a record needle that slides
according to the blowing of alHI and a so-called #! The vibration phenomenon is caused, this is
transmitted from the power generation unit, and a peak is generated in the frequency
characteristic, and the present invention eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks. One
embodiment will be described. (The same parts as FIG. 1 in the figure are shown by Oka ** f. 3.)
As shown in the third garden, in the home III cantilever (4 is a pie 1 shaped clinching lever 11
made of S <strong metal etc.)! In II-, the oil is placed on the side of the Kamakura Kamakura da /
A-wood. The circle (2) is the end of the 鋏 ★ チ − − K K 資 資 レ コ ー ド 針 針 、 他 端 の 一 他
端 の 一 他 端 他 端 他 端 他 端 他 端 (-not shown) K holding 1 m! . For lkk and gooper materials,
it is possible to properly select a damper material that can hold down an IIWIA elephant with a
material of a cantilever that is not an Oy # # 3 and a 鐵-material. Rj Ll / 1 ° As described above,
according to the cantilever of the present invention Vitta Terra 1 cart 9t di OII dynamic
frequency and. The damper with its h-number of vibrations (perhaps 5IIN elephant is loaded into
the hollow part of the pipe-like cantilever by a damper #, and the needle ringing self-ringing self-
relonging mechanism also It is effective with the 鋏 cantilever that vibration and excitation other
than the movement of the record needle which is inked according to the change of the sound
groove of the record, such as being squeezed by Wk with Iy bar material, is transmitted by 1 II
cantilever It can stop. Moreover, for production, the pipe-shaped cantilever is used as it is, and
the damper material is used as it is in the hollow portion of the damper. I have a top spot for Ii.
The simple Il Ming IIl garden of this drawing is a perspective garden having a part-notch #lll of a
conventional pipe-like cantilever, and the first garden has a 1 郁 notch cross section of the
cantilever of the present invention, so it has a perspective view hh.
1- · pie 1 # ★ punch key, laziness ... inside! Algae, 3 · · · record needle, 4 · · · cantilever. 6 ・ ・ ・
member material, 11! For the new model, the company named Jichido Japan Victor Co., Ltd. has
been established. 55-1 μ ′ ′ 【≧ j −j /, 77 ≦ 1 ′ two times − − 1 − 1−1 ′ ′) 1A′5.
Utility model registration applicant I III needle Yu Kitano "" 4103