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Japanese Patent Office 0 JP-A 50-46302 Office serial number, Noah 1/7 J, description of
Information signal reproduction method
& Detailed Description of the Invention Mechanically information signal in the spiral groove
formed in the disc! The information disc which has been deceived has been used as a so-called
disc for a long time, and has been widely collected for recording and reproduction of acoustic
signals, and it has been practiced in recent years. By the way, an information disc can be created
by means of multi-channel signals such as silver stripes for one sound groove. The high
recording density is put to practical use as, for example, a so-called 45-450,000 threedimensional acoustic record or a so-called disc 9-) 4-channel record, and the same as the i, the
high recording density of the information disc by the surface means Are signals from other
programming sources? Attempts are also being made to call out. By the way, the most common
method used for extracting an information signal from a groove EndPage: 1 in which the
information signal is mechanically recorded is 3, "1, 1 as in the groove 1". Is a method of
converting the movement of the needle into an electrical signal, but in the method of, the
mechanical impedance such as the mass, the child, and the weight and the weight at the nine
movable parts including the needle? Existence, relationship between finite needle tip diameter
and crest wavelength, as well as needle pressure and material. Information disc based on various
factors such as the relationship with charge intensity. In the case where the information signal
recorded in the is further increased in recording density, a good operation is expected 1- &. As a
pickup device without the above problems, a light beam is projected into the groove and the
reflected light is given to the photoelectric conversion element to convert the signal stored in the
groove into an electrical signal. By means of the above-mentioned means, it is attempted to
reproduce the information signal from the information disc which% A 'is recorded mechanically
KlB on the both walls of the groove. In such a case, there is a disadvantage that unnecessary
reflected light is mixed into the photoelectric conversion element which should receive the
reflected light from the six walls of the groove individually. According to the present invention,
on the information disk in which grooves are formed in a state in which individual signals are
mechanically recorded on left and right wall surfaces, one wall surface of the groove described
above is twice or more the highest frequency of the recording signal. Project the original adjusted
with a signal of specific frequency value fl as a spot, and project the specific light as a spot% 6 on
the other wall surface of the groove K. And, the above-mentioned frequency value f2 is the signal
component based on the individual O recording signal included in the reflected light か ら from
the wall of the groove by each individual light modulated by the signal of the above-mentioned
frequency value fl, f2 The output signal obtained from the conversion element is separated by
two filters having a required passband characteristic so as to occupy a frequency domain not
overlapping the frequency domain. To get a signal, a friend information signal playback universal
expression To is obtained by solving the conventional problems described above, the following, 6
attached convention is a schematic flop information signal reproducing method of the present
invention illustrating the contents in detail with reference to Zuran.
In the figure, D is a partial enlarged cross-sectional view of the information disk J, G is a spiral
groove, ° C and Wr are left and right wall surfaces of the groove G, and the above wall surface
WZ and Separate signals are recorded mechanically in Wr. P is a primitive table pickup device
provided so as to move the upper surface of the information disk in the radial direction so as to
trace the spiral groove G in which the information disk DK was created, and in the example
shown in FIG. Optical pickup device P projects the spot of the groove rxvtK original of the groove
G both light conductor 1 (ft, single fiber l)-the light conductor 2 Cyt of the groove G projects the
spot of the light of the groove G light A light conductor 5 (original fiber 3) for condensing light
reflected from the wall surface Wj, 11r, an element conversion element number, 6 (for example, a
light emitting diode may be used), a charge conversion accumulator 6 (for example, , 7 Odot poor
poor one * g! H) may also be red, such as flIGf) -surfaces Wt and Wr, each with different light
guides 1. The original spot modulated at six different frequencies is projected through the eyelid.
And 8 are power sources for driving the power conversion element number 5, 5], for example,
specific frequencies fl different from each other. It is a high frequency oscillator that oscillates f2.
Now, a voltage of a specific frequency fl is supplied to the electro-yt4 conversion element 4 from
the power source, and the original modulated at the specific individual frequency fl is spotted on
the wall surface vl of the groove G-7 via the light conductor l. Of the groove G in the groove G
through the light conductor 2 by applying a voltage of a specific surface frequency P If the other
wall is projected as a NWrK spot, the reflected light from both walls 11111 and Wr collected by
the light guide 3 changes its brightness and darkness according to the frequency flVC. The light
modulated by the waveform and the light which is changed by light and dark by the frequency n
is a mixture of light which may be modulated by the waveform of the other wall surface Wr of
the groove G. The above-mentioned nine frequency fl, ·············································· G-wall circle で も
Even the highest frequency 62 times or more of the false signal is selected as the frequency i ‒ −
The above-mentioned super frequency f2 For example, if the frequency is selected to be a
frequency value of f 102 times or more, it is modulated by the signal of the frequency values 11
and 12 and included in the reflected light from the wall Wt and 'fr of #IG according to each
individual likelihood. Signal components based on individual recording signals are such that they
occupy frequency regions not equal to one another 1, that is, frequency division type 0 type%.
Therefore, they are collected by the optical waveguide S and one charge conversion element 6 By
the electric signal KR converted signal, the frequency tlotMRtli is modulated by the recording
signal of the groove GO wall surface Wt W!
Since the speech wave and the carrier wave of frequency f2 are modulated by the groove GO5i @
Wre) recording signal and the round neck modulation wave is in a state of frequency division, the
output signal from the photoelectric conversion element 6 is obtained! If a filter e having an
appropriate pass characteristic, IOK, is provided to separate it into two modulated signal waves,
and then the respective signals are demodulated by demodulation 5911 and 12, the output
terminal 1! The signals recorded on the walls n1yvz and Wr in the groove GK of the information
disk are output individually to S, 14 to become a stone. As described above, in the information
signal reproducing apparatus according to the present invention, likelihood spots modulated at
different frequencies fi and f2 with respect to the wall surfaces u and Wr in the information disk
D (i @@ G) C. Are projected separately, and the reflected light from the groove Go both walls' WL
and Wr is received by one photoelectric conversion element, and a signal obtained by
photoelectric conversion is filtered. Since each signal is separated by lO to obtain each signal K,
the conventional problems described above are completely solved by adopting the method of the
present invention, and according to the first aspect of the present invention, an information
signal reproducing apparatus with excellent performance. Can be provided easily. FIG. 41 is a
schematic diagram showing a schematic configuration of the information signal reproduction
universal of the present invention. pam information disc, G, @, Wt, Tree wall surface, Po pickup
device, 1-3-light guide, No. 5-electron source conversion element, 6 fist photoelectric conversion
elements, f-8-power supply, 9 ° 10 · · · filter, 11, 12 · · · demodulator, 13, 146 fist output
terminal agent patent attorney Takama Ima 1 l-1 \ -1 'EndPage: 3