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3 Patent applicant representative Asahi Saeki 4, agent 6, catalog of attached documents-detailed
tatami. /, Title of invention
Loudspeaker diaphragm method
a) Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention, the speaker vibrating rod #!
intended to improve the stability of the speaker * i! It is about the law. Trees such as Ken rice,
Suba parg, Chlorine pulp etc! Loudspeaker aSS, which contains pulp and etc. and toughness fL
fiber of class II, is often used, but all of these are used for digestion of bast fiber, whitening,
blanching The yield at each process is unstable, and it is always a shame to keep a special order
at 51 o's due to the relationship with water temperature etc. For this reason, even if bast fibers of
one wound are blended in the essential pulp, Young's modulus, body w1 velocity, and one
characteristic necessary for the speaker of internal euphoria could not be beaten as stable for
nine minutes. The invention combines altIt with N and a water temperature Ke 7 at the time of
manufacture to achieve the characteristics of bast fiber as a means of nailing a woman of the
bast fiber as well as a woman of Chirashi company. Stabilize effective speaker characteristics by
changing the bast fiber 1IIc length with change, and changing the kneading to make the cocoon
bast fiber and the clay more stable. Of the speaker diaphragm that makes it a% value to improve
the! It relates to J & method. The following is an explanation of the surface appearance method
of the present invention, as the material mixing ratio of the speaker m-board, the essential I (rup
9-main 90-fishing to bast fiber 10-main j j %%-binding, this = Within the range of the BL wax, for
example, the ratio of three types of 30 to 50 5 * 4 to 0% to uo% vapor birch (1 to 3) is set to 10
to 3096 EndPage: 1. As described above, the first ML fibers of the three chains are fibrillated and
mixed according to the water temperature at the time of paper making, changing the mixing ratio
of each bast fiber within the above mixing ratio and mixing. , I14 / figure rc, rl, the broken line of
X is according to the conventional manufacturing method, and the season (at the time of paper
making), ie, the water temperature (Q change for The relationship of the Young's modulus (10
dyne / cm ') of a peristaltic board is shown. On the other hand, the symbol "・" according to the
present invention is the above-mentioned "10" -like relationship of 4 bottles in which a plurality
of billions of EL pulp is blended with wood pulp as in the above embodiment. According to the
solid line in the speaker diaphragm made according to the present invention, as shown in FIG. 1,
depending on the solid line, the changing site of the water 1 also has a fixed Young's modulus or
labor without any change in the season. またスピーカのJI! In terms of il & a's characteristics,
according to the method of concern of the wooden diaphragm, as shown in FIG. 1, the change Mu
of the sound pressure level (ILB) from about t00Hyt to 14000Hts. In the case where the variation
is not large, but according to the iJ & umbrella method of unknown moat IM, the sound pressure
level (aB over the IFJ /, jOOHsa / 0.000 Ha as shown in FIG. 3) Even if there is a variation in), the
area is small compared to the conventional case.
Since the present invention is a manufacturing method like the above, regardless of the season at
the time of manufacture of the speaker sliding plate, the characteristics of the added speaker can
be obtained, which is optimum for industrial fishing.
91 is a table showing the relationship of Young's modulus (10 ′ ′ dyne / Cmx) of diaphragms
to changes in water temperature according to the manufacturing method of the present
invention. The first two figures and FIG. 3 are respectively a brick-number characteristic curve
library showing a range of 1 according to the manufacturing method of the present invention
and the present invention. EndPage: 2