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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a front view, FIG. 2 is a partially cut side view, FIG. 4 is a partial enlarged side view. A5
sealing strip, ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Muddy taste ■ Next ■ secret machine capture box ■ Figure 1-93-t
real opening 50-44 140 (2)
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is also related to a speaker or a box
for stereo or other sound devices. The box in this block is a wood buying material which is said to
be preferable on order. Because it is constructed, it is not possible to obtain good sound unless it
is used only in a homogeneous place of good quality using special grade wood and other special
woods for manufacturing complicated and cost sieve and 0%. It became a sift value day by day,
and there was an uneconomical situation 4 not suitable for large kick production. Moreover, the
dg board is likely to fluctuate due to changes in the humidity temperature of the outside air,
which also affects the sound quality, and as an indoor device product, it is easily burned and VC
has been distrusted on fire protection. The purpose of this study is to effectively eliminate these
conventional defects, and to provide a completely inexpensive, ceramic and dark box for a
complete book which is extremely distorted and has a great deal with a large-sized roe. / B% is a
father in the present invention in the background without sounding a common electricity, writing
effect, sometimes even when turning the volume ft without breaking the sound bass band & C 注
會 會 會 全 全 全It is also one of the objectives to be able to establish a stable state (i-share, highquality and harmonious room interior 轢 憬 iC configuration). 某 よ 俸 1/1 / J ceiling wall 1.71
wall 2 which becomes concave wall, molded integrally using resin concrete to make the meat [16,
4t-oy, and 1 in punishment storage 5 ( If the baffle plate O provided is integrally provided with
the cash register / -3-concrete in a continuous state of at least one or more opposing inner walls
@ VC of the L opening U), the Vc1 frame is Place the cover part 7 for the table 1MIVc majestic
table, and add σ-4%! 51 / J @ + J is a speaker temple box which has a cap d and 9 on the rear
surface. The resin concrete may be, for example, cement concrete or @foamed concrete, a
concrete base material consisting of 6 holdings and the like, and a synthetic resin such as
polyester m fat, epoxy m fat, polyurethane resin phenol south side, 7 run resin or resin of these
Resin concrete made by mixing composite or similar material, resin wood stick which has
effective binder either alone or in combination (mixing ratio is the ratio of the former to the latter
in 1: 1: 01 ratio) Because this is a cavity in tm frame! ! There is no vibration, and it is molded by
heating, pressure molding or 'N temperature curing, and the entire breast of chest wall 4 or a
part thereof and buckle plate 6 are integrally V-formed. In addition, resin concrete materials can
be used in combination with gravel, crushed stone, borax, vermiculite, calcium carbonate, stearin
zinc and other non-combustible materials according to the need for cessation of resin concrete
materials-can be used-methyl ethyl ketone peroxide A curing agent such as, for example, a
cocoon promoter such as off-line cobalt, cobalt naphthenate and the like, U) other glass fibers,
synthetic resin foam, and asbestos can be used in appropriate combination.
The opening that serves as the edge of the solidified resin concrete wood, ie, the front side, the
forward peripheral line WC may be one width as it is, but preferably serves both as dimensioning
and as a connecting member. Thermoset resin such as polyester, epoxy, phenol, melamine,
silicone, polyurethane etc. or heat, such as acrylic and methacrylic, etc. Using technical plastics
such as fiberglass reinforced with fiberglass, etc. It is possible to form an integral 1C oriented
layer with appropriate thickness. In addition, resin concrete m% and Table 111 of the baffle plate
are in the same shape as they are, even if used with a brush, by @ treetop coating, paper, paper,
etc. The resin-concrete wall, which can be provisionally sieved with the wedge-fitting member 7,
and the wall of the resin-concrete wall covered with the Renocious material insert 7, is
continuous-hatched without any seams, ie punishment, p1 or p1囲 漫画 -5- cartoon ·] 囲 竜 面 開
口 開口 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 -5- 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え ば 例 え
ば 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫
画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画 漫画10 great grandchildren are fixed
to the opening rim which consists of, and it is convenient for fixing of the coverings 8 or 9, and
== made mind. The frame 10 has a step formed on the front face and 'f7 jlj: to make it easy to
attach a cage-1-1 is also preferable, and a ridge-like piece 1 or layer is crimped to the outer
surface of the covering member 7 It is possible to do surface facing processing, and in the giant
JJ inner group, to apply inner surface processing by pasting with other engineering sound
materials such as unevenness UI [iic surface, cloth, sun gear, C, etc., 17 and 2 It is reasonable.
The concrete-No-Gin concrete burial moxibustion is a 邊 邊 邊 邊 坏 坏 坏 炉 炉 炉 擁 擁 I fl fl fl fl
fl fl fl fl J J J + 慟 慟 慟 慟10 pieces of crushed body in the house that meets the eye @ see with a
glue adhesive, or make it a concavo-convex surface of a frame 109 joint surface fit fitting relic,
screw connection or this-j combination + It is convenient to integrate them in steps') 6 (+ set the
surface of the body 14 on the surface 14), · · easy to attach to the body, step 12 and for loading
C) A machine tool 1-5-6 is provided, and machining is performed to facilitate bolt tightening. In
the figure, 11 is a speaker storage chamber, 14 is a speaker, 15 is a nut formed by embedding a
nut with an adhesive, and is formed on the projecting rail 16 by twisting. 0 VC in the storage
chamber 11 of the casing 5 It is also effective to have a sound absorption vJ of 14 fi or more
with a strictly suitable sound absorption coefficient, if necessary. This article is integrated with
resin concrete mixed in one with resin material such as concrete material and synthetic resin etc.
for storing the speaker which can be enclosed from heaven @ 1, bottom wall 2 and 惧 j demon 6,
4 Baffle & 64 iif deployed in a single bowl, along with the slogan.
Note: Resist resin concrete 5 and one-piece gate VCW + strength A ゐ v ト v ス ピ ー カ ー
speaker box σ 囲 壁 s 54 54 54 肯 肯 肯 低音 低音 V V 歪 適 適 適 適共 押 え 押 え <、 即 ち 即
ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 低音 低音 低音 低音 低音 低音 低音 曽 効
効 効 効 効 曽 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 と と と と と と 4, 共 共 共 、 、 、 4 <ぜ 即 ち 即 ち
<即 ち 共 共 共 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち <即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 即 ち
即 ち 即 ち 即 ち 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 効. Even small-major boxes can be
produced at high output (1 or even if the volume is raised, the sound insulation property is
correct and the directivity of the sound uJ flow is also improved without the problem Since the
plate is made of resin concrete and integrated with the body wall, tweeters etc. can be eliminated
without interference by radiation sound waves, and the phase characteristics can be thoroughly
improved to eliminate Ibaraki V) aberration and improve directivity characteristics. A proper
electric power is given in the box VC and settled That is easy to put out a high-pitched tone is
clear and prevention can be rich bass also Zui become a town to 芭 the occurrence, and since has
become a resin concrete surrounding wall surface outside apparatus,! 1117J Swords roe is easy,
harmonizes with the room and is in good shape, elephant flower and rating l! It is easy to form in
a 1 l IIl design, and it can be manufactured inexpensively by casting with a formwork with a mold
made of resin concrete, and its superiority is also excellent, and there is no chattering uJ and
clear sound quality. To be beaten, to wear in a place, to be stable, to be stable in the air without
fluctuations, to be stable. There is no effect of the practical soil, such as being used as a fireproof
Q-nore, which is incombustible.