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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a is a plan view of a container, FIG. 1b is a back
view of the same container, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 1a. FIG. 3 is a plan view of
the lid, and FIG. 4 is a plan view of the disinfecting tablet. E ····· E ··· ribs, 12 ..... 儒体, 13 ......
disinfection tablets heat X ■ -27- Utility Model 50-38213 (2) Ya 1 tooth view χ F- 聾 ヰ
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a disinfectant container attached to the mouth of a telephone. Conventionally, when attaching
a disinfectant container for a telephone to the mouth of a telephone, a cover made of a soft
synthetic resin is covered, or a protrusion is provided on the back of the container to prevent it
from being pressed into the communication hole There is a drawback that the nine is easily
detached when the handset is roughly handled. This device is intended to eliminate this
drawback, and consists of a lid made of a net body and a frame into which this is inserted 1 and
directly opposite to that, in the mouthpiece 6) the closed hole The present invention relates to a
telephone disinfectant container comprising a container which is provided with a projection to be
inserted and is coated with an adhesive on the same side. The structure of the embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. The container 1 is a frame of
a disc-shaped synthetic resin molded body, and the frame is a circular outer frame λ and a
concentric inner frame 3 , The outer frame 3 is connected by a radially extending straight bone,
circumscribed to the inner frame 3, and further, a middle frame of a concentric circle also
between the outer frame λ and the inner frame 3! Is provided. In addition, at a position where
the circumference is equally divided, a carnivore is provided at a portion +0 surrounded by the
upper mup bone t, the inner frame 3 and the middle frame, and a picture of a part of b A slitle 6a
is provided at a position tIL corresponding to the communication hole / back of the mouthpiece
Iμ shown in FIG. And as shown to 2v, an adhesive agent is apply ¦ coated to the back side of the
container 1 in contact with the speech-sending date λAl ≠. Of course, it is preferable to put a
protective tape on the front side of the container 1 because the adhesive sticks around just by
applying the adhesive. Next, in FIG. 1a, the portion of the bone l to be joined to the end of the
bone l and the outer frame λ is made thick, and a protrusion a is provided thereon. Then, the
outer periphery of the below-mentioned annular Y angular poison tablet 13 just fits on the
intermediate frame j and the inner periphery on the inner frame 3 by the projection pa. A groove
Ja (see FIG. 2) to be fitted with a lid 7 is provided inside the outer frame at the outside of the
projecting position of the protrusion 4ca. The lid 7 is a molded product of a synthetic resin
consisting of a flat net 12 having an outer diameter capable of fitting to the outer frame of the dshaped body #I, 2aK. The mesh 12 is reinforced by a suitable shape l /. Fig. 3 is a plan view of
the disinfecting tablet 13 contained in the container 1. The flat ring having a thickness of about
11 m and an inner diameter 13a is the same diameter as the inner frame 3 of the container 1.
Since this device is configured as described above, remove the protective tape of the electric
filling disinfectant container and push the protrusion on the back side of the mouthpiece / 4
<communication hole / 4'aK to press the same container. Since the adhesive is attached to the
back side of the container, the mouthpiece surface and the container are adhered.
The vessel never comes off easily. As described above, this invention is provided with a
projection on the back side I of the container, and since it is inserted in the communication hole,
it adheres reliably on the mouthpiece without side-shifting, and even if the receiver is roughly
handled, it is disinfectant The effect of the husband's soil is that there is no problem when the
container comes off.