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L name of invention
Ime-(1) 4 separate claims each of the headphones of Eme to reproduce genuine taodoro goods
ivy stockpiling! Is it four telephones or lotus? The headphone consists of headphones for
reproducing genuine Odra Hoetta sounding information recorded by 4-channel technology using
Leo Anhi Honik Dek, which are in each headphone earpiece for front and back sounds
respectively The sound generation of the sound generation 5ttt specific design is covered with
eclipse also supported JIIK, the earpieces Sakibei written that the headphones were in place on
the head, that apart from the ear IIi application Footpieces of such a depth as to occupy a natural
position; in the case with a cao cylinder, the support 11 (4) a canal from the canal of the ear
canal-but equidistant-and of different sizes While there are two writing loori ice (6), ** part
orifice (6) is for 鉤 -acoustic sounding # Ll, while slightly hotter-Oli ice rJ114Fi, rear storage
place generation , And each of the two suspension stops 1I (7) (8) acts as a pressure chamber on
the support wall (4) next to the forward sound 0fa S loorifice (6) 5) and (6) are assembled in a
sound damping mode, and a plaster guide (ii) is formed to direct this material to the ear canal (7)
of the ear, and further, a rear storage field generator (8) The Loori ice (b) is placed at one point
on the support wall (4) so that the back sound is directed into the area between the Kushi Shin
Linda and the back of the pinna (b) Headphones characterized by
Detailed description of the invention The present invention fli is a personal computer that uses
four separate microphone costs Hoji or one stereo Amphitheater. The present invention relates to
a headphone for reproducing nine genuine emotions 11 recorded by Yannel technology. The
headphones have respective sound generators for the front and rear sounds in each headphone
earpiece. EndPage: 2 The sound generator is coated with a specially designed hole by a
motorized support wall. In addition, the earpiece rim is a heg-de-phone, and when the upper part
is in place, the ear itself is layered from the head and occupies the natural position, and the inner
part of the earpiece is formed by the cotton ring and the support wall. The fore and aft areas are
provided with cushions of such a depth that they can be separated without being isolated from
one another. Quadrafoey means the distribution between the four respective channels of the
entire information that is wiped out by recording using four microphones phones. Two
Mandatory Ways Information from the right and left microphones @ Butterfly, in most cases
through channels 1 and 11, supplied to two "speakers" installed in the listener's eyelids for
forward information Acts as (right / left). The Qi II from a further 24I microphone, usually
located behind the fork recording position, is in each case fed to the two speakers located behind
the listener 0 via the third and fourth channels ◎ · · Will be done. When using speaker playback,
the above spatial localization can be MH by installing these 411 O speakers, but headphones! In
Ii つ く, one must be created in front of the listener right and left one for each listener and one
behind him with one right and left, and to create the same kind of spatial localization possible for
the human ear Placement and measures are taken. In the following, we limit the discussion of the
human ear and a single headphone to describe how the # / 11 angle image is produced. While L
L, while the other ear and the other head phone ear bees produce right / left localization using
similar information, it is self-evident to complete the taodoroehotsuta sound image 視 覚 by
visual experience The guaranteed localization of the front right / left and rear right / left side "M'" cars is less reliable for headphone listening. This is because d, here the position of each
member of the loudspeaker-lacks the visual aid provided by it. In the case of headphones, right /
left listening distributes the right and left information to the respective earpieces of the
headphones, so it is not an unknown pupil-but despite that, making front and back distinctions
and recording microphones of the sound source It is difficult to determine the distance from the
phone, ie, the spatial configuration of the recording position, and the A0 listener listens to it in
the form of a quadrahotsk, based solely on the front and It is not enough to incorporate a rear
sound generator and to output the quadraphonics information-.
One reason for the directional positioning ability is the interruption and transfer of tosten port
flow! ! It is related to the interruption of Noh's succession. This II 'i pieces of information
different legs 1: 8 (I destroy the simultaneousness of the arrival to the ear canal. It is an object of
the present invention to provide genuinely recorded information and headphones for the
reproduction of stereo ambijotecs and other quadra bola performances, and it is the company's
intention to monitor the direction and source of the sound source. It is possible to determine the
distance of the performance, and also the spread of the space of the orchestration, for example,
and also to make it possible to simulate the space effect by each member's timing value in
response to the space performance (simultaneously and in an orderly sequence i Bring to be
effective ◎ 本 @@ 発 以下 の し し し hh に −--. Local positioning of the microphone in the
recording field records placement of the microphone in its original position via similar matching
positioning of the corresponding sound generator around the ear canal! It must be faithfully
reproduced to serve the resemblance of the position of italophone-. All four parts of the
quadruple-hook information provide spatial parameters as well as exciting instantaneous values
that serve as range parameters, which can be generated at the time of recording in the
simultaneous-based directivity relationship. Thus, the correct reproduction of all quadruple
goods performances-in the case of hw, the first and second microphones 1 *-the analysis of lifetime or the generation of So 6 late 4 sound development #! The vessel must produce the same
spatial structural features given to the microphone-phone from EndPage: 3 in the ear canal, on
the other hand, in an intense sound. For example, 鑓 -6111 @ One part of the is correctly
reproduced by correct% / hf / MWj5 echogenicity-but with a rear sound 11 '′) 41tllll I # i11
o'clock that originates from the proper rear acoustical generator of the same rattan If the ear
canal Kjlll lags behind the threshold, then rjtso perceptual center rjIIA is disturbed, which is
interpreted as the back signal company's forward signal arriving at the forehead and a false nine
gIN image is generated. The headphones according to the present invention reach from the
LeIJ if the following conditions are satisfied, and the information including the sound quality
characteristics of the sound source arrives at the same time as the information coming from the
back or a little earlier If it is not #f or 'oL, it is the same simultaneously recorded color, each
simultaneous value no longer belongs to -11.
z Information to arrive from the front of the auricle W /! Part must be transmitted directly and
focused, and also be directed to the auricle, directed by the shortest path of J5 ap & diffuse the
sound arriving from behind * rj sound, timbre, shine, power and clear The ear canal should be
reached as an instant value which is at the same time or a very small amount of time, together
with a simplistic, あ d's tone color. 4, the internal acoustics of the headphone earpiece 'such as to
ensure that the sound source specific delay difference between the arrival of the forward and
backward sound # 砿 is passed to the eardrum of the ear without any change to the sound source
It must be done. Because it is not-because the ear records incorrect localization. In other words,
the ear is encased in a relatively small 172 room of the herd phone earpiece 9, shielded from
normal impression and experience. The ear must correctly hear the order of the performance of
the original performance without simultaneously sensing the sound source lI within the earpiece,
otherwise the experience planned within the center of 0 perception must be For example, the
space image is destroyed by being confused by different dimeson 0 tracking mK. In addition to
spatial localization, the information makes it possible to determine the distance to the resource
or, in other words, the range. Information is direct and indirect information (7 Ormant color and
capacity P? Of the sound source from the father, the reproduction element (ear or microphonephone) [10] which is a combined propagation mixture of timbre and sound that contains the
information Sounds are related to each other (envelope) This is determined by the distance of the
sound source and also the relation in which they reach the microphone. If this pre-mixing occurs
at different distances from the microphone or the ear L1 itself the III mixture shows a component
structure that is a member. Thus, the pottery piece of Qin Feng carries, for example, a tryi 8
concert, but it is manifested by the ear to a different hearing range. This pre-mixing of the
eyebrow suffers a loss of high magic waves on the way to the ear 0 This is also recorded as a
measurement of Ef range in the ear. Space, direction and range patemeters are direction of
sound, blue, time difference, density, phase, order, envelope curve difference and all
combinations of these. The present invention solves the problem of reproduction of spatial
information unique to the original by the following means. The L-1iF spring generator is
mounted on its outboard roiri ice in a mount designed as a pressure chamber, the outroe loori ice
for m-force comes in front of the auricle into the forward area inside the earpiece Rear sound
outlet olyice opens behind the pinna inside the earpiece.
This front sound oliice is about los smaller than the rear sound oliice ◎ 5, # the horn sound
oliice is preferably in the shape of a cis = spit, open towards the front of the pinna and 'tilted at
about 60 ° Has a front guide portion with a flat reflection, which directs the front sound to the
holes in the ear canal with force, shine and clarity EndPage: 46 rear sound generation-has a
weaker rear sound property- Alternatively, it may be regenerated in the rear part of the large
earpy area behind the pinna in a number of ways, either by velocity conversion which is
completely absent or by diffusion introduction. With these means daughter-in-law, information
on the information and it's correct one-phase reproduction of the parameter III (range)
parameter into the t′′bb space as a result of the false intermediate transmission ′ ′ from the
sound generator to the ear canal, its one phase It serves to guarantee without breaking up
different momentary contacts. In the condition that the forward sound of the inside of the
earpiece and the backward sound orifice are at the same 11 JI and the simultaneous playback of
the continuous O leg 1 is achieved through the increasing degree of speed conversion, the
forward front W is As a result of the detour of the rear sound 01 part around the pinnacle, it
arrives earlier and this rear sound receives less velocity conversion and also converges and
sharply reflects nine relatively high-amplified front sound information at the same time With
regard to the reaching of the ear of the Ili value, which reliably avoids 11 cm @ O1n @ without
making a piece of information a simultaneous burst of radiation of instantaneous value, so as not
to be fragmented in so much space. Therefore, it is the critical factor that causes this to occur in
the forward sound of 0. Because of the higher velocity conversion, the introduction of the
forward sound information into the ear as the first information is the same time interval between
information KIN time characteristics Is reserved by the present invention, while The support wall,
which delimits the inner area of the earpiece sunshade, should be lined with a thin layer to
absorb any false reflections. One part of the information using reflection to more clearly
distinguish range differences-selective long-damp attenuation of the high-waste-wave contrast
falsification against the position of the front acoustic generator, Promoted by positioning the
document generator, and given a larger II-inbek). This is not to be mixed with the Laurit-Zen
effect, which results in a false sense of stereo by injecting into one channel (and possibly into the
primordial channel) the delayed signal taken from one channel. . According to the invention, the
effect already present on the envelope of the piece of information-the curve-axis of a piece of
information, is indeed in the direction of higher shoulder waves so as to show a brighter WIK
range by using three different means in practice. Due to the occurrence of steeper decay slopes,
and also due to the larger heat-emphasis of this gradient i, it is easier and easier to obtain K11 l
and gives a greater luck-impact).
Other details IIA of the information will become apparent from the following description of the
embodiment shown in the drawings or figure 1. Figure 1 shows the first embodiment of the
headphone earpiece generally indicated in (1) In cross section, the outer wall) is attached to the
part (8) of the housing by its support wall (4) in an optional manner. The support J! ! (4) The
mounts (5) and (6) are formed on the front sound generator (Te) and the rear sound generator
(11) in a sound-boundar fashion. 着 2 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音
響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音
響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音
響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 2) 0) to make the rear sound lI generation III) ':)
Yoshiomi power wi-0 These rooms create velocity transformation of sound via their oliices (6)
and (ii) in a manner known per se Mouth supporting wall (4) <The forerunner Loi Fiss (b) at the
center directly below the front sound generator (7), and directly below this to the auricle, and f:
on the supporting wall (-) If it is made or not, if it is 9% installed? A program is provided. The
scoop is located in the same plane as the front edge of the ice, and is disposed at about 60 °
with respect to the support wall (4) and has a nine-tone reflector (d). The scoop (b) and
reflectors-finger, direct and advance the previous sound coming out of the previous Loori ice (2),
and promote it by means of tl & short circuit, into the hole of the ear canal))・ Provides the
brightness, power and clarity of the sound with as much height as possible against 111 m before:
◎ Thus the shape and structure of the encircling curve of the information from the recording
microphone according to the present invention from the microphone Recognize the sound source
category better (A control is given richer and more "I see." In response to the partial deduction of
this subsequent anti-company high shoulder wave, this company's resource distance 1114o is
perceived as an apparent increase in the resource's resources, and thus the end point of the rear
end page: 5 di. Directly below the generator (8), the support wall (4) has a weir (6). In contrast to
the front orifice (6) of the front sound generator (7), this has neither a child guidance scoop nor a
reverberation plate-but a back front, a back ear, an after O W & 1.) It is directed diffusely into the
area between the) and the phone part of the housing (1) attached to the housing (1) of the head
phone ear beads (1). The rear sound generator (8) and its pressure component-O sound emission
orifice 11 is more than that of the front sound generator (7)- The resulting velocity conversion ithan that produced by the aft acoustic generator-(al * n, so that if the various instantaneous
values are simultaneous d, the acoustic generators are approximately the same from the entrance
of the ear canal It is guaranteed to Jl 保証 that forward sound information arrives first as
required by the present invention if it has a distance of 0. Thus, the spatial and distance
information of the original sound from the sound source to the ear canal Continuity and
recording of the recording field and its related area context is assured-with a depth such as Tassi
and Yoshida), which has a natural free posture it normally takes away from the head .
The sound generation W # (T) (8) is pressed firmly to the mount (5) (6) by the transmission # O
flexible pad (@) @ Figure 1A shows the outer wall (2 of the earpiece (1) 9) A front acoustic
generator (7) and a mount (6) in a state where it has been removed, and a rear acoustic
generator (6) and its manant (6). Under the 0 front acoustic generator (7) showing a fragmented
plan view of the interior of the gutter, it is virtually hidden from the k, the support wall (4) pc
shadowed, as indicated by the dashed line Loori ice (9) is present, and its orifice has a narrow
rectangular shape. According to the invention according to the invention, the lower sheet 011
under the rear sound generator (8) provided on the support wall and shown in broken lines has a
slightly curved shape and conforms to the cylindrical cylinder shape. Front sound generation
according to #! ! From the above-mentioned Loori ice (2) related to (γ)-(Laruka Daikichi-o jlIs
figure shows a specific example of the headphone y yabis of the present invention. It differs from
the first embodiment in the following points. That is, the front acoustic emission Ij, together with
its mount (5) with the drum even the forearm pressure-), the vessel (7), the sound it generates
into the hole in the ear canal)) It is distinguished from the first example by the fact that it is
directed obliquely to the support 11 (4) 0, but before it does so the forward sound is at an angle
of about 415 ° to the direction of the sound And a baffle-like strip that produces double
reflections (2 × 90 °) slightly overlapping with each other. The rear acoustic generator (8) with
its pressure chamber ■ its mounting (6) acts exactly in the same way as the rear acoustic
generator of the first embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 and 1 & I'm snarling. On the left of the lower
sheet, a bass guiding rod is formed on the support wall (4) which extends into the space between
the rear of the pinna and the cushion ring. This guidance is to direct the rear sound through a
longer path clearly on the rear of the pinna. FIG. 21 shows the inside of the headphone of FIG. 2
with the rear acoustic generator (8) with the lid of the outer wall (2) removed and in the stoma
chamber) lifted up. Shows a cross section of The loaori ice cream comes from a series of arched
holes (2) in the drum, and the total area of these pits is according to the invention from that of
the sound oliice beat of the front acoustic generator ()) Too big. These give the back sound more
diffuse, as a result the tone is more lost without power, shine and clarity.
The shape of the chamber and its associated pressure N coincide with the arched arrangement of
these holes 1 and therefore approximate the shape of the kidney. FIG. Ab shows the cutaway
view through the chamber 1 and hole in the support wall (4). The third brow shows a crosssectional view of a third example of the spatula 5 dophone ear beads of the present invention.
The shape of the mount (5), that is, the pressure chamber, and the arrangement thereof are the
same as in the first embodiment A. The difference is that the mounts (6) and-for the front and
rear sound generators (7) (8) lie alongside one another 9, the rear sound generation! i (a) it is
arranged in the center and goes to the outside 11 EndPage: 6 between the outer wall and the
supporting wall of the Yabice (1)! The project is fired in one place. The mount thus does not
constitute a pressure chamber in this embodiment-the rear sound spreads out before taking it
out of the loaf and it takes a long path. This actually makes the front and back more diffuse 〇
Fig. 3 & Fig. Ifia One acoustic generation II (7) (8) and the loin of the front of the 813 shown
inside with the Lo-Lo-Fiss (ro) It is WIN '. FIG. 4 shows a cross-sectional view of the first
embodiment of the head phone ear beads according to the present invention. In this case, the O
front exit hole for the front sound generator (7) is the central short tube piece and the mount (6)
acting as a pressure chamber is provided with a sound guide at the inlet orifice of the central
tube- Connected to the sound damping mode via The diaphragm of the front acoustic generator
(te) also in the sound guide), in its path to the tube H, through an angle of sound 1 j 45 °, to be
able to control the radiation flat and flush The McEntous of the rear acoustic generator (8) of the
example does not act as a pressure force-because, for example, it is formed from a series of
multiple spacer legs 4 which support the isocond (8) in a circular fashion to one another. The
spacer leg # 4 butterfly, which is from 0, is coated with a ring or band HK of porous soft foam
material in its entirety or in part. Left front @ o of the O lode Loorifice (R) for the rear sound
generator (8). In order to direct the rear sound to the rear of the pinnae (b) as in the embodiment
of FIG. FIG. 4 & FIG. Company, rear acoustics generation 11 ff) and its mount with the sound
guide-and its short tube section in the damped state-its mount with the inlet orifice of FIG. Figure
shows. Rear sound generator (8) is great! -Removed on the 9th showing 4 legs and soft-embraced
gobing rings or bands-= = indicates the preceding Roori ice for the rear sound generator (8) It is.
Simple drawing of Il! Figure 1 is a part of rTI diagram of the first embodiment of the headphone
set according to the present invention, which is subjected to limit wI by eight acoustic generators
and a twin ring, and within ninety four wells. Fig. 1 & O Earpiece O Internal View of Ofr, Fig. 1 &
Fig. 1 is an illustration of the inner end of the earpiece O, with the outer end wall of the earpiece
removed and in good condition three acoustic generators-the generator and these generators Is a
view showing the above-mentioned loo loafiss hidden underneath. FIG. 3 shows a cutaway ETr
view of the headphone Os 2 embodiment according to the present invention, with a diagonally
arranged front sound generator and a horizontally placed, front-rear sound generator, FIG. 3 &
FIG. The internal fragmentary view of the head phone ear beads shown, complete with the rear
acoustic generator and the associated bow pressure chamber with the previously mentioned
roori ice. FIG. 2ib shows the rear acoustic generation-parts of the pressure chambers of FIG. Ji &
FIG. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the headphone 0j13 embodiment O of the present
invention, including a rear sound generator that dissipates towards the outer wall of the earpiece
housing. Fig. 3 & Fig. 3 is an illustration of the interior of the headphone earbice of Fig. 3 with
the front of the rear acoustic generator acting into the interior of the earpiece housing visible at
the right end of the two acoustic generator earpieces. You can borrow an exit hole. FIG. 4 is a
cross-sectional view of a fourth embodiment of a spatula of the present invention, a dophone,
wherein the front outlet hole of the front acoustic generator is a short-central tube and the rear
acoustic generator mount is in fact pressure Fig. 41 shows an example of a chamber, but
consisting of a series of spanner rows, and Fig. 41 is a view inside the headphone of Fig. 4-the
outer wall of the earpiece is shown in plan view with the condition removed. 0 (4) ・ · · · Support
wall (5) (6) · Conflict · Maung) (7) (8) · · · · · · sound generation l I 圓 e · · · · previously out Roori ice
(b) · · · scoop · · · -In the canal of the ear canal)-in the auricle---Preceding Loori ice (b)-in the
auricle--Tatsushiring ring. Aufatachen agent Kitamura Aki-4 Absent EndPage: 71F,%, Inventors
other than the above, patent applicants or agents (1) inventor (2) patent applicants. EndPage: 9
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