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1 Title of the Invention 4 Agent 〒 571 [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent LaidOpen No. 50-300970 Japanese Patent No. 50. (1975) 3.26. -2s / '//-[phase] filing date Shono ε
(19Q) //, zD examination request (all 3 pages) Office internal reference number' 732655]
specification 1, name of invention 1, name of invention niretare , A method 2 of manufacturing
an electric wire, a piece of a metal plate having a small hole of 1118 beats numbered in the
claims of NM-on a nyrefle 1.. F) possible polymer films are superposed, and hot cold air is blown
from the above polymer film-and the above gold jl # J: is used to bake the e polymer film, and 4
to the above polymer film A method of manufacturing an electret y) I @ element, wherein the
boring of a portion that is resistant to the small holes is formed.
Elect, To sand Y yo l Nitoma V2 eating person-Name V% j, W =, K
3. Detailed description of the invention *--靜 瀝 音響 11 &-Jl! F)やスイ。 The present invention
relates to a method of manufacturing an ELEXILE 1F) 11 @ element used as an element. For
microphones, speakers, pushbutton switches, etc.), microphones, speakers, etc. #C: Electre. :
There is also the a 'system, but the vibration system and the electric system are divided to aim at
the same as the characteristics, and the system using the electret element as the fixed III is
considered in this system for rL, push button switch Is it general? For example, as shown in FIG.
1, a speaker using an electret electrode element is a film-like electret formed on a fixed electrode
2.2 'provided m # hm * Iic in the same manner)) 3.21' 4 is a spacer for keeping the distance
between the vibration tx1 and the fixed 1 pole 2 in a pair, and 6.5 'is an electret electrode atom 2
now a, 2' + 3 ' It is a small hole. In the past, such electrets, etc. [When making a pole ladder, fix it!
On 2.2. 2, electretized n, * a by various crystals WIiK has already been added, and molecular
films are added together by means of thermofusion, or an untreated film is subjected to
electretization ^. The rigid electret tube was not used as it is, and it was not necessary to use the
same air-piercing small hole 6 as the fixed electrode (the work was necessary as the final
construction site). According to this conventional method @, the adhesive is used for EndPage: 1Juzenkai II! The adhesive adversely affects the electretized stomach, and in the case of -1 fusion,
it has an adhesive strength or m- and one defect, and both together and 4-one small hole 5.6 '
The process of opening was complicated and caused a marked decline in productivity. In the case
of a heating device, if the polymer film is llll on a flat plate of gold and then the small hole is
pierced at i11, the above-mentioned complexity is a problem. There was a danger of peeling off
at one point. The invention seeks to provide a method of making an electret wt pole element that
eliminates the above disadvantages of the prior art. The following is the * town for the red space
in relation to the process between homes. Untreated supramolecular film S as shown in FIG. Open
small holes 6 in advance 1-IrL metal plate 2. In other words, punching metal VC laminated, ti!
After setting up the jig on the jig designed for the pressure and pressure, the softness of the
polymer film, and the softening of the polymer film, the pressure of the air from the top surface
is reduced to 6-f1 cm 411. Add
11 Lug or inhale from the lower surface. In this process, pressure is applied from the top as
shown in gs diagram. Reduce pressure on the lower side. The polymeric eye, lum a, is torn with a
corresponding small hole 6 at the small hole portion, including the inner wall of the small hole 6.
It softens and bonds in the contact area with the metal surface. After that, W & molecule film * tC
electorate, and carry out transformation treatment to obtain eletate y) l polar feces. * One for
invention! As shown in FIG. 4, the 4I% i molecular film 3 has formed a surface layer on the inner
wall of the small hole 6. Therefore, particularly when processing using an electric field, the late
W1 phenomenon occurs. It is desirable that the probability of occurrence of The polymer film
layer 3 is a solid #C fixed to cover the metal plate 2 to be the fixed Wl pole, and after that the
electret is formed, so a substance which adversely affects the electretability is used without being
used. M-ized electret y) II pole ladder can be obtained. Moreover, if the polymer film is solid on
the fixed electrode, the air will not be released from the bottom of the small hole. It is superior to
you. In addition, according to the II property of the molecular film, it is clear that N4 vh can
prevent deterioration of the polymer 74 by adding imme- diate gas to the 9-foot device. The
pressure of the gas itself is Ws% A is determined by the material and thickness of small hole 1L
polymer 74 lmm of the hollow metal. For example, when a 126 μl 1 μm P film is # 1 on a small
hole of a diameter 60φ, thickness 1-metal IILK pore size Ltlxxmd, and a small hole of pitch 2
garden, 260 ° C., s ˜ Kg / @Im 'compression job-by air) ■ The target has been reached. a, a brief
description of 5i- Ily Ill e) v) a) Nm * I [all of the speaker incorporating the electrode element
incorporated in the manufacturing method of the present invention IN # C high polymer film
metal plate and metal sheet Breaking 5iai, gsaa with this one 1! It is a cut off tIi diagram of the
electret W1 糎 element obtained by cutting the jig (IWl, 111411 by Akira Kijima) for application.
"1... Belonging to # 2, 2.2 '... Fixed electrode, 3.3"... Polymer film 4.4... Svener 0s, s'.. EndPage: 26Inventors and agents other than the above (1) Inventors (2) Agent address Bold Gadoshin 1006,
Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture-Name within Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (6152) Patent
attorney Atsushige Takano? ˜ ˜ '' '□ □ 1%-1 Procedure 1 Amendment "2 Title of the Invention 2
Name of the Invention Elect 4c · / L Electric Carrier → M Stabilizer Patent Applicant Address
Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oza Kadoma 1006 Name (582) Representative Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co., Ltd. Representative Matsushita Shoji 4 Agent 〒 571-Address Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma City Oza Kadoma 1006 "in Matsushita Electric Industrial Voice Co., Ltd. [Contact
information 0KjE45373111 Compartments], t +) + JP9% '414 te 4r ′ ′ <ρ 1., t, r,