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■ 4 channel tape performance device ■ Japanese Patent Application No. 46-40409 [phase]
Application No. 46 (1971) published on June 8 Shiro 48-7721 @ Sho 48 (1973) January 31 0
inventor Koji Suzuki Brahma Gunma Prefecture Oizumi-cho Oji Sakata 180 Tokyo Sanyo Electric
Co., Ltd. @ applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Moriguchi city Keihan Hondori 2 18 18 Tokyo Sanyo
Electric Co., Ltd. Gunma Pref. A four channel tape playing apparatus for playing back a tape on
which a channel program source and a four channel program source are recorded to have
compatibility therebetween. Recently, for example, with regard to a cassette tape, practical use of
a system for dividing a pair of magnetic tracks provided for the 2-channel program sound on the
occasion of recording on a 4-channel program source magnetic tape has been studied. According
to such a method, a 2-channel program tape can be reproduced by a four-channel tape player as
well as a four-channel program tape can be reproduced by a two-channel tape player, and
complete compatibility between them is guaranteed. Be done. However, in the tape performance
in which such compatibility is guaranteed, it becomes difficult to identify whether the tape
provided for performance is a 2y-channel program or a 4-channel program. In particular, this
becomes a problem when the user records by himself the 2 channel program source and the 4
channel program source on the same tape and records them in sequence and reproduces them
sequentially, identifying them automatically and making them It would be extremely beneficial
for the user if it were possible to obtain any device that could inform the user. This is because, by
knowing it, the user can immediately select either two-channel performance or four-channel
performance corresponding to the tape program, or simulate discrete 4-channel performance
and 2-channel program as 4-channel performance. It is possible to switch between so-called
pseudo 4 channel playing. Therefore, it is an object of the present invention to automatically
determine whether the tape pro [111111] EndPage: 1 for a tape recorded so that two channel
program saune and four channel program saune have compatibility between them. Can be
identified and reported to the user, and the dog becomes an effective dog for practical use.
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