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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an example of the
microphone holder of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing a part of FIG. 1
in detail, and FIG. 3 is an application example of the microphone holder of the present invention
FIG. 1 ········ Microphone support post mounting bracket, 2 ································· Y-shaped member z
emissions mounting member, 8,8 ', 8〃 ...... flange, 9-20 煖 · A23 ...... flexible portion, 24 ...... zoom
stand, 25 ... .... Microphone support column, 26 ..... Microphone. . 11-II Figure 2-55-Japanese
Utility Model Application Publication No. 50-24122 (2) Figure 3-56
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to a microphone
holder. Microphones, small microphones in poetry, for example, shadows due to vibration
transmitted from the floor of the studio through the microphone stand? Receiving and Ding '1.
The object of the invention is to make the microphone holder I'll not to transmit the abovementioned vibration to the microphone. The microphone holder of the present invention
comprises four microphone support mounting brackets, four WR fR-like bodies provided
approximately concentrically at appropriate intervals, and four r-microphone microphone
support rasps and scissors each other. Feeding members, microphones attached to microphones
C with cages C woods and dogs having one end are suitable for the rod-like body at one end (5+
to lightning, 4+ !! 臨 臨 に 記 flq 胡]] ′ ′ 千 千 千 千 γ γ γ γ γ γ γ γ ζ 喋 · ÷ · よ う(CL,
what? ヤをとする。 About drawing! I-坤 帥 ・ ・ · · 窟 窟 不 、 マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン
マ イ ク ロ ホ ン テ テ テ 11 マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン
ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ンAttached to a pillar (3rd Cabinet). The
microphone support mounting bracket l is rotatably connected to the rotary unit 2 minutes so
that the microphone voice of the microphone support mount mounting fixture l and the lil long
line λ can be arbitrarily adjusted. Do. In addition, in this first part J, the 11l part I of the Yshaped Shishirin forest 3 (in the position of FIG. Attached so that the ring-shaped members and
μ's are one-on-one and properly spaced apart from each other at the @ end of the Y-shaped
member 3 I will set a goal. If necessary, an arm qs is provided at a position opposite to the Yshaped member 3 in these example members da and l ', and the i guard of the annular members?
And?' Is also l11 t? Make it possible to hold on to a certain car. In addition, a microphone is
provided with a microphone at one end and a ring-shaped body is fixed, and this V + '4if. ,? お よ
び V body J is placed on 7 and 7's r and r'R, and 7's and 7 'r's and 7's. Make the body q 'located
on the r' and r '. 7Lanji r-r 'and one rod body and l' and a few small scale elastic parts such as
rubber cord! 179〜! Bonded by θ, and by the tension 9 effect by the elasticity of these
elongate elucent materials, it is possible to taste by passing through the approximate central axis
of wTl marked paper 6 gauze-like body 6 Do.
How to attach to the slender elastic S 畔 all 7 lungs! · For example, a male, 2 da Botte, 7 u> t in
the hole 21 1 1 1 1 11 spaced apart along its incised edge, through one end of the metal fitting
and this end 2 Bend this other metal fitting 22-a bend that is formed! l! The elongated elastic
members 9 may be connected to each other. It is preferable that the metal tube be covered with a
vinyl tube to absorb vibration noise. Moreover, when attaching an elongate elastic member to a
bowl-like body, it can carry out similarly to the above-mentioned. Further, in FIG. 1, reference
numeral 3 denotes a flexible part of the information, and the microphone attached to the
microphone attachment member 7 is an optional interval for the non-town bending 1 part (part
other than the bore in B) of the rod-like body. To bite a bite. FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing
an example applied to the above-described microphone holder of the present invention. In Figure
3, M is a boom stand? B is the friend microphone support column mentioned above, and S is a
microphone microphone. In the case of this example, this T icrichone support column Ek is
hollow, and the microphone support mounting fixture l? insert. It is preferable that the rod 6 be
hollow and that the microphone 6 be inserted into the rod 6 as shown in FIG. In addition,
depending on the weight of the microphone to be used, opposite to the microphone mount
member 7 of the lower body 4) Counterway at the end of the l) t1r! It can also be made to stick.
The present invention is not limited to the above-described example, but it is a matter of course
that many more f. For example, for each of 7 runes IA-1 'and ring-shaped dabs, an example of
providing elongated elastic portions Wt on both sides or pieces of ρ11 cJ on both sides?
Although illustrated, the number of these elongated elastic members is not limited to three, and
in short, the four rods 6 may be held substantially at the center of the annular attachment.
Moreover, 7 rashiji l 'and a lit related to this! It is also possible to omit the long-lasting elastic
material (/ 2 to / 7). lea Furthermore, for the metal fitting 22r skin, it is an elongated elastic
member tube 1 and it is in an annular body and an annular body! [1%! Leg elastic members
q, t, 1K, IK all consist of a long elastic member kidney, 1 w 1 e busy elastic members 10, / 3, / 6 /
/ and / / l / l, It can also be configured with one long and thin elastic member r for 17 and 217
minutes, respectively. □ 5 · By the rate design 1 because Y1, Ll & l small Si support forest Most
of the vibration that is transmitted through the forest etc. is absorbed by the slender elastic
member, so the unthinkable microphone holder is susceptible to all the effects of the vibration
Suitable as a holder for small microphones and relatively f11!
It can be made a brilliant M. Also, a microphone on the subject? Because it is a built-in structure,
it is possible to prevent the microphone support column and the boom stand from being inserted
into the screen at the time of production by television number, etc.