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■ Japanese Patent Disclosure Patent Publication-1 ■ Japanese Patent 5. Q−・2? q2↓
′。 JP, 5. Q−・2? q2↓ ′。 Unclaimed (4 pages in all) Description 1, Title of the
Support mechanism of vibration system in speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of the
means for supporting the vibration system in the speaker j (more specifically, the tension system
is supported by a plurality of stretched strips. The present invention relates to a support
mechanism which makes it possible to improve the linearity of the vibration amplitude over a
wide range and to ensure the support function of the vibration system, by making the
construction of the mechanism new. . 1 illustrates an example of the basic configuration of a
conventionally known string-supported (also called wire suspension) speaker. 1 (main part plan
view) and FIG. 2 (main part vertical f cross-sectional view), for example, three supporting strips
2)-. (2) It is stretched in the shape of a straight horn, and each of its striated members is fixed to
the voice film bobbin (11, etc.) of the vibration system mainly at its middle point (c), each end is
fixed by appropriate means (3 ) · · · Fixed to (3) and fixed in advance, and applying appropriate
tension to each of the strips in advance to magnetize the bobbin +17, pole i5) · (6) It is arranged
to be maintained in the gap (7). In addition, (4) shows the diaphragm comprised, for example in
dome shape, and fYl-in shows the vibration direction of this diaphragm. Such a configuration is
the source of this kind of subroutine. However, in the supporting means having the abovementioned constitution, there are several problems as described later, and since they are
mutually reciprocal and show mutually contradictory relationship, the high fidelity of
reproduction characteristics is measured. Above all, it has become a major steep road. As a
matter of course, the action of the support mechanism is to be voiced EndPage: 1, so that the
material of the strip (2) constituting the support mechanism does not change with age, so that it
can be used in the use environment. Select the ones that are not affected, and-to measure the
accuracy and stability of the support, 1 especially high power (the ones driven by iron and the
pole gap (for the purpose of measuring the sound conversion efficiency) In the case where 7) is
set, etc., one more accuracy and stability are required. In order to increase the accuracy and
stability of the support means of this type, usually, a member having a large Young's modulus is
used for the striary (2), and a corresponding tension is applied to each of them to make the
vibration system It will have to be firmly supported. However, to strengthen the support strength,
it is also possible to restrain the vibration range of the diaphragm in the front and back direction
((yl-1Yi direction in the figure) of the diaphragm itself, and to suppress its movable range. The
larger the vibration amplitude, the stronger the restraining force, which results in an increase in
the moving linear distortion in proportion to the given peristaltic current.
"This relationship is explained in detail by means of the principle diagram shown in Fig. 3 in the
form of a rainbow. The motion linearity in the -fY1 direction is determined by the following
conditions. That is, it is the Young's modulus of the tension and the material of the strip given to
the length and the strip of the strip (i). Here, based on the lowest resonance frequency of the
desired striated body, assuming that the length of the striated body and its tension are constant,
the linearity of the snow movement is determined by the above-mentioned yarn percentage. It
will be Accordingly, the motion direction + Yl-(. Phi. -For surname, it is better to lower the
Young's modulus of the striated body-0. Therefore, if this is done, other unnecessary directions
such as-+ X 1-(working in the X 1 direction抑制 す る, こ れ 抑制 す る な く な り な く な り 充
て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て て: uf て て. There will
be one point, one full mark, one full mark. ′6. ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・It is difficult
in practice to obtain good linearity in the case of (2), and in particular, speakers for high power
drive or speakers for reproduction to a low frequency range can not but be said to be
implementation E. The In the present invention, the structure i in the body support mechanism J
is new, and the movement in the required direction, that is, the movement of the diaphragm in
the antero-posterior direction a, is widely spared without losing its linearity. To propose a
support mechanism that works well and exerts a strong restraint force against movement in the
unnecessary direction (stretching direction of the strip) and performs accurate support
operation, The problem is solved with one or more defects of the conventional configuration. The
present invention will be described below. First, referring to the principle explanatory view
shown in FIG. 4, (a) shows a strip, and as a material of the strip, a thin wire of, for example,
stainless steel having a Young's modulus close to flash is used, and both ends (a) (B) is fixed. In
the vicinity of one end jbl of a string (a end Jbl (a part of the mouth 1 is cut, an elastic body
having a suitable elasticity, for example, a spring (d)) is connected to the end. In addition, a
predetermined tension is applied to the linear body (41 by the spring). Note that (C) indicates the
mid point of the entire support mechanism. The basic configuration of the support mechanism of
the present invention seems to be broken, and its operation can be explained as follows: LY!
−(Y! Force direction If a force is applied to displace the point, a tensile stress proportional to
the amount of deflection acts on the spring (d) connected to a part of the strip C), and the spring
It will be stretched by. That is, by the action Z ヤ ン グ of the spring 眞), it can be regarded that
the Young's modulus of the strip (I) equivalently becomes extremely small. As a matter of course,
when the offset force is removed, the tension applied by the spring (4) when the rod (4) is
removed, there is no need to explain restoration to the original state. As a first feature obtained
by such a configuration, in either of EndPage: 2 states, the tension applied to the spring (field) by
the spring is almost in a practical range. Constant, so (Y! −(¥! In the case of force direction
movement, even if the size of the suspension is large, there is no action to suppress it. Therefore,
according to such a supporting mechanism, the occurrence of non-linear distortion is extremely
small. It is possible to do Furthermore, as the second and fourth lengths, there is a point that the
restraining force against vibration in the unnecessary direction (stretching direction of the strip)
is large. That is, even if a force acts in the direction of (Xi) in FIG. 4 (C), for example, one end of
the body (A) (al is firmly fixed, or the Young's modulus of the body is Since it is close, deviation
can not occur at (c) point, and unnecessary vibration in the (x1) direction is completely
restrained. Since the other end ib) of the strip (4) is fixed and fixed via the spring (d), the (X2)
directional deflection is constrained by the tension of the spring. . In addition, (XI) and (X2) there
is a binding force against deflection in both directions, but with unnecessary vibration that is
referred to as it is (C), the vibration point of one point, ie (X1)-(X2) both directions generated by
being excited by the vibration of vibration system 1 1 as the center of Since it refers to vibration,
it is possible to prevent the occurrence of unnecessary vibration as a whole by completely
restraining the vibration in the (cutting) direction in FIG. 4 in any one of the vibration directions.
It is a thing. Next, a specific embodiment (main part plan view) illustrated in FIG. 5 will be
described. The embodiment exemplifies a dome-shaped speaker for middle and high frequencies
operated in a frequency range of about 300H2 to 10KH2. In the waves, (8), .., (8) indicate
support strips, and in particular, a large number of stainless steel thin wire strands, and twisting,
the outer diameter thereof is, for example, 0.187 FL /. Use the one that is about B, and the end
part of the rod should have a tension of about 150 to 500 g / cm, for example, only on one side
near it. Conducting-in-using three such cages, fixing both ends of the strip to the fixed support
(3) · · · (3) and stretching in the form of a regular triangle And constitutes a support mechanism.
The length of one string (8) is, for example, about 70-807 F + / 1 rL when the spring (9) is
connected. Thus, (4) shows, for example, a diaphragm formed in a dome shape, the diameter of
which is, for example, 45 m / m, and the outer edge of the diaphragm is a voice coil bobbin + U
misjoined to form a vibration / brick system There is. Cough vibration system in the river, at the
body of @ fertilizer support mechanism @ (8) · · · (8) in the bottom of the は, in the three points of
ya (ha) · · (ha), by the appropriate adhesive register It is fixed. Note that other configurations
which are not shown, such as magnetic poles and other accessory components, are the same as
the conventional type. The operation of the embodiment thus constructed is similar to that
described in connection with FIG. 4. (Structural members 1 in 4 and 7 in FIG. 7) and springs (d)
In FIG. 5, (8) and (9) operate in phase 'h', and despite the fact that the Young's modulus of the
striatum (8) itself is extremely large, it is i. The amplitude of the vibration system supported in
one direction is large. Also, it is possible to obtain good linearity by widening it for a wide range,
and it is possible to reduce non-linear distortion extremely. -. It is possible to obtain a very good
lyto even with regard to sex, and it is possible to obtain a speaker with high fidelity, but, as the
name suggests, the present invention is as described in detail in E below. Various deformations
are possible within the range not departing from the gist in the actual strength, for example, in
order to prevent the vibration (resonance) of the spring (9) accompanying the vibration of the
linear body (8), the spring itself Alternatively, the vicinity of the connection portion may be
appropriately braked by a braking material. Furthermore, in FIGS. 4 and 5, the surface shown as
a spring may be replaced with another suitable elastic body (in other words, the substantial
operation is shown in FIG. 4). Yes, as long as it can be performed equivalent to the one described
4. Brief description of the drawing, 'Attached drawing FIG. 1 is a plan view of the main part of the
conventional type-, 2nd end page: 3 ij'-n 1 □ i i 4 工 illill 11 7 □ and 13 □, (1) is a voice coil
bobbin, (2),... (2) is a support strip, and (4) is a diaphragm. Further, FIG. 3 is an explanatory view
of a conventional support mechanism. . Fig. 4 is an explanatory view of the support mechanism 9
according to the present invention, and Fig. 5 is a plan view of the main part of the specific
embodiment. (1) is a voice coil bobbin, (4) is a diaphragm , (8) · e (8) is a support string, (9) 9 · · ·
(9) is a spring. Patent Assignee: Delux Co., Ltd. 'Representative: Seiichi Hayakawa Japanese Patent
Laid-Open No. 50-22621 ■-λ each J15 EndPage: 4