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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of laminated magnetic
plates of the magnetic poles of a conventional pickup for an electric musical instrument. FIG. 2A
is a front view of the present invention, B is a plan view, and C is a side view. The number 1 in
the figure is a laminated core, 2 is a coil, 3 is a cover, 4 is a magnet, and 5 is a substrate. FIG. 3 is
a perspective view of a bundle of thin wires which may be substituted for the laminate of the
present invention. 2 Fig. 47-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This utility model relates to a pickup for an
electric musical instrument in which a magnetic core whose height can be freely adjusted is
opposed to a rod. In a conventional pickup for an electric musical instrument, there are an iron
rod, a dust core, a magnet, a laminated plate and the like as a magnetic pole opposed to each
pole. For example, in the pickup for a kiter in which the plate materials are laminated, as shown
in FIG. 1, it is composed of a laminate plate having six poles opposed to six ridges. As the
magnetic poles, it is well-known that it is better to use the one with the side rather than the iron
rod of solid material 1-, but in the lamination of plates with six poles, the heights of the six poles
are individually changed It was impossible to adjust the sensitivity. In addition, it is clear that the
area of the plate is large compared to the conventional method shown in FIG. 1 and the method
of the present invention shown in FIG. Together they are far more economical. In particular,
when an expensive material such as permalloy is used as the magnetic pole material, the
difference in economic efficiency becomes large. The same effect as in the present invention can
be obtained even when a thin wire bundle is used as a magnetic pole as shown in FIG. 8 instead
of a laminated plate, and six poles can be obtained without electromagnetically connecting the
magnetic poles. Laminated board and performance 1 There is almost no difference. The present
invention has many advantages that the height of each magnetic pole can be freely adjusted, it
has the advantages of the laminated type, and is more economical than the conventional product.