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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a half sectional view of a loudspeaker, and FIG. 2 is a plan view of the loudspeaker. 3a · ·
· · · · Through hole of the frame, · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 6 o line, 9 · · · · · · · · · · · ·. Fig. 1-71-Actual
opening @ 50-18230 (2) Fig. 2-72
[Detailed description of the invention] This note is to improve the voice coil of the speaker, lead
to the dancer-引出 pull out Kgk. Speaker of k rice, seven voice coil scale. Pull out the drawer edge
to the blur of the speaker cone. Therefore, we connected the strong reeds of the reeds and led
them to the terminals through the space of the cone subject. However, such a conventional one is
required to have a lead other than the voice coil weir, so there are 31, 5 聯 工 、, 9 things 按
ml1lliI? +,> Because of being 1-i of corn, Ushida attachment power at the port labor> It is
necessary to join that Ko 7 @ 1ii R 'J ri or something! l! There is another drawback of the
temple, which is located in the middle of another temple that is located between the temple itself
in the ML mode or in the 発 生 -1 富 発 生 発 生 generation due to the 富 萌 resonance. The
present invention has been made in view of these points, the purpose of the seven goals of the
eye-common eyes and a common ice ice WIT Xie, to prevent the occurrence of heterosexuality,
Boawaang Qoj rudder pullout -It is to look over the speaker which makes-. The purpose of the IIII
of the present invention is to increase the cost by reducing the number of manufacturing steps
and reducing the number of manufacturing steps, without turning a separate roll from the Heus
coil to the single child. To provide a speaker. The above object will be described together with a
central figure which can be achieved for a long time. il + shows a magnet, (2) shows a yoke and
tallu frame. And, a through hole (a weir) is formed in the longitudinal direction at the outer
peripheral portion of the frame (3, 3). (4)はセンターキャップ、(5)はボビン、(6)はコ
ーンをボす。 And the bobbin 151 Ku voice coil 17+ or demon-made, its draw-outs-1 tlls 18 + are
drawn out in the legal area direction, and the cone + 61 center a + (tta) is treated to ntiat 7 Iii
over nT Jat cone I 61, 7 cone 1 b 1 Through the tongue 16+, and then through the hole (3a) in
the # 13 frame 13j, the child (9) is inoculated. At 1111 rC in the above process, a coating
material for rL braking and a sleeve electric material are drawn on the entire surface of the cone
161 as follows. We will talk about the action that goes against the above configuration for a long
time. When the voice coil 171 KH--tome rabbit flows, the relationship between the magnetic coil
fi and the yoke (2) receives a turtle magnetism and the horn (51 moves up and down. This time
center camp (4i. The cone (6) will work with the bobbin 15+. For this reason, this cone + 61 [回
〈〈〈〈〈〈71 There is no fear of jealousy.
In the case of Mukamoto's case, the extraction filt 81 of the voice coil (7) is made to be 1itia in a
cone (6) or JJk [10 in the cone (s)] is K and the action is P4 is there. As the above uninvented,
since Q is more than a voice coil, a draw-out rod is wound on a cone with λjLs coating on a cone,
there is no co-M concurrency V of voice coil and reeds of black lead, e # @ s abnormal sound
prevention? It can be miserable as well as the increase in one-man voltage, and rC Cortenk's line
is a sensible molecular film for good woman braking, a caries manufacturing cloth standard l1
confectionery and 10 ". In addition, because the extraction edge from the voice coil has been
made seven ICEa as it is, the turtle C lead taste in the middle becomes a bad woman, and there is
no good woman of the 1st track, and the wait of the number of mischievous aircrafts or wait
With you? (In the Qi, 13i + m, U + -shifting also becomes a construction cost, and its cone 0
station yrJ * disappears, and it is good quality regeneration.