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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a loudspeaker system
showing an embodiment of the present invention. 1 ...... speaker box, 2a, 2b ...... speaker, 3 ......
apertures, 4 ...... partition plate. -69, one
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker system,
and relates to a speaker system in which mutual interference of speakers is prevented in the
same box and in the same speaker all at once. Conventionally, in this single speaker system, the
sound pressure energy of the valley speaker raises the internal sound pressure in the seven
speaker boxes +1) -to and the mutual interference causes a load on the cone paper of each
speaker, causing distortion It is. The present invention has been accomplished at such a point Kfi'), and aims to improve frequency characteristics by preventing the speakers from being slightly
different from each other and to make the box rigid. One example of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. 11) is a speaker box. This box illK is provided with a
plurality of speakers having the same aperture and the same frequency am characteristic, and in
the present embodiment, the speakers (2,) (24) Tt. In the speaker box fll, four circular apertures
3 are formed in the speaker (2 °) (24) to form a circle, and the next partition fj 141 is disposed.
(2) Next, the operation will be described. The sound pressure energy of each speaker (2cL) (24)
does not raise the internal quantity ratio of K, box mountain v'3C ') because of the presence of
the partition plate 4. Therefore, the valley speaker (2,> (" The vL load due to mutual interference
is small in the corn paper of A). Therefore, my occurrence falls. -10,000, the opening of the
partition & 14) acts to give capacitive to the orchid of the valley speaker (2, I) (24), and its
stirling frequency characteristic becomes slow and the frequency characteristic Can improve.
Although the partition plate is brazed to approximately the middle part of the speaker box in the
case of Hon-o, the mounting can improve the desired frequency a% characteristics by jltKi collar
V. In addition, the circumferential IM number characteristic can be changed +31 ′ to equate by
changing the aperture 31 slightly. According to the present invention, since mutual interference
of the speaker cabinet can be prevented, the occurrence of distortion can be prevented and
documents of frequency characteristics can be achieved. Furthermore, since the partition plate is
positioned in the middle of the box, a reinforcing function is provided. It is possible to strengthen
the box, 1 country explanatory drawing 1 book * ride * business opening · iil! W # bad showing a
small speaker system at 1 '. · L) · · Speaker box, (2, 2) (21) · Speaker, exposure, 3) · · 1 hole, + 4) · ·
Partition plate (4) ik 2 ー 2 (a 11 ¥-¥) 怜 key Fiber 1682 =. ((The list of cross section attached
documents (1) 1 specification (2) drawings), 111 (3) 1 proxy (4) wish duplicates 1i [1] 6 · agents
other than the above 13) agent 〒 16 Ll Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo #ii 4-Chome Nechou No. 12
Kei Serizawa, Dodosho · · · t 6366 * i '! ! 1: Serizawa-God-, r1 = 7