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Name of President of the Patent Office (3 others) Name (582) Representative Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co., Ltd. Shoji Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 517 Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oda
Kadama Address 1006-[Phase] Japan Patent Office Open Patent Gazette ■ JPA Sho 59-14 3270
published Nissho 5Q, (1975) 2.14 Japanese Patent Application No. Sho 8- 8117 / g Application
dated di, (197 J) 〆 / Request for examination not yet filed (all 2 pages)-Letter 1 , 1-41, S V-★
scrap me board 11 tatami claim 聰 ■, beating 84 ˜-γ weight No. 4 ˜ weight Taraato pulp 4 · ·
weight number, sulfuric acid S ˜ 4 weight -1 part di $ y-1 dye 3 parts by weight Based on # # し ·
al-% IIal I · · 廖 廖 墨 會 mm mm mmm. 1 ·· Easy, Il-- 釧 l 111! -This real w 練 light (It is intended
to provide a rigid line with a large tension-force NIl movement. The following is the bookCrushing-m theory E. -Taraatutopupu · T weight mw-s attack 4 weight attack, ジ ン 重量 ロ 重量
weight, Al sulfate top opening weight-1 dye weight-weight-to raise # #, life cover with layer 1
Equipment 170 ˜ 1.0 ° C, metal cushions 0.1 ■, pre-XFI power 0.6 ˜ Toshio-heat and pressure
in the process of heat and pressure to cause vibration IK, ink, associate, above tarac) A Lup 1-rat
talat pulp, ata Wk-di y + vs. acid al,-mixed proportion of family-by weight-indicated by A 4%. jIllIII
The previous figure shows the Young's modulus of samples 1 to 6 in Table 1, and the mixed
proportion shown in sample SV + shows that the Young's modulus of the Taimei diaphragm is
1III lc l (the second, the rigidity is wood) is there. Since the thickness of the diaphragm can be
reduced as a result of the increased rigidity of the turtle, it is possible to measure the frequency
of the diaphragm. In addition, a typical composition of the speaker diaphragm for Sueto is 76
weight of kraft pulp, 16 weight of Manila hemp ': 鍔 EndPage: 1 dew, 4I? -Le 1s weight-Eh. But
1k is on, l! The quality of the speaker diaphragm was not heavy and it was heavy. On the other
hand, in the present example, the weight of the tarat pulp is 4 to $ 7, and the weight of the dye 9
is 4 to 1 wt. The speaker swing board is used in the same number of machines as above, and
according to this ll @, it is possible to provide JI III [which has a large rigidity and is heavy.
4. Brief description of the drawing is 4 shows the Young's modulus of the speaker diaphragm
consisting of a heating cabinet. Attorney Nakano Toshio and one other person 1116, 2srswa 4
spmt-resources f) lJ 6 ";) ', * 6 Inventors and agents other than the above address same office (2)
agent ° -EndPage: 2