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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
a balance display device according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional
view taken along the line A-A '. Description of main drawings, 1 ··· Balance display device, 3A 6 · ·
· · · Front plate, 12 · · · · · · · · · · · · · Fig. 1 1-1-50-2701 (2) Fig. 2-2
[Detailed description of the invention] This device is operating! The balance display device which
moves l to operate at least 2 false '# kura vj4fI] 剥 全 全-酋 酋-、 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示
表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示For construction III. For example, when trying to add the
volume of speakers arranged at four positions, front right, front left, rear right and rear left, to
add to the listening position * of the forge 2, which speaker is how large An audio-electric display
device to display t-display, or a balance table display to display a single line between those
speakers is mandatory. The present invention relates to the improvement of the structure of the
background plate related to the lighting of the balance display, especially the above-mentioned,
and the present invention in which a special lighting method is indispensable for the backrest of
the lighting part. The effect of lighting parts like Vj can be great on the tube. The following
drawing from the actual M1 example t ′ ′ Note! LIL! 萌 1 る. @ 1 Fig. A A table of unpredicted
performance The table of hemostasis of incompetent tribute, Fig. 2 is its A-I enlarged # IIII figure,
in the worst case, W is assembled to the first panel of the cabinet (2) Good balance noble water
equipment, ((3 structure mechanism rod, (41a 俸-j 111 バ ラ ン ス j 111 of balance display
indicator (5 Disappointment 1 steel 8 斤 1 Make it with a table 1 armor plate. -The search stick
(3) is at least 21-虻 mII seasonal resistance number (not shown)? Moved freely within the range
of the arrow shown by the solid line in the figure, which is locked in the trapezoid-shaped
receiving rack 5 [phase] fitted with the turtle 9 contained and the turning H present I can do that.
The back of the 1st display board (4) in history is given a circular shape taba on the back, acid
dipper 1UVC14i! A background plate made of transparent material is formed by forming the
irregular reflection surface of the deposit and the surface is colored with a print of color ff, t, etc.
6 ° This background plate curvature is literally It is hopeful that the indicator (5) on the display
board (4) should be colored in ao in the background. The outer cover is in the dotted line range
(Q or 部 part 0) in the figure, and the opaque 8 (8) is m & and m & by mf & the background
sergeant color is clear The balance display weight can be beautifully designed and can be used.
Table 70F, board (4), l # generated scratches or marks that move between the guide & navy and
d monk as the movement of the operating rod (3) moves to the smuds and the display board (4)
or ms For example, the finger It (Is) of the display plate (4) is effective for cutting the protrusion
curve as shown in (1) so that the light portion (7) K does not r L. If you put any color into it, the
light from the light source Q 反射 or the light reflected from the incised part will have any color.
Indication board (4) and background 4 & background are bright with m, and all party plays-if
you light up the screen, indicators or surface lights clearly appear in the color of the totally
illuminated background, !!, eyes It will be beautiful i. As described above, the present invention
not only has a functionally excellent and simple structure, but also has an excellent method of
uniformly assembling * of * this * with a mechanism 5 behind the illumination part At the same
time, the color of each line with a limited light source and the design of the m that can be placed
on the effect tube are also excellent 69, a practical invention.